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  1. For some reason, for me, the good news is somewhat tarnished with how tacky and orchestrated this whole thing was. It's still great news, but it just rubs me the wrong way that this had to be two separate dog & pony shows. That's ego for you, I guess.
  2. The Charley's Crab property might be interesting, right on the river.
  3. The rules have been changed/updated: http://blog.artprize.org/2009/05/08/offici...-rules-revised/ here's one that tempers my excitement a bit, at least as far as it relates to "the masses" coming to GR to present their work.
  4. Looks like someone is going fishing this weekend and the worm collection is on.
  5. I just got a breaking news email from the Business Journal. Looks like Cummings got his funding.
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