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  1. Don't make me start a new thread specifically for moderator adulation cause I'll do it.
  2. I moved all of the discussion about people's rankings of different downtown buildings to a new thread in the Coffee House titled Building Comparisons. Let's keep this thread about Tremont Tower.
  3. bic


    Look at that, a building that doesn't look like a matchbox!
  4. Orlando airport breaks down timeline for new terminal * Yes, that is the worst rendering ever.
  5. Yup. One of Boston's most beloved buildings looks nothing like anything that previously existed around it. The same can be said for other buildings all over the world.
  6. Orlando airport set to approve new $1.8 billion terminal
  7. Creative Village developers set to break ground next week
  8. Skyplex site plans shows off hotel, water features and tequila bars
  9. I-Drive's Skyplex developer wants 350-room on-site hotel
  10. This building's scale and location at the corner of Lake Eola is a little reminiscent of The Plaza Hotel on New York's Central Park. /stretch
  11. I'm a huge fan of this proposal. The scale and design is just right for this area, it fills in the skyline nicely, eliminates a surface parking lot on a prominent corner, improves the SunRail experience at Church St., provides more parking for the arena, brings in more hotel rooms and office space, looks sleek and different from the typical Orlando vernacular, and should look great from I-4.
  12. I created a new thread for the discussion of the newly proposed Tremont Tower. Find it here.
  13. CHURCH STREET PLAZA (PHASE 1) Fact Sheet: 28-story office/hotel tower w/ 586-space parking garage proposed for the corner of Garland Ave. & South St. This replaces the 15-story Hyatt Place proposal that was previously slated for this site. Plans indicate that the tower would be 326'-6" tall (426'-6" AMSL) 10-floor parking garage w/ 586-spaces 8-floor hotel w/ 180 rooms 7-floors of office totaling 200,000 sq. ft. 7,500 sq. ft. lobby/ground floor retail Possible additional SunRail platform Parties involved: Tremont Realty Capital, GAI Consultants, Hunton Brady Architects, HDR Engineering Tremont files new plan for 25-story building with 586-space parking garage
  14. I moved all of the HOA discussion to a new thread in the Coffee Shop dedicated to residential real estate. You can find it here.
  15. Getting bigger: metro Orlando grows to 2.3 million
  16. Orlando airport to add Dubai non-stop flights
  17. Subcontractors wanted for $40M downtown Orlando Police Department HQ
  18. Orlando airport reveals model, updates on $1.1B South Terminal work
  19. I love the idea of an off-set parking pedestal, giving the illusion of a tower rising straight up from the street but I think that this site is one of the few instances where a parking pedestal may be preferred. Here we have I-4 on one side of the building and a busy railroad corridor directly abutting the opposite side. Those lower floor condos are going to be dealing with SunRail and freight trains rolling by all day and night to go along with their view of the parking garage across the railroad tracks. Seems like a full pedestal would be the practical move here.
  20. Topic created for this proposal here: Orlando Central Discussion
  21. Orlando Central Miami developer files plan for downtown Orlando residential tower
  22. Maglev-train plan for airport, convention center back on track
  23. Red Lobster debuts new downtown HQ
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