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  1. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    Interesting.. then either we're wrong in inferring from the website, or they just haven't announced it yet. Not sure why they would not announce those additions at the same time, but I also don't know they'd have it on the ticket calendar if it's not accurate? Just looked up a flight using the monthly view format, the flight to Den definitely switches from the Wed/Fri schedule to Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat in mid Nov. The return flights switch from Wed/Sat to Mon/Fri but remain just twice a week. Looks like better times, now leaving GSP on 11/26 at 4:03, and leaving DEN on 11/30 at 10:15am (instead of like a redeye like before). BTW, says only one seat remaining for the 11/26 flight. Also, doesn't show the Orlando change on there yet!
  2. distortedlogic

    New Greenville developments

    Yep . While 275k would set me up for early retirement, I was trying to figure out what you could get for it on a construction project; put in some new light bulbs? A new sign? Replace some door bells?
  3. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    Interesting that they didn't mention the 4/week for Denver and Vegas starting in Nov. The last couple of times I looked at their flight schedules from GSP it certainly looked like they were offering the Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat schedule to those locations as well starting on Nov. Wonder if that is incorrect? Good to see nonetheless!
  4. distortedlogic

    Grand Bohemian Hotel

    Looks like about ten floors at the tallest there. Nice looking building!
  5. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    GSP holding an open meeting (8/14 6-8pm) to get public input on the new Master Plan.
  6. distortedlogic

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    Always a tease! But you call a 6 story building a high rise, so a tall high rise must be what; 8 stories?
  7. distortedlogic

    New Greenville developments

    Don't know if this has been mentioned elsewhere or not but I was on Orchard Park Dr and saw there is a new multistory Woodspring Hotel to be built where the old China Buffet (that mysteriously closed down ) was.
  8. distortedlogic

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    Maybe they know some poeple with way too much money will pay exorbitant amounts of money for the new latest and greatest. I have been continuously amazed at both asking prices and how quickly units are filled, with new downtown developments over the past decade, but they keep getting built and filled.
  9. distortedlogic

    The Gateway Site

    Well hotels are usually 10ft/per floor, if we add a few levels of above ground parking, a couple levels of condos above the hotel, and a nonflat roof with a spire, we could have a pretty tall building.
  10. distortedlogic

    Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

    Because I was commenting on the "Greenville " reference (as opposed to GSP ) as I've noticed it has become much more common. I wasn't commenting on the article. Also, this was the first time I've read the thread.
  11. distortedlogic

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    This rendering looks quite different than the one in the business journal, which one is correct? Will be good to finally see a building with a little height, still wish the appt building was half footprint with twice the height. This building will not be nearly as noticeable as the other three, however, as the site sits way lower in elevation.
  12. distortedlogic

    Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

    I am seeing this more and more. I think it is just a natural outcome to Greenville becoming better known and it's faster growth as the principle city in the region. It's also closer to the urban core of Gville, despite being just over the county line in SPTBG.
  13. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    Oh yeah, knew about that, thought maybe this was something additional. Been a good couple months for GSP though!
  14. distortedlogic

    GSP International

    Keep it coming! So this is an increase in frequency of an existing route, correct?
  15. distortedlogic

    New downtown federal courthouse

    Maybe just the rendering is dead!