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  1. I agree w/Lakelander, this is really not that off-topic. Merlin brought it up related to the commuting issue- everyone has various factors that determine where they choose to live in a community, and for most parents, school is a huge issue. I moved to Riverside prior to having kids, and I love being close to downtown where I work as well as working close to where my kids are in school. If we had not been able to afford RPDS and fortunate enough to get on the magnet track, moving to a better district would have been a serious option to consider, despite how much we love our neighborhood and
  2. I agree that this is somewhat off-topic, but as a parent who works downtown, here is my two cents: I live in Avondale, and the elementary school my kids would have had to attend was okay, but not great. I chose private for K-5 and then got my daughter on the magnet route for middle school- at James Weldon. I am happy that it works for her and hope my son can do the same in a couple of years. I am also happy that JWJ and Stanton, are close to where I work! Duval County does have a great magnet program, however, if your child is not "gifted" or "academically talented" you would have to
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