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  1. My "local" (ha!) Meijer's is the one on Wilder Road in Bay City. This one was appparently built in the late 1980s or so. Recently it was remodeled inside to the "meijer" layout, including a larger pharmacy and a much smaller (hmph) Home Office section. a drive thru was tacked onto the pharmacy, but strangely the window is on the passenger side as you drive through, just like if you go through the drive thru on the left side of a Rally's.
  2. I agree that the Meijer in Ionia is fugly. The one on Telegraph in Southfield looks like that too. Actually, the entries aren't bad, but the rest of the store is blech. Especially that new logo. Wonder what they'll do with the old Meijer? Why not put a Target there so you have FOUR discount chains in a row? (Watch, they'll actually do that just 'cause I said that.)
  3. Of course, before all that, there was a drive-in (The Sundowner) out on that stretch of 31 near Chums Corner... as far as I know, the drive in was only open for like five years. By the way, speaking of Chums Corner - I noticed that TC's only Dollar General is in Chums, and the nearest Family Dollar is Kalkaska. Even though Family Dollar is usually for small towns, I see plenty in bigger towns, so I'm surprised that they don't have one in TC at all.
  4. I love Traverse City, it's a beautiful mix of rural and urban. Even the older developments (e. g. area around Cherryland Mall) look good. Unfortunately, from where I live (Oscoda), it takes FOREVER to get there! Speaking of Cherryland, does anyone have pics of it before it was turned into the half-dead strip mall it is now?
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