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  1. What is currently being built near this site, on the right as you come into DT on 123?
  2. I drove by the mall today for the first time in a long time and all I can say is that the outside really, REALLY needs an upgrade. It looks incredibly dated and even a bit rundown. I remember it looking outdated compared to the Greenville Mall redo (which I always thought was quite nice) and that was 20 years ago.
  3. You, my friend, are an artist and a story teller!
  4. Yep, really expanding. Anyone still saying downtown is "just one street " isnt paying attention.
  5. Meh, another low rise, just above tree line. Maybe one day we'll get a highrise.
  6. We're nothing but a bunch of Sarumans and Orcs. Let's hope the Ents don't find out.
  7. This makes more sense, I couldn't ever find the ten floors being reported before, though it looks like the very center would be 7 or possibly 8. Still, a smaller building than I really expected.
  8. Another good article; a massive project! https://gsabusiness.com/news/construction/77420/
  9. http://greertoday.com/greer-sc/greer-ports-impact-is-a-boom-to-the-states-economy/2019/10/28/ Article about the growth and impacts of Greer's inland port. Plans for expansion.
  10. That is very interesting, wonder how that claim matches with the findings of this report. That is a ton of parks. By comparison, Greenville boasts 39 parks totaling over 700 acres ( https://www.greenvillesc.gov/948/City-Parks ) within the city limits, which isn't bad at all for a city of only 28 sq miles. Sounds like all our major cities are doing well in that regard. And I've always maintained that we have a great state park system as well.
  11. Didn't know where else to put this so I thought I'd make a thread in case anyone wants to share information, stories, or pictures. The ice rink is being set up now and is due to open on Nov 15th. I think this has been a great attraction for downtown since it started and am glad to see it return. Here are a couple of links: https://greenvillesc.gov/1654/UCB-Ice-on-Main https://www.facebook.com/IceOnMain Obviously some years have been better weatherwise than others for the rink. I always thought a different timetable might be better; the day before Thanksgiving until Groundhog day or something like that, but it may not matter much. Hopefully we'll have some colder weather than last year! I just read where Columbia will not be having theirs this year as the normal location is no longer available and last year's location was not as successful. Charleston had one in 2004 but it was not as successful as hoped and the weather prevented opportunities, as one might expect. However, I saw that Summerville is opening one in their downtown this year. Anyway, this is a wonderful attraction for Greenville and I always love the rink, lights, and Festival of Trees in December. Hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the rink and our fair city during Christmas Time (yes, I used the "C" word)!
  12. Not sure where to put this but this sounds like a nice modern way to highlight some history of the state. https://columbiabusinessreport.com/news/hospitality-and-tourism/77406/
  13. Pretty cool, how fun would this be!
  14. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/orange-bees-named-south-carolinas-fastest-growing-company/ States fastest growing company and 10 of top 25 headquartered in Greenville. Good to see some homegrown companies taking off.
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