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  1. We’re famous now. James Howard Kunstler’s Eyesore of the Month. https://kunstler.com/eyesore-of-the-month/june-2020/
  2. Not sure that I'd call the old condo project "behind the parking ramp".
  3. I took a walk through Ada yesterday after church. Instant downtown.
  4. I’ve never seen Miss Chiquita Banana at the Downtown Market. Photo was taken as an inside joke with the mural artist about there being no bananas in her art. Miss Banana was a little concerned when I invited her out into the parking deck. Lol
  5. If any of you haven’t been to Bridge Street Market yet you should visit soon. It is much, much, much, much more than Deep Woods Off and an amazing selection of beer. In fact, most people find it amazing, spectacular, urban-cool, etc. The selection is complete, fresh, local and well priced. It is a full-service true neighborhood grocery store like none you have ever seen. The west side is an amazingly diverse population - economically, racially, age, education, religion, language, etc. Bridge Street Market is intentionally designed to meet the needs of everyone in a sincerely welcoming environment. Jane Jacobs believed, and I agree, that the best neighborhoods are diverse in all regards. The best places in such neighborhoods are those where we can come together as neighbors. This grocery store is just such a unique and wonderful place. As for “a lot of fun”, last night (Wednesday) I walked Bridge Street from New Holland to Bridge Street Market and there were people everywhere. All the restaurants were busy and people were hanging out on the sidewalks just enjoying the vib. Bridge Street Market is already drawing even more people to the street. If you haven’t been on Bridge Street in a year, you’ve never been on Bridge Street. Many more exciting changes are coming. Come see for yourself. I’ll admit that I’ve been working on concepts and planning for this project for many years. As such my opinion is biased. I’m thrilled to see it open. I’ve also had the opportunity to work on many other transformational projects over my 50 year career. This is one that I’m very excited about. I love it.
  6. Bridge Street Placemaking. Photos are 5 years apart.
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