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  1. I’d still take this plan in a heartbeat. Big time missed opportunity for an iconic addition to the skyline.
  2. After the completion of the new Lake Ave., the subject site will be approximately one acre where the applicant is proposing a 30-story, 375 ft. tall mixed-use building with a 160 room hotel, 400 residential units, 15,000 sq. ft. of ground-floor retail and an integrated 460 space parking garage.
  3. Master Plan for a 33-story mixed-use building (338 feet tall) comprised of 129 multi-family units, 228 key hotel with 527,200 sq. ft. of commercial and convention center space, and a 741-space parking garage.
  4. These are the renderings pulled from the July 21, 2020 MPB Agenda. I might be misinterpreting what's going on but it appears as if the developers proposed the tower to be 41-stories and 441' tall but the MPB is asking for it to be 39-stories and 429' so perhaps we are due for some new renderings. These same images appear on Baker Barrios' web site along with a caption stating that the building is to be 41-stories so yes, these renderings may be slightly outdated.
  5. The +1.03 acre subject property, located within the Central Business District neighborhood, is north of E. Robinson St., west of N. Magnolia Ave., east of S. Orange Ave. and south of W. Livingston St. The applicant is requesting Master Plan approval for a mixed-use development comprised of 300 multi-family units, 10,000 sq. ft. of commercial and 88,000 sq. ft. of office. The request includes a density bonus of 91 units (291 du/ac). The proposed height of 444 ft. yields a total AMSL structure height of 548.8 ft. The permitted airspace surface (AMLS) of 549 ft. for the site.
  6. I can't get over how much of an abomination 55 West is. CSP can't block views of it fast enough.
  7. X Miami Hands Out Protection At Ultra; Rents Start In $1200s (Coming soon to a downtown near you!)
  8. My apologies for not cleaning up this thread sooner. I'm not quite as active on this forum as I once was so it's helpful to be notified when threads veer too far off course, as this one did. I moved all of the posts unrelated to Church Street Plaza to this thread titled "Economic Development" in the Coffee House. Let's keep this thread on topic, please.
  9. Orlando airport to name construction contractor for $1.8B expansion
  10. ‘Mr. Downtown’ Craig Ustler plans more apartments
  11. I don't have the ability to create sub-forums but if you'd like to start a history thread, I can pin it.
  12. I moved all of the off-topic rent talk to the Residential Real Estate thread in the Coffee House.
  13. I started a new thread for discussion of CNL III here.
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