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  1. Riders on the Storm is my favorite Doors track and one of my favorite songs of all time...good choice. Right now I'm listening to Dungen.
  2. The Wynn is a monster, eh? What's the one under construction there?
  3. I don't know. I haven't seen that episode and have never seen or heard of an elevator going to the top of Marquam. What was it like?
  4. The tram in ABQ is much bigger than the one here in Portland.
  5. I don't know the numbers but I estimate the height of Pill Hill(Marquam Hill) to be around a thousand feet...maybe less and definitely not too much more. Then again that's just a guess and hills can be deceptive. Well I have been looking at tram and OHSU info and can't find anything on the height of Marquam Hill. But here's a photo from the OHSU site... The tram will be coming from the level of the river to the campus in the pic.
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