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  1. GSP International

    August numbers are out and 185k came through, or + 8.6 percent increase. After a slow first three months of the year, the passengers have really taken off. The last four months have seen an increase of 8.6, 8.5, 8.9, and 6.0, over the same month last year. We're on pace to pass 2.1 MM. September and October are historically two of our busiest months as well.
  2. AC Hotel on West Main

    Embarrassing that Greenviles proposed AC and the Aloft hotels are so stinking awful when Spartanburg can get it right. Awesome looking building there. I'm still amazed that this has only 114 rooms. Greenville has gotten several new ones with more rooms and they are short ugly boxes. Greenville architecture...
  3. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I mostly agree, it's tolerable and much better than some of the other architecture going up but it doesn't look like it took much creative thought and doesn't step up the game here. Glad to see less brick but looks like a smaller box stacked oddly on a larger box. I see some of the buildings going up in sister cities and its hard to understand why ours are always so bland and uninspired.
  4. When Will Greenville Be Ready For Height?

    Should be some good height, but remember this is a pretty low spot in DT. I also would have liked to see something not flat on top, maybe a pointed top penthouse or office or something.
  5. When Will Greenville Be Ready For Height?

    That's often true but then you have situations like in Mobile where they have much taller buildings without the density. I don't think people expect Greenville to build a 70 story building or 3-4, 35 story ones, but it makes sense if we can get 15 , 8 story ones over the past ten years we could have also gotten one 24 story one and twelve 8 story ones, or even a 32, a 24, and eight 8s. A little variety and layer never hurt.
  6. When Will Greenville Be Ready For Height?

    A little dramatic perhaps? What's important about a skyline? Not much really. There's a bit of a cool factor, but that doesn't really matter in the end. Still, fair or unfair, skylines have become a visual scale on which people often judge a cities size, importance, and opportunity. I think people just want to see Greenville s better represent it's true nature.
  7. Agfa redevelopment

    Not sure I understand; so the placement and number of buildings have been approved but not the architecture, right? I mean, it looks like a seven year old drew those on a napkin. Yeah, some height, anywhere in Greenville would be nice!
  8. Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    Well I like this garage the best of the 3, but the original building is definitely the best. Still, the latest is much better than the second. Disappointing but relieved we didn't end up with number2.
  9. New downtown federal courthouse

    Problem is it will be hard to make that look decent. Tinkering won't do the trick, needs a whole new paradigm.
  10. New downtown federal courthouse

    Agree, that's 167 times better. Looks like someone put some thought and style into it. Why can't Greenville get some decent architecture????????
  11. New downtown federal courthouse

    Sounds like it could be it then. Looks like 6 stores with the 7th being setback and a birdcage perched on top for an eighth like story. I do not like it at all, very disappointing, but hopefully it will look better once built. Right now it looks like a brand new 1950s eyesore.
  12. New downtown federal courthouse

    I've made this point before too. Been nearly 20 years since this started and those figures were calculated. Surprised it hasn't had to be refigured and enlarged with the growth over the years and projected growth moving forward. Soooooo relieved that is not the final rendering! Unfortunately, we seem to get a lot of those yucky types.
  13. New downtown federal courthouse

  14. GSP International

    Ah, thanks guys, I missed that. Good to see. As we've said before, with the growth in ridership and load factors, if airlines don't add some service, there's going to be a pretty large opportunity cost at some point, and I personally think there already is.
  15. BB&T building/lot redevelopment

    While it's not pretty, I would not consider it one of Greenville s ugliest. There are plenty others on that list. At least it's not a box ( always liked the shape) and it's also the largest building out that way to help give at least a little height there.