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  1. If Wikipedia is correct, it covers almost 44 sq mi, making it about 50% larger in area than Gville city limits (29 sq mi)... lol. Same kind of issues with N Chas (81 sq mi) and Mt Pleasant (59).
  2. I like this too. Who tends to buy these things; single yuppies; families, retirees? It looks like 44 units, I was just wondering about how many people might live in a development like this; 100?
  3. Do you have any insight on what it would take for a developer to makeover the building? Are there any restrictions; maybe some that Daniel himself put on it? Is it just a matter of a developer having a vision?
  4. Very interesting. Can you share any more details? Were there any plans for the existing tower?
  5. I know there have been threads about this building in the past but I think they are all archived. I was looking up some more information about it and came across some interesting articles and links, and thought I would post them. In more recent times it has been known as the BB&T, the Landmark, the Windstream, and I'm not even sure what it is now; but I guess the true name is still the Daniel Building. We have all made comments before about the appearance. To me it is very ugly and I wish it could be redone; but definitely not torn down. I hate the double shaft look with the elevator wall in back and the concrete bars over the windows are hideous. But, it is certainly from a different time period and was once highly considered. Anyway, here are some links: https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/greenville-roots/2017/05/23/daniel-building-greenville-sc/99441266/ "At 25 stories, it would be the tallest building in the Carolinas, and one that required legislative approval, since South Carolina’s maximum height limit was then 17 stories. " (which would have been the Woodside Building) https://sah-archipedia.org/buildings/SC-01-045-0058 This has some interesting comments like "Situated on a sloping lot and rising twenty-two stories to an overall height ranging between 305 and 335 feet, the Daniel Building allowed Greenville’s skyline to rival Atlanta’s." Hard to imagine that statement ever being true. https://schpr.sc.gov/index.php/Detail/objects/4706 https://www.scencyclopedia.org/sce/images/daniel-building-greenville-s-c-1964/ Cool pic during construction. This next one is from when it was sold in 2022. It speaks of immediate renovations but apparently all of those were to the inside. https://rebusinessonline.com/nai-earle-furman-brokers-sale-of-25-story-landmark-office-tower-in-downtown-greenville/ Now this is an interesting site and you may want to spend a few minutes looking through these. It's a site to buy old postcards and the one on the link is an old (and ugly) photo of the DB but you'll see there are lots of photos of other old Greenville landmarks and old skyline shots (just click on Greenville tab above the photo). https://www.cardcow.com/241489/greenville-south-carolina-daniel-building/ Anyone have any insight on how this building could be made over without totally erasing the past significance or completely taking Daniel's fingerprint from it? There's got to be a way to make this a better looking building. Have city leaders or developers never thought about doing it? How could they not have? It's pretty amazing to think that Greenville twice had the tallest building in either South or North Carolina; Woodside and Daniel. There must have been some really big momentum in Greenville's past that just suddenly died. Now just about every peer city (except Chas) has taller buildings in the Carolinas; of course Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbia, Winston Salem, Greensboro, and even Durham and MYB. Not to derail, but speaking of the Woodside, here is a link on that one. https://www.scencyclopedia.org/sce/entries/woodside-building/
  6. I agree the garage needs work but the I think the building itself is just fine. The last thing I would want to see is that building get torn down only to be replaced by another McLaren or one of the dozens of other modern buildings. There is nothing wrong with the Bowater building and the massing fits in with the area. Please, no modern boxes there!
  7. Was in Asheville the other day and, not to bash it, but I just don't see the big deal. Maybe it is still living off it's "cool mtn destination " reputation from decades ago or something but Greenville has far surpassed it in downtown beauty, size, amenity, and cleanliness. Literally the only thing Asheville has over Greenville is immediate mountain scenery (and more airport destinations). I guess it gets a lot of mileage out of its mtn proximity.
  8. I think you guys are in the wrong thread...
  9. Is this the site where Ct St building was proposed before the recession, the "hot dog king" site?
  10. I guess I'm not in the loop anymore cause I've never heard of this guy; though admittedly I don't listen to country. Regardless, I like concerts and all and enjoy them, but I can't think of any artist/band I would pay five hundred dollars or more to see for a 2 hour concert.
  11. Great post. There are lots of ways this building could be spruced up yet still keep it's character. The exterior may not be the prettiest but I think it looks way better than a number of other buildings DT and many that are "new and modern." I always liked that this building isn't just a rectangle or a box; one of the very few that applies to. If this building were to be torn down we would likely just have another modern 6-10 story box with no character; ie 98 E Mcbee.
  12. I agree. Despite the competition from ATL, CLT, and now AVL its still hard to see why an area the size of GSP doesn't have a route like that (and probably a few others). 10k less than AVL had for the same month; in a CSA 1/3 the size. A lot of that due to routes that GSP just doesn't have and GSP people use. I guess I don't understand why GSP officials didn't use the AVL area as a marketing tool. If AVL can get a bunch of upstate people to travel to there to help make the flights sustainable, certainly the GSP (CSA) could make sustainable flights as well, needing less help from the AVL area but still tapping into it. GSP had way better facilities, and connectibility than AVL. Why wouldn't GSP officials say "fly us, we have 3 times the population, better facilities, and fliers have easy access to WNC as well?" Maybe they did, but somehow it just seems crazy that AVL got the jump on us.
  13. That's why I could see a "Bookends" type development working here; a parking garage that actually has a different primary focus and doesn't look or feel like a garage. But at some point, as this thing continues to build out and densify, surface parking isn't going to be enough and will start to be a functional limitation within the development. I think a multipurpose garage needs to be woven into the fabric of this district. But just a run of the mill, "GTA" type garage would be a poor choice.
  14. Probably going to be more of a "field" than a stadium. But be patient gman, its all coming...
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