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  1. BridgeWay Station mixed use development-Mauldin, SC

    And those 3 counties now have over one million people and have added an estimated 90k in the last 7 years. While this is not a major metropolitan area, it is no longer a small area either. The tri county population will likely exceed 1.2 MM by 2030.
  2. BridgeWay Station mixed use development-Mauldin, SC

    Good points, I wonder about the feasibility of this ambitious plan as well, but I really like it, and hope it works out. I also have a concern about this taking away from DT, but if Greenville is to get to the next level it's going to have to incorporate other nodes of dense and "complete" development like this. I'm a little surprised this is starting and yet we haven't seen anymore comprehensive renderings of buildings. I guess it will be one building at a time? That may make it harder to get a complimentary total project. I really like the marketing rendering they have been using.
  3. Greenville County Square redevelopment

    Could be, we'll have to see, but I remain hopeful. One thing that does concern me a little is the recent stories of DT's office glut and all at once hotel room supply. That can't help.
  4. 1100 S. Main St Apartments (Pendleton Street Baptist Church)

    Huge footprint! I would liked to have seen a smaller footprint with varying levels off height to break up the flat top here. LOVE that the parking is in the middle!
  5. The glut of available office space downtown

    I saw that article too and doesn't sound good. I was surprised, just a year or two there was an article about historically low vacancies. All the more reason to do a total housing redo of the landmark building, take that outdated space off the market, let tennents fill space elsewhere DT, add a couple stories to the top for a penthouse and rotating restaurant and a new tallest; win-win-win!
  6. New downtown federal courthouse

    Wow. Did we ever see an updated rendering (please tell me there is one and its better )?
  7. The Gateway Site

    Just for comparison, DT Cola has 11 current hotels with 1604 rooms and Knoxville has 10 with 1860 rooms, per hotelguides. Don't know what is under construction or planned in those places. With Greenville's upcoming ones we'll be at 14 with 2162, per Vic's info above. Not bad considering we don't have a major university DT. I checked Greensboro but it seems most of their hotels are several miles outside DT, including a Double Tree and Four Seasons beside their Coliseum, with the Four Seasons being a 28 story 990 room facility. Chattanooga has 18 with 2575 rooms.
  8. The Gateway Site

    According to hotel guides.com there are 8 hotels currently open DT with a total of 1242 rooms. ALOFT- 114 Home 2 -117 Hyatt -330 Holiday Inn -80 Hampton Inn -115 Poinsett - 200 Courtyard -130 Embassy Suites -156 Now we can add in the ones under construction, this still does not include Comfort Inn Augusta/Church, looks like that one has 60 rooms, if you want to add that in would be 1302.
  9. Agfa redevelopment

    Link to the project above no longer works .
  10. Greenville County Square redevelopment

    Not necessarily, it may just take awhile with this large of a site. I'm hoping it means either the developers or the city are spending a little more time on details, and that they are "trying to get this one right." BTW, I think I remember Project Skyline for this site being proposed at 2.2 Billion, and that was 10 years ago, so today's dollars would probably be like 2.7 B. This, at 1.5, would be significantly less, but still the largest ever for DT.
  11. The Gateway Site

    Thanks, that's probably close then. So you did not include Hyatt or Holiday Inn next to Landmark? That's a lot of hotels for our "little" DT Greenville, plus there's another at the corner of Augusta/Church. DT growth right now is just amazing! Anyone know how that compares to some peer cities; Columbia, Greensboro, Knoxville, Chattanooga?
  12. The Gateway Site

    I saw that in the Journal as well. Building the Hyatt at that time truly was a pioneering feat, there was basically nothing DT; pre Peace Center and all. It would be neat to read a more comprehensive account of that deal. The Journal article says it opened during a snowstorm with three overnight guests! Exile, are you sure about that number, that sounds low, especially with the ones under construction, I would think there would be close to 1000 just in the pipeline.
  13. The Gateway Site

    Agree with both posts above. I would love a statement building there, both in size and architecture, but I am not confident in that. I also don't know how we could support any more hotels right now, especially sizeable ones. Mixed use seems to be our best bet IMO. I have often thought an overpass could work there as well. I have also thought that a pedestrian underpass with a few shops lining the way would be a really cool way to go. Those are very popular in Asia, and probably Europe, but I'm sure it would be costly and I doubt any of our developers would take a chance.
  14. New Greenville developments

    You mean that's permanent?
  15. 600 East Washington Street

    A few shades of that, yes. I love the renderings of Markley Place BTW.