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  1. I was thinking the same thing - either the bus or break ou the mountain bike from college and start a new exercise regimen.
  2. Had you gone to forrest - I would have been there about the same time, maybe a couple years earlier than you.
  3. I couldn't agree more about the FCAT's. I too agree that there are great public schools and bad private schools. I live oof of Dr's Lake Drive off of Kingsley (technically "The Town of Orange Park"), where the neighborhoods are well established and no more growth can occur. My wife and I looked hard in the school in my area and know several teaches at these schools and were very comfortable with the decision. As to the explosive growth, yes, Clay County is experiencing the same phenomena that St. John's county was with Julington Creek, now it's Fleming Island, Eagle Harbor, and Margaret's
  4. My original thread was just to make a point that people choose to live outside of downtown and duval county for a myriad of reasons, mine were cost of living, schools, and it made my wife's commute and my commute equal. I am not sure how to take your comment Jaxnative about "later you will find that Clay County Schools are better known for the Vocational & Agricultural programs rather than the Academic ones." I am reading alittle dig there but, I went to Forrest high school and they arenot known for their advance placement program either, but I graduated 9th in my class of over 600 a
  5. The FCAT comment I made was a somewhat a joke on Bush's speak last weak not to mention I listed other reason (more influential in my opinion) of why I chose the area I did. Public schools, depending on the school, are just as you describe a neighborhood - a great way to introduce kids to differences and tolerances that must be realized in one's life. I went to public and private schools growing up and honestly, I got into more trouble in the private school that I did in the public schools. I went to public schools the last 4 years of my schololing and I graduated at the top of my class of
  6. OP yeah you know me! Who's down with tha OP....
  7. If you follow President Bush's "measurements", clay county FCATs, at least a year or two ago, measured the highest out the three counties. I grew up on the westside and went to Jeb Stuart for middle (Jr. high then) and Forrest for HS, and had I not been one of the 40 or so stdents in AP (Advanced Placement) the company and school are crap (not to mention a mimic of wolfson which is a Taylor Hardwick building... sorry for the side note). I have several friends that have lived in Clay County for years and have raised kids. The ratios of students o teacher in the classes are much lower and I
  8. Many people, myself for one, choose to live in other counties because of the public schools. I know myself I cannot afford to send my son to a private school or I would be living in or close to downtown.
  9. give up the car??? Are you MAD man? As someone who has lived abroad and in other major cities, this is a fundamental mentality that is going to be extremely hard to break around here. Granted it will be much easier to do this if the infrastructure was in place to move people in a timely fashion around the downtown and the city. I think turning the Osborne back into a viable station is a fantastic idea and without a doubt it could truly become an intermodal. This revitallization of the Osborne I think would help to bring even more new construction it's way and really extend the boundaries
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