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  1. The article says the building was 'vacated' in 1959. In 64 and 65 we'd pile into somebody's car every Saturday night and head to the Michigan Street Armory for teen dances. After the dance we'd stop at Betty Trill's Texaco and take an 'offering' for enough gas money to get back to Wyoming. The dances were relocated to the new 44th Street Armory when it opened in 65.
  2. 1894 Map shows a steamboat basin that effectively created an "island". There's a history of the Barrett boat building company somewhere (GRPL?). The railroads put the steamboats out of business. Ironically, the RR was required to install a swing section to their new bridge over the river (north of Wealthy) to allow steamboats access to downtown.
  3. Accent lighting is becoming an art form in Grand Rapids. Looks good at night.
  4. The most valuable retail in an urban area is located on the pedestrian flow between large buildings and large parking decks. Skywalks kill that traffic. Equally important is the visual impact they have on the urban streetscape. The street is the primary place where we experience our cities. Skywalks destroy the scale of the corridor and the views, especially those views that terminate in a focal point. Years ago there was an effort to connect the previous art museum across Pearl with the building to the south. It would have had a horrible impact on the view to St. Marks. Thankfull
  5. We’re famous now. James Howard Kunstler’s Eyesore of the Month. https://kunstler.com/eyesore-of-the-month/june-2020/
  6. Not sure that I'd call the old condo project "behind the parking ramp".
  7. I took a walk through Ada yesterday after church. Instant downtown.
  8. I’ve never seen Miss Chiquita Banana at the Downtown Market. Photo was taken as an inside joke with the mural artist about there being no bananas in her art. Miss Banana was a little concerned when I invited her out into the parking deck. Lol
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