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  1. Thanks! Yeah i know, at least it's not just a simple square or rectangle box though, so it looks better than many others.
  2. Can someone post the rendering again please! All the previous links seem to be broken. Thanks!
  3. Now yes. Originally it was supposed to be one of the first parts of the park constructed to help people "buy in" to the park. I LOVE the concept but it will be a waste if not done correctly. Some steps with a view of tree branches will totally waste money that could be used elsewhere and no one would bother climbing it anyway. If it's going to be first class, and truly serve its purpose, it needs to be our Eiffel Tower.
  4. Way better than completely flat, any little bit helps.
  5. https://www.wyff4.com/article/painting-away/33464437 Interview with the artist from WYFF. It's just amazing how talented he has to be to do this. Looking foward to seeing this unfold.
  6. Great pic. Love this building!
  7. For April there were only 8,700 passengers. May had only 26.6k and June saw only 50k. Since mid March, GSP has lost about 700k passengers. No telling how it will be going forward.
  8. Don't know what's Frontier is going to do but I really hate they left. They have kids fly free on certain days for many routes, and right now they have a sale for some routes one can fly for $11 from now through the end of the year. Huntsville and Knoxville to Denver are two of them (not sure why we lost them but those markets did not). Just saw CLT to DIA roundtrip for 21 bucks. Amazing!
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/matadornetwork.com/read/everyone-love-greenville-sc-visited-find/%3famp Don't know if this one has been posted before or not but very nice read!
  10. I agree with the comments below the article. This is not a good redo. The matket has always looked classy and historic and should continue to look so. This redo, plus eliminating the tower portion, is a terrible redo IMO.
  11. I think that building is fine, much better than the modern boxes going up now. Bohemian looking awesome!
  12. I LOVE the architecture of this building, and the fact that it is different than most of what we're seeing and has a lot of character and creativity! This is an example of creative architecture rather than (what I call) lazy architecture.
  13. "The New Observation Tower: Bringing fantastic views of tree trunks and the tops of people's heads!"
  14. Definitely not a fan of this architecture. This is another modern box with a total flat chopped off look with no imagination. Too many of these in my opinion. I wish they would redesign this.
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