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  1. Very nice work. These appear to be copywrited drawings from Progressive and Rossetti. Is there a public link where we can find the rest of the package?
  2. Reorganizing old image folders and found a group of walking-around photos from 2006 - the era of cranes everywhere. Much has changed and much has stayed the same.
  3. Reorganizing some old image folders and found this .... StudioPark is an amazing gift to this community. "The multi-story project will feature retail, restaurants and a theater when it opens in 2007."
  4. Woodward cutting through Birmingham is a good example. (although they have very few tiny triangles). The 1st Chapter in DPZ’s new master plan for Birmingham is titled, “Connect the City - Overcome the Woodward Divide”. Birmingham, like the Hinman ‘pizza’ site, is significantly built up and, therefore, has few opportunities to reconfigure streets to create a more desirable block pattern. Market, however, is adjacent to a 5-600’ wide greenfield corridor offering complete design freedom. Seems worth thinking about. Hinman’s pizza slice is directly connected to an adjacent private parking deck. It is bigger than it appears. As I recall, there was talk of vacating the street between them to create a more usable parcel. It is a good example of architecture dealing with site constraints, but it represents a free-standing building. It is not a walkable block within a neighborhood. BTW, the DPZ Birmingham plan includes some great Chris Ritter charrette sketches. His work is amazing.
  5. When GR Forward came out I noticed these “remnant” triangles that are, unfortunately, very difficult to develop. Market Avenue’s diagonal slice also divides the Founders/Custers/Intersection/etc. neighborhood from the new riverside neighborhood. It would have been nice if Market could have been realigned as a ‘riverside drive’ and the existing street grid revised to create proper blocks out of the difficult triangles. The service traffic currently on Market could move to internal “B” streets and “A” streets could have been developed along the river and connecting to Founders, etc. I did a little ‘wondering’ about the idea a few years ago. Too late to realign roads - but future river development should intentionally integrate the existing neighborhood with the new.
  6. The planning for Division/Wealthy has gone on for decades with studies for numerous potential uses and forms. The development of the prime SE corner will ultimately have a significant impact on the neighborhood. Attached are a few architectural studies for the area from about 10 or 12 years ago. There are others that show 6-7 story buildings. I’d be happy with a 3-5 story streetscape on Wealthy and Division. One day….
  7. I thought that Blues on the Mall had to end at 9 as a courtesy to hotel guests. ??? It brought thousands of people downtown every Wednesday.
  8. Griggs (Breton Hamlet) is another creative development from Brad Rottschaffer at Mosaic Properties with multiple unit types and well detailed.
  9. John Logie was mayor during a critical transformational period in the life of Grand Rapids. He set the stage for much of what we are today and was instrumental in significant public investments and policy shifts. His professional life was equally fruitful and, oh, ..... the Heritage Hill Historic District. He and I didn't always agree, but we always found common ground and a path to success. He taught me a great deal about politics and process. 3-minute egg timers are used in public hearings all around the area. They are used to manage public comment. John was the first. I hate those timers. lol RIP Hizzoner. You were a great man at a great time in a great city. Well done.
  10. Looks like the elevator/stair core is filling in that gap.
  11. There's been a few changes in the past decade as well.
  12. I've enjoyed watching a few recent games there. It's good to see Valley (Sullivan) Field making a comeback. It's a neighborhood treasure.
  13. The article says the building was 'vacated' in 1959. In 64 and 65 we'd pile into somebody's car every Saturday night and head to the Michigan Street Armory for teen dances. After the dance we'd stop at Betty Trill's Texaco and take an 'offering' for enough gas money to get back to Wyoming. The dances were relocated to the new 44th Street Armory when it opened in 65.
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