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  1. Yeah, I really wish some of these would have smaller footprints and not just square/rectangular in shape but...
  2. Here's a google pic with nearly the same angle. It's about 15 years old though, but just to see the difference.
  3. Surely you have a similar current pic you could load for a side by side comparison!
  4. Well I guess this section is deeper then; it can't be more than about 15 feet wide is some sections here. I guess it could be widened with the extra sand being used to make it shallower, but that almost seems like a pointless and exorbitant cost.
  5. The river really is anticlimactic in this section, at only a few feet across and no rapids or falls. It almost reminds me of those aquaducts you see out west. It cannot be the focus of this park like as is the case with Falls park. The park itself will have to be the focus with the "river" being an afterthought link to Falls Park. I think there are plans to widen the river in a section to its original width and curvature, but i dont know how much, nor how much difference it will really make.
  6. Pretty cool read. Again, it is hard to believe this is only phase 1. It was only a matter of time before one of Greenville's suburbs saw a gamechanging development and this will also serve to give Mauldin a city center, which has been missing. This will also make quite an impact on 385.
  7. Yeah they really fell asleep at the wheel and let this one by them. Truly let us down here! Great pics by the way!
  8. Interesting read here with some details I didn't know. https://www.greenville.com/news/2020/11/the-history-of-greenville/
  9. Don't know but here's a good read on the building. " the Daniel Building allowed Greenville's skyline to Rival Atlanta's." https://sah-archipedia.org/buildings/SC-01-045-0058 BTW, I've always thought the Daniel building was 305 feet but I am seeing multiple sources that list it at 325. The 305 is from Emporis but i have aways thought that site was off on many buildings.
  10. I dunno, maybe the grass is always greener. I have often talked about many of Spartanburg's developments being better designed and more attractive that most of the projects done in Greenville. Charleston and Asheville as well. You guys are saying your DRB is too picky but I usually think Greenville's isnt picky enough; we've had some real stinkers approved.
  11. I found that interesting, as well as, the previously mentioned Greenville tributes; old train station, bell tower, etc. I am guessing since Phil is a Greenville developer he decided to put those elements in there. I think it's fine, and in a way helps give a nod of unity to the county, but it also makes me wonder why he never tried something like this in one of his downtown developments. Love the shading in this pic! Where's the drooling emoticon?
  12. I totally get what you're saying, we won't be looking at a centuries old Italian village when it's done. However, I think the renderings look fantastic; and the renderings we are seeing aren't out of Italy, they were created for this development in Mauldin . But even if it's done on the cheap, I'd much rather have some cheap versions of architecture with classical features and character than another collection of cheap modern boxes.
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