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  1. I just checked the project description of the Church St. "widening" today and the Begin date has been pushed back to Winter 2011.
  2. Has anyone heard anything about the Church St improvement project? The last article I could find from a search on The Greenville News shows that it cleared a 'hurdle', but the article is dated from Feb.
  3. My 'parking ticket' from over the holidays...
  4. mbsurf

    The West End

    It would be cool to see them do a new building similar to the Smoke/Mellow building. They would create a bigger space for themselves as well as add space for other tenants to help offset the cost of the renovation. It would also be an opportunity to combine the two parking lots behind the building and give them easier access to their trucks.
  5. Didn't they recommend *not* turning it into a cloverleaf... I thought they mentioned doing something like the Hwy 14 exit in the report they commissioned. It's been a while since I read it, though.
  6. - Leave the crane and turn it into a bungee jump attraction. Yea, that pool of water at the bottom of other bungee jumps feels like concrete if you were to hit it.. but who actually has concrete below them (and Rebar!!) - Put a tarp over it and call it the Peacock Hostel - Paintball attraction - Sell off locations in the foundation for the mafia to bury bodies (This support beam donated by the Corleone family).
  7. mbsurf

    The West End

    Yesterday, I noticed the Fox Carolina van and the boarded up windows when I came into work. I got the story from some co-workers. I'm not surprised that something like this has happened because it is hard to see left coming out of the parking lot across the street from the restaurant. I did find it a little bit of a coincidence, however, that Pomegranate is putting up a new roof over their patio today. Expected insurance check maybe??
  8. Little late on this one.. but I love Smileys! They have great food, and we always seem to have a good time when we go.
  9. mbsurf

    The West End

    I know the West End is an historic district, but is that a blue DeLorean on the right?? On a more serious note, I believe that behind the currently proposed building is a dirt lot. are the buildings they have behind the proposed building just fluff to make the rendering look nice? Where do they draw the line (sorry), between made up 'what could be' buildings and that which currently exists.
  10. EDIT: Were you putting the link to the photo page in the tag or the link to the actual picture? I usually link to my photo page, but use the medium or small image as the reference: So I go to the All Sizes page and copy their html to start with: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbsurf/2352932731/" title="Courtesy of Same @ Smiley's by mbsurf, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3219/2352932731_ac50acc2dc.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="Courtesy of Same @ Smiley's" /></a> Then I use UP's buttons: You put the src attribute of the img tag (link to the actual picture on flickr's site) as the URL when you click the UP image button. Highlight your image and click UP's link button. Put the href attribute (link to your photo page) [url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbsurf/2352932731/"][img=http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3219/2352932731_ac50acc2dc.jpg][/url]
  11. mbsurf

    The West End

    Yep. They've switched names to [email protected] Ridge -- http://www.brclimb.com It stinks that they are so far away. I used to be able to walk from work. PS - Way off topic, but did they just push a new look out to the forums?
  12. mbsurf

    The West End

    I believe. I went to the BBQ once and it was no Smoke and Stokes or Smoke on the Water, so we didn't return. I glad that this side of town is starting to fill out more. When we moved our office to this it reminded me of Clemson when the good food was on the opposite side of campus. Ten of us used to make the trip a few times a week. Plus, now I've replaced Atlanta Bread Co. breakfast with Saffrons breakfast. I think their breakfasts are one of the best kept secrets over here (Oops!). That would have been awesome.
  13. mbsurf

    The West End

    Have you been to Smiley's Acoustic Cafe yet? It's a smaller place than the old Rocks and Ropes, but they have at least one live band every night. The food is decent+ and the staff is really friendly. I believe the owners used to run a similar type of venue before they opened this one. It's in the same building as the Life is Good store. On a side note, I'm bummed that Rocks and Ropes couldn't stay if there isn't going to be another tenant in the near term. I bought a membership there instead of a traditional gym. It was much more fun and still a great workout. Here's a pic of the inside:
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