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  1. distortedlogic

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Sometimes we talk about the height of a building overwhelming those around it, in this case I think the width of this building will do that. It's just so wide that it looks out of place. I'm afraid it's going to look like some massive wall standing there. As I said before, it would look better being a third narrower and a third taller. At the very least, the top should have been tiered to break up the long line up there. Maybe the height of the office building will help offset the wall effect. BTW, looks like the top floor will be taller than the others, based on the rendering.
  2. distortedlogic

    New Greenville developments

    Some good points, but then on the other hand Greenville had the 17 story Woodside building (the one you referenced, 185 ft?) built back in the 20s , that was the tallest building between Atlanta and Washington. And Scott towers was 14 stories. You're right, though we don't have any headquarters that would really warrant a huge building, though Carolina First could have built DT instead of the interstate, and One could have combined 2 of their buildings, or some of these appt buildings could have built up instead of out. I dunno, if places like Knoxville, Cola, Mobile, Jackson, etc can have buildings taller and better looking there's no reason a growing place like Greenville can't.
  3. distortedlogic

    New Greenville developments

    Agreed P&K. I am amazed Greenville has been unable to get something taller in 50+ years, though I think the opportunity has been there, it just hasn't been seized. Regardless, let's follow the lead of other cities and remake this eyesore. As for talk, I guess it gets so much discussion here because it is, in fact, our tallest, yet it's so stinking ugly. All the more reason to improve its aesthetics. "Butalist" is an aptly named style for that building, doesn't get much more brutal than that. I actually wouldn't mind the city hall style, while not beautiful, it would be fine if not for the external elevator shaft-
  4. distortedlogic

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    good to see, maybe there will be more where that came from...
  5. distortedlogic

    New Greenville developments

    I've seen this building too and this what I want developers to do to the Landmark building, it's a bigger eyesore than city all IMO. https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/2018/10/19/greer-inland-port-plans-expand/1695218002/ Inland port already over capacity after just 5 years time; that thing has really taken off. They are looking to purchase an additional 30 acres and add facilities that would allow traffic to double, which may not take that long the way this thing has been growing.
  6. distortedlogic

    821 S. Main St. Hotel & Mixed Use

    Meh, it looks ok, really just more modern boxy stuff going up everywhere. This one is a little better looking than some, but no real creativity, classical architectural themes, or anything daring or imaginative. This is kinda what we've been getting and even the DRB doesn't seem to expect more. At least it's not another Aloft cinder block!
  7. distortedlogic

    New Greenville developments

    Agreed. After the Camperdown development gets done the value here will have to be at a premium. Wasn't there a proposal for about a ten story condo building on this site about ten years ago just before the recession? There was a thread for it on here back then.
  8. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    That's a big deal, the first scheduled European flight for the state. GSP is growing; CHS is exploding. I wouldn't be too surprised to see a Paris and maybe even a Mexico flight to follow soon.
  9. distortedlogic

    The Gateway Site

    With as much dignity as he could muster, the old man gathered up the sad remains of his shattered major award. Later that night, alone in the backyard, he buried it next to the garage.
  10. distortedlogic

    The Gateway Site

    I think at the time it was thought that property would become one of the most sought after in Greenville. It was then that it was dubbed "The Gateway Site" and the city envisioned a grand city entrance. It was only expected to remain empty for a short while, it now been over 20 years! A little off topic but semi related, here is the Scott Towers demo from a few years ago, I went to see that one live. Scott Towers I kinda hate these two buildings are gone. It's too bad the Auditorium couldn't have been repurposed for other uses, it would probably be nice to have a second venue downtown. I went into Scott Towers a few times a couple years before demo and it was nicer inside than I expected. Outdated certainly, but I felt it could have been made over and looked really nice. Had some great views from in there too. That sits also still sits empty.
  11. distortedlogic

    The Gateway Site

    Hey Gman, hows about checking with your pal at gnews about this potential project, maybe he/she can get a hold of some info. You know, just had a thought; if we wait long enough some one might build a nostalgic replica of the auditorium on the site, you know kinda like there was a push to recreate the old city hall a few years ago... Just found this kinds crazy to see after all these years! Auditorium demolition
  12. distortedlogic

    New downtown federal courthouse

    I'm guessing since we never not a new rendering they are going with the brick box from before?
  13. distortedlogic


    Yeah, the big empty spot where the plant was- another hotel huh? Isn't this whole area where the McChesney plan was going to go before the recession? THAT would have been a truly transforming project!
  14. distortedlogic

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Ok thanks, that's going to be a pretty dense block when done, maybe the most dense downtown! BTW, thanks for all the update pics Gman, as always, you do a great job!
  15. distortedlogic


    What is top middle?