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  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for posting the application, Veloise...totally psyched to see our very own Nessy! It's little leaks like this that will help get people excited and interested to see what else Art Prize artists have planned for our fair city! Bring on the art! *fish
  2. They've got the live feed set up and running, pre-event. check it out - sound is going in and out, but when it's on you can hear people just chatting away. *fish
  3. We're really hard up for some development news, aren't we? Reading everyone's "speculation" has been fun, it brings me back to the big mystery project days when I first joined UP! All the pre-hub bub though has me feeling a bit skeptical. Wasn't there some big deal about a cow sculpture downtown that ended up just being about coffee at McDonalds? Seyferth was involved in that too. I'm just saying. I hope it's a bigger deal than that. *fish
  4. I was there and had a great time! The soups were interesting and tasty. Definitely lots of friendly people running businesses on Wealthy. As well as lots of friendly people who came out to support. It was a little crowded, but to me, that just added to the fun. Congrats to the Sparrows for taking the Soup Challenge title with their Chilled Strawberry Soup. It was delicious! Rhino, I saw you, but didn't get a chance to say hi! *fish
  5. Nothing specific, but it has to be soon. My work pals and I are frequent visitors to the Qdoba on 28th and they've stepped up their game in the last few weeks, giving away free samples, chips & queso and T-shirts, (usually on Wednesdays) Yesterday it was guacamole! Think they're anticipating encroachment on their burrito turf?! Menu seems very similar - haven't eaten at Chipotle, but have heard it's good. *fish
  6. Walked by Bloom this evening between 7:00 & 8:00 p.m. and there were plenty of people in there. Didn't notice the signs written about. *fish
  7. I caught that too and thought - "you've got to be kidding me, again with the nefarious activity?!" Have official charges even been brought against him for the other boat finance scheme gone wrong? *fish
  8. I live nearby and haven't noticed any sort of movement on the corner of Fulton & Carlton.
  9. That Circle Theater building is basically brand new - it's not like it's a dump or surrounded by vacant/boarded up houses! If someone thought they were in the "ghetto" they don't venture out much! People amaze me everyday... *fish
  10. These look great! So maybe if we just photoshop Grand Rapids enough to how we want to see it, the right people will take note and it will get done?! It worked in this case, right?! *fish
  11. Thanks for posting this, I was getting ready to when I was reading the previous posts. And one other thing, being that Michigan ranks like 9th in the country for the most obese adults, couldn't we all use a little extra exercise? Walking two blocks should not be seen as a "hardship" (granted it is for some). Change perspective and say - "Cool, I get to get out and stretch my legs for a couple blocks!" Look up in the sky and count cranes while you walk. Notice different architectural styles while you walk. Heck, take those couple minutes to think about the kinds of retailers you'd like to be walking past, then go home and e-mail them a suggestion to locate in GR. *fish
  12. Has anyone ever been to Cosi? There's one in East Lnsing. I'd LOVE it if we'd get a Cosi downtown - it blows Panera out of the water! I've e-mailed them before about locating in Grand Rapids...nothing yet though! *fish
  13. The PR firm is local too. Doesn't look like they list Meijer as a client though. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Clearly the recall effort failed. Seems like the involved parties would be in more hot water if it had been successful. The whole deal is sketchy though! Not sure, but do we want to combine this thread with the discussion already in progress in the Coffee House Meijer thread? *fish
  14. They were on the Today show this morning, too apparently.
  15. Thanks for the reminder about Marie's pasties. I don't think I've ever had hers - but since her place was in Houghton, she's got pasty-street cred! Maybe for dinner tomorrow!
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