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  1. Eastown Street Fair Saturday, Sept. 22 10:30 am - 9:45 pm. Always a good time and the weather is going to be perfect!
  2. You won't be sorry - it's always lovely. I buy the cheaper tickets in advance too.
  3. Heritage Hill Home Tour this Saturday and Sunday. Sounds like the weather is going to be perfect!
  4. I hope the developers wanting to get something going along the Grand take a good look at the San Antonio riverwalk and model their plans in a similar way. Not necessarily for boat traffic but bringing people downtown traffic. The RiverWalk in San Antonio has tons of cool nightclubs, funky little retail stores, ice cream shops, etc...it could be a huge tourist draw and a great time for those of us who already live in GR.
  5. I have been back living in Heritage Hill for several years but still do my major grocery shopping at the Alpine Meijers. I can get in and out quickly because I know where everything is (due to living on the West Side many years while first in recovery from alcoholism - 12 years sober now). Of course, we have no good grocery stores in Heritage Hill. I work in Cascade but every time I need more than a few things, the Cascade Meijer wastes my time because it's not laid out logically - I always have to backtrack across the store. I hope they keep the Alpine Meijers going - it just needs a little spit and polish.
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