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  1. Good news. As much of a win-win as this is, It would also have been nice to see the state and county offices go in a new state tallest building downtown, and give us a signature high rise. This is good for both areas however.
  2. Don't know about that but I wish it would be redesigned. This is going to look like outdated, rundown, cheaply built housing the moment its completed; based on the rendering.
  3. Surprisingly May numbers are out, it's rare they post them prior to the end of the following month. Another month of strong growth; +16.7%, to 229,849 from 196,894 in May of 2018. Biggest month ever was last Oct, with 230,889. Look for that total to be surpassed several times over the next 6-7 months.
  4. It certainly reduces the enjoyment of reading through the threads. I certainly don't mind someone discussing other nearby areas that affect the upstate from time to time but the poster obviously has an agenda. He can be very complimentary of other areas, Cola and Charleston for example, but for some reason seems incapable of seeing any positives of the upstate. That's his perogative of course, but why waste his time posting in the forum of a hated place. He still doesn't get that we know we're not Charlotte and are just fine with that. It's a shame really; seems like a pretty smart guy. He could be a solid and constructive poster if he could leave the agenda at the door but whatever.
  5. I agree about the delays, but no matter how many floors, there will always be a top one! I don't see them adding floors either, but I suppose it's possible.
  6. Are you trying to be logical? That doesn't work around here!
  7. Good info. I wish they would give us more details on Mr. Edwards reponses, instead of just saying "Mr. Edwards responded." I'm not sure I follow the leakage numbers, they don't really add up, but is looks like the domestic non-nonstop leakage is 60% and the nonstop leakage is 50%, based on this quote "On the domestic side, in markets without GSP non-stop service, passengers utilize GSP 40% of the time. In markets with GSP non-stop service, passengers utilize GSP 50% of the time." I guess of those, 46% leaked to CLT and 31% to ATL? Maybe the other 23% leaked to CAE, AVL? So that tells me GSP could potentially serve 5MM from the encatchemnt area, though that doesn't include other potential passenges that may be inspired to fly if more options were available or might even travel from outside the encatchemnt area. That's still a ton of leakage and untapped potential at GSP. Hopefully airlines will continue to open up more options!
  8. This! Ok, ok, how about both, PLUS, Hughes tallest concept, AND resurrect the Tower at Falls and Broad, ALSO, Put the Pinnacle on another site!
  9. I think you are getting mixed up- we are joking about the concept for the new state tallest that came out from Hughes a few months ago, just conceptual apparently; not any part of camperdown. We're just poking a little fun at the DRB about how they critique and comment on different designs.
  10. Don't forget "It doesn't fit in with the neighborhood, needs to be more reflective of Greenville's past, doesn't fit the scale of downtown, and we don't want to lose the quaintness of downtown." We all know they don't like anthing that isn't an 8 story box.
  11. The airport that is impressing me is AVL. For the first third of the year, their passenger increase has been 45%! January was + 36%, Feb was +38%, March was + 59%, and April was +45%. They have added tons of new destinations and additional legs over the past year and hugely increased the number of seats they offer. For those that don't think tourism has a big impact (in case MYB doesn't give you enough evidence) AVL may be the fastest growing airport in the southeast (by percentage) and its metro is only 450K. This is almost all driven by tourism, IMO. I'm afraid AVL is going to start drawing away from GSP, if it isn't already.
  12. Maybe it will prompt Hughes to build his new tallest concept!
  13. Agreed. And btw, on the latest comission report, I noticed SW has the smallest load factor (about 68%) out of GSP - but I'm not really surprised since it's just Atlanta. But then that surprises me that they are adding back Baltimore. Let me know how that works! If it does, maybe I'll pitch one for a CA direct!
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