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  1. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    Atta boy gman! As for fanfare, I wonder how many people in this area are famiar with Frontier, probably not many. I hope the airport can do some good marketing. Just look at CHS and RDU to see how Frontier is willing to expand if the demand is there. WYFF not even having a mention of this last night or this morning is a great example of how not to drum up some excitement for a new airline. If SW had not changed their model and bought Airtran it would have been way better for us. Certainly we are better with them, but i have been pretty disappointed with "the SW effect" for GSP. Three flights to ATL doesn't really scream expansion and opportunity.
  2. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    Ditto, great news. They could be what we had hoped SW was going to be in terms of service and expansion. BTW, I saw where JetBlue is going to be starting a new budget airline in 2020, with a focus on smaller markets. Could be a potential there as well. Can't even find a mention of this on WYFF!
  3. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    Just looked at Frontiers site and they have GSP listed as a city in the drop down box! I checked a few cities to see what would come up, looks like nonstop to Denver and Vegas 2/week starting in Sept? Don't quote me now!
  4. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    Just saw Fox Carolina story says they are adding a new airline! Gotta be Frontier or JetBlue. My guess is Frontier as they have been expanding significantly and I was told it was possible this year. Would be awesome news!
  5. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    April stats on website; 183k passengers, or +8.3% (15k) over last April. First four months of year is +7.8% in traffic, or about plus 40k. Looks like we'll be close to 2.3 MM this year.
  6. distortedlogic

    South Carolina's population growth

    Awesome write-ups Spartan and Vic! Makes a lot of sense. And to piggy back on Vic, I would also add that the upstate growth is relatively new. Historically, the upstate, or "Backcountry" was sparsely populated. As recently as 1960, Greenville, Richland, and Charleston counties were almost exactly the same size, roughly 240k. Since then, Greenville county growth has far outstripped the others, meaning most of it's population growth has been recent. Why would that matter? Because when SC cities first started incorporating and annexing way back when, Charleston and Columbia were already important cities and had both the people and the need to annex. That wasn't nearly as true for upstate cities. We were late to the game, and by the time there was a need, Spartan' s SPD s were in place. Then, since 1975, about the time Max Heller started turning Greenville around, leaders have seemed more concerned with recreating Greenville than with expanding it. Thus we have Greenville 2018, with about 28 sq miles, and barely unchanged in decades.
  7. distortedlogic

    Pete Hollis Gateway

    Now THAT'S the kind of architecture I wanted to see at N Main/ Stone! Looks great.
  8. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    This is a good addition. Interesting that AA is the only airline adding flights. Are these the tiny planes with 2 rows on one side and 1 on the other, seat about 50? Great to see a new destination, first one in awhile. Now let's get Boston, Denver, Vegas, LAX, an Ohio flight and we'll be able to use our own airport a lot more!
  9. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    Yeah, kinda cool to see. Need some more GSP, let's go! Thanks for the detail, I need to go check it out. Last few times I've flown out west though and and hard to get there from GSP.
  10. distortedlogic

    South Carolina's population growth

    Hey ERM, I haven't heard from you in years! Good to see you're still involved, I miss your contribution to the Greenville forum. Yeah, Gville has really boomed since the recession, if you haven't been back recently you should come check out the DT growth, it's incredible! Take care man!
  11. distortedlogic

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Yes they have, but would have liked to have seen another couple levels on different section to break it up more. Actually I would love to see the middle section , with grey "towers" as the bookends, and the rest of the appts on top of the middle section, but inside of the towers. That would be a handsome building, and a new tallest for gville. Currently the length of the building is too long and wall-like for my taste. But, it looks pretty good and a good development so thumbs up.
  12. distortedlogic

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I agree! Looks much better, I feel like we have so much brick already, nice to see a little more glass. Only change I would make now is to vary the height of the top to break up that long straight line.
  13. distortedlogic

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Went by a couple days ago and it looked like some steel being erected on top of the garage. No crane, but looks like the appts are starting? Haven't opened the link yet so I'll have to check that out.
  14. distortedlogic

    Poinsett Highway

    I don't know how to insert the link from this tablet but there is an article about this on wyff site. It seems like we have been hearing about this redo for years upon years and there have been several times we were supposed to see it actually happen but it never does. Here's hoping!