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  1. Metro Orlando Airport News

    Orlando airport to name construction contractor for $1.8B expansion
  2. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    ‘Mr. Downtown’ Craig Ustler plans more apartments
  3. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I don't have the ability to create sub-forums but if you'd like to start a history thread, I can pin it.
  4. I moved all of the off-topic rent talk to the Residential Real Estate thread in the Coffee House.
  5. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    If you guys notice missing/misplaced posts, it's probably my fault. In adjusting to this new forum software, I was trying to do a little housekeeping after getting my moderator controls back (which were lost during the upgrade) and ended up making a few mistakes with regards to moving/merging posts. I'll try to have things corrected as soon as possible.
  6. MLS Soccer Stadium [Under Construction]

    At least they didn't kill it.
  7. MLS Soccer Stadium [Under Construction]

    Looks fantastic and like what it should have been all along.
  8. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    My apologies if he did. I must have missed that post.
  9. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Random thought I had as I drove through downtown the other night: How about shutting down the portion of N Eola Drive that fronts Lake Eola Park and turning it into green space, keeping just the east sidewalk for the dwellings and business that front the street? It seems those buildings could be accessed via Summerlin anyway. This would also allow for the closure of the E Washington extension/dead-end by the park's playground. It's not a groundbreaker by any means-- I just think that the park could benefit from expansion and there isn't a lot of room for it so why not do it while Eola Drive is fairly superfluous. A nice peaceful pedestrian lane could be created and through-traffic could be detoured through Summerlin, which is better suited for that kind of traffic.
  10. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I-Drive private developer up for helping build Sand Lake Road pedestrian bridge Orange Co. eyes 28 acres by SeaWorld for retail/big box plan
  11. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Looks like this building lost its game of Tetris.
  12. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Please stay on topic.
  13. City advances plan for tower at Lake Eola despite neighbors' concerns