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  1. Ah, so that growth is without; even better. Might break 200k here one of these months!
  2. That's a good increase. A lot of that may be due to the 3 new Chicago flights. But July will be the first full month with stats including those flights so I'm interested to see what it looks like. I'm sure they already have July"s stats, not sure why it takes nearly two months for them to release those. How about the cargo stats nearly doubling! I guess due to the international flights? Good growth, let's keep it up!
  3. Would be nice but lots of competition just for the state itself, let alone the upstate. Does seem like it's been a long time since the upstate has had a big score like this whereas Chas and Midlands have had some recent ones. Not sure where it could go either, but I remember Anderson county had a spot they were trying to sell Rolls Royce on a few years ago.
  4. I'm not in the know, Jet Set, but I agree. Based on what we've heard about suggestions for this area ( 6 story max), the fact that it's close to neighborhoods, and the mere trend for DT, leads me to believe we'll see a pretty large foot print. I doubt we'll see any more than about 10 stories, and that may be pushing it, eight may be more likely. I'm also afraid of it being a modern shoebox as well, with little detail or imagination, as that also seems to be the trend. The only sliver of hope I have for height is the one time proposal for "project skyline" at this site that was said to have called for a 30 story building with multiple buildings on the site. Of course that was prior to the recession, and we've had no highrises even proposed since, let alone built.
  5. Now that's what I'm talkin bout, DRB. Way to stand up against a crappy looking redo. Where's that fight been with some of these other boxes going up? Nice to see! Demand quality!
  6. Better slow this down and get a handle on it quick, 5 acres at one time is outrageous. We keep this up and we might reach a city limit size of 28 square miles. There'll be no unannexed land left. Where are our planners and conservationists? This sort of runaway incorporation is unacceptable!
  7. The devil is In the details and the new is very lacking. A much inferior product. They basically took away all the details that gave it some appeal , character, and class, and made it look like every other boring box being built right now. BOOOOO! Come on DRB, get some backbone or get lost.
  8. Gotchya. Have to go with the wifey for sure! Already got a response from the writer, said he would look into an update on Monday.
  9. So you're going to drive to CLT, go through all the stuff there, then a flight, get through that airport, and rent a car? I would drive it man.
  10. Here is a response I got from a Frontier Rep I emailed about GSP - sounds promising, "Thank you for contacting Frontier Airlines. Your Feedback Matters!I appreciate the time you've taken to share your feedback with us. We are always looking for ways to enhance our customer experience and we can only do that with your help. We hope one day to serve this airport in the near future. Be assured we have made your comments available to the Marketing department for review. Thank you for your suggestion and we look forward to welcoming you on Frontier in the near future. Kindly, ReedCustomer RelationsFrontier Airlines" And here is a response I got from a GSP rep; " We are still working to add new cities, especially to the west coast. We don’t have an update yet. But we hope to be able to add a new service in 2018. No promises. Thanks for asking and thanks for being a GSP customer."
  11. Here is a link to an article from March 2013 when US Air and American merged. Dave was pretty optimistic about some new service, talks about Allegiant being interested in starting back it's Vegas flight and maybe more routes. Also says he likes the chances of a Miami and Mexico flights to be added later that year or by 2014. Obviously didn't happen. I think I will send the writer an email to see if he can get an update on this. Article
  12. Frontier announced huge expansion today, including 21 New cities, with Charleston and Knoxville among them. Charleston was already getting Denver service through SW and I can see that one, but Knoxville? An airport that has less passengers than GSP. GSP has tried for sometime to get Frontier to Denver but to no avail. I am not understanding that one. RDU continues to grow in leaps and bounds and will add Frontier to Reno, Providence, and Kansas City. Why aren't we getting more service? We have shown we can support new service with Independence, Vision, Allegiant, and SW.
  13. Thanks Spartan! Hey guys, just thought it might be fun to revisit this thread as several years have now passed and we have seen the post recession boom. There was some good discussion here and some creative conceptual images produced. At the time of this thread, we had the pre-recession announcements like Camperdown, Pinnacle, TOFAB, Gateway site, etc. Most of these did not pan out, though the Riverplace development did pick back up. Over the past 5 years or so, we have seen lots of low-mid rise development and infill. Still no new city tallest or anything even close. Perhaps some of you have some new good shots, or Gman has some good drone videos. Here are 2 I found on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKzoEDFJusY Good pans right here at the 1 minute and 8 minute marks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKzoEDFJusY Cool snow video with some good shots.
  14. GSP just updated the passenger stats on the website. May came in + 6% over last May at 189,991 total passengers, or + 10,756 over last year's total. Looks like the all-time monthly record form what I can see. Historically, October is the busiest month, but between now and November should all be big months. Looks like we'll add to the highest ever total form last year. Maybe Gman can find load factors? I know the 3 daily flights to Chicago were added on American this month. If these increases continue, one would think more flights or even routes could be in the cards... they would have to be eventually right?
  15. 3 would make for great views There is a definite cool factor for 6, pretty cool. DRB will be all about some 4 and 5 though! Book it!