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  1. An improvement in my mind, I like the more traditional look.
  2. Shock and Awe! I realize this is conceptual but this is like a whole 'nother downtown area. I'm pretty sure it is not in the city limits, correct? Think about how this and Bridge Way in Mauldin would affect the metro - there would be 3 urban downtown like nodes. That is pretty crazy to think about.
  3. Surely they presented more detailed renderings than the block one the article shows.
  4. Well it wouldn't surprise me; there are so many things they approve that are beyond cringe-worthy...
  5. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/square-feet/sneak-peek-united-community-banks-downtown-greenville-headquarters/ Goes to DRB 9/2. I wish the DRB would push for something more creative and something to break up that glass shoebox portion but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. I was going to say we could put the 30 story building somewhere else and a 15 story building would probably suffice for this project; but I'll go with yours too!
  7. Aw, come on now; you know you'll be out flying that thing around, snapping a pic or two...
  8. I'm just taking a jab at the "seven story tower" part - only in Greenville is a 7 story building called a "tower", even when it is wider than it is tall. G-news even does that with 5 story buildings!
  9. "UCB earlier this year announced it would move its corporate headquarters to a seven story office tower..." P&C writers copying G-news writers?
  10. I am glad they are looking at different views. This also touches on the balance issue I mentioned. It also alludes to the idea that it would be a waste if not built to serve its purpose and I totally agree. Don't waste 110mm if it is not going to do what you want and need it to do; there is no point in building it halfway just to say you have one. That is the same way I feel about the observation tower at the park.
  11. I can see your point but I honestly can't see Greenville getting two downtown convention centers. I agree that County Square would probably be able to hold a bigger center but I think this location is a little more desirable being right on the river, beside Riverwalk, etc. If they do it right, this location should be able to hold a center that is big enough for most of the demand. There is probably a "sweet spot" in size that is b/w the Hyatt and the Greenville Convention Center that would be the most flexible for the most number of years going forward. That sweet spot is what I think they ne
  12. Is this the splash pad too or just playground?
  13. Thanks; interesting. That kind of echos some of the discussion on here about the best size. It's probably good to get a couple of different opinions; they won't get a do over on this one.
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