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  1. Better yet, the ladder will go on the other side of the sign and you can just climb the ladder to lookout!
  2. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/finance/united-community-bank-ceo-lynn-harton-leading-into-its-greenville-based-future/ Nice little article, with info about the relocation. I just don't understand how the DRB approved such an ugly building, this is pure hideousness; what a waste of a great opportunity for something nice, and right by the Bohemian too.
  3. About 10 years ago, or maybe more, the city put out some renderings that showed the corridor from Main St to Heritage Green completely re imagined with the intersection as the Children's Museum redone, a raised cross walk, widened sidewalks, plants and gardening; the works, in hopes of truly connecting the area with the rest of DT and making it walkable. It obviously never happened but perhaps something like that should be re-visited. There are some renderings and a conversation about it somewhere on the forum; I tried a few searches, but who knows where that is.
  4. I had completely forgotten about this project. I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of other designs but sounds like the project is fine, if still a go.
  5. About 5 years ago there were some renderings put out that showed a whole remake of the outside of the peace center, sort of an Italianate look. I guess that died? Here; page 6 of this thread https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/greenville/downtown/2017/05/11/peace-center-greenville-sc/101560086/
  6. I think this is a good project and scope. My only issue with it is the same one that applies to most others; namely, little imagination with design and architecture. This particular one is a bit better than some others I guess, but really it's pretty indistinguishable from most of the other similar projects. I don't care so much about height per se, but I would like to see less boxy and flat designs, and less of the modern stuff. It is what it is I guess; neither developers nor the design board seem to care about making projects a little more unique and original so this is basically what we're going to get outside of the rare Bohemian type project, or the smaller projects where they can infuse more character.
  7. Oh wow, this is beyond awful. Is this really the best they could do?
  8. Thanks for the link. And I just saw this on their site; spec office building off I 85. Not sure what to think on this one, says it's still design phase though. https://pinnaclepartnership.com/east-beacon-office-tower/
  9. Pretty good video highlighting some good things about the area. I would agree with most of it, but he nails number 10!
  10. Random, but I saw Fayetteville NC area is adding an area code. I understand the upstate is scheduled to get another area code in a few years, but how in the world does the upstate not already have 2? Midlands and Coast already have 2, RDU has 2, The Triad has 2, Northern Alabama is actually served by 3.
  11. Yeah I thought about that too, would be nice to take the wife there. I wonder if they will be on booking sites like Priceline and others, sometimes can get some deals, especially last minute.
  12. - Glad to see you're tolerant of other viewpoints. - I never compared them or made any judgment about how bad they were, I just said people are offended by all of them and have called for removal of namesakes. - I agree.
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