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  1. Hey, who let Bill Cosby loose on the forum? being a product of private schools all the way through grad school, and i agree that its the parents responsibility to keep children in line. remember the days that spanking meant something, now if you even mention spanking... you can be arrested and sent to about 2 years of therapy... that is the only reason that i would support private schools, if you don't perform, you're gone!!! if you don't behave there are consequences and it doesn't have to get to the point of bodies lying in the hallway?? so maybe we should tell the kids to turn off the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and read a book! and Scongro, if you thought that Nease was snobby, swing by Bolles and take a look at the parking lot (better known in Jax as San Jose Blvd.) wasn't this about commuting to downtown????
  2. well, as always.. none of the city parts can seem to work together on things. This subject of the prime osborn was raised about 4-5 years ago at a panel discussion on Jacksonville during arch week here. Seeing all of JTA's wondeful taste in architecture i can't wait to see the intermodal??? nothing like a 100' long hip roof. can you imagine returning the main hall of the osborn back to its previous life and coming off of a bus or train, you would think this was a major metropolitan city... allow the disappointment to hit you later. If you look at the bus lanes timeline , the project will take about 20 yrs. to complete, and with the population growing at the rate it is, it most likely will be to late by then, but this is the way the system works... never think ahead, just work to catch up. in the end it all comes down to cost... 400 million here, 2 billion there? it takes about a year to lay asphalt on a street?? Merlin, yep... i am reminded of a PBS special on the car that had a college professor standing at Detroit's version of the skyway explaining why it doesn't work... "because there should be a sign at the gate that says 'Loser enter here'" and then stated "it's a great way to take an air conditioned tour of the ruins of Detroit." i think when gas hits $5 a gallon but we are still making the same amount of money... you'll see alot of parked SUV's at the bus stop. Thanks.
  3. the bus rapid transit line is a good idea and it has been installed in south miami, down by the dadeland area. and about once a week there was somebody who made a right turn when they weren't supposed to ... wham.... accident. this means that now traffic will have a red light for right turns.. Light rail i think would be a better way to go, but to much infrastructure>>> a rail system like the tri-rail is probably the best option, it has the ablility to cover the longest distances with a system that is partially inplace. the only issue i can see with this is the amount of cargo traffic on our rails.. ever been at the sunbeam rail crossing??? along time ago, there was talk of converting the prime osborn back to train service. this is jacksonville's grand central, 30th street station, it could truly be an intermodal... the convergence of amtrak, busses, skyway all in one place and central to downtown. let's let jack diamond build his new convention center and bring trains back to downtown ... plus since the major tracks are there>>> commuter trains will work as well.... of course we can put all these things in action, but unitl jacksonvill-ians give up the car>>> ??? thoughts???? Thanks
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