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  1. When were these pictures taken? Was there a special event going on or just a normal day. It's good to see the place getting some business.
  2. The problem is the city does not own some of the most valuable land. Those parking lots on the way from Greektown to the stadiums need to be zoned out or something.
  3. The department has about 4800 budgeted positions. I am not sure how many are uniformed.
  4. I'm not sure what councilmember Allan is sleeping with to get some of this info. But I thought I would add that the lighting and bar have been installed at the Centaur in the Iodent building (dont know when this will open) There is something under construction at the old ice cream place on the corner of Monroe and Brush in Greektown. Allan, do have any idea what is going on with the plans for the Book Tower and the Stott to be turned into apartments?
  5. I just got back from Chicago and noticed that they have a ton of parking garages...but they are well disguised. Many of them are the first few floors of tall apartment building. Is there a particular reason why this did not happen in Detroit?
  6. Allan, once the Statler is gone, how many buildings on Washington BLVD will be abandoned. The Book is the only one I can think of. (along with that 1 story strip of nasty stores)
  7. The 1880 mansions were also blocks away from a 34 story building.
  8. We keep talking about things looking suburban. Are we confusing that with the word "new". Are there designs that don't look out of place when standing next to blight? Most of Detroit looks exactly the same, since it was built at the exact same time. Just seems like we've demonized the word suburban to the point where anything that looks good in Troy must be bad for Detroit.
  9. I fear, and hope, that it wont be that way in Detroit for much longer
  10. Allan, It looks as though there is a bit og activity next to those buildings. Is that the next Crosswinds development finally?
  11. Allan, what kind of camera d you have?
  12. Allan, do you know what the deal is on why this building looks so dirty. I know they tried to clean it a while back, did they get to the whole thing, because it looks like they just stopped. It would also be amazing if they lit up the top. Has that ever happened?
  13. Allan What s this building used for. It seemed like a perfect example of how great preservation can be. But, as I recall, it's somewhere near the Time Square PM station and surrounded by blight
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