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  1. I have NEVER heard anyone else in the state mention Bob Jones to me; EVER. I have family all over the state and all over neighboring states and I have never heard a comment about Bob Jones; good or bad. I never heard anything about it when I lived out West. Nobody knows about it or really cares. I think the only people who think about Bob Jones are the people affiliated with it, and Greenville people who don't like it. Greenville is it's own place and BJU happens to be small private school in it. It has no more bearing on Greenville than any other small private school has on any other similar
  2. We are going to land Breeze. We are a tourist destination. We have the best airport ever.
  3. It says "Airports Authorized for Scheduled Operations", which sound like what we want. There are no guarantees of course, but this looks like great news. It also fits with the idea of secondary airports. Also notice that all our "big" airports are on here; GSP, CAE, CHS, and MYB. As far as I'm concerned, any service is welcome. This is exciting!
  4. That's up to you. However, is calling people petty names and withholding respect (simply because they don't support the same thing you do) open minded?
  5. Agreed. I was thinking CHS to Tampa couldn't be more than about 4 hours by car anyway, though I looked it up, and it says about 6.5. Still, I would just drive it. It's going to be hard not to feel cheated if we don't get something out of this, especially with us not having Jetblue. I think we will, but what do I know... ...I mean, they did say they were looking at under-served markets, and GSP and CAE are way more under-served than CHS.
  6. Well I'm gonna put my two cents in here. I haven't seen this much whining in a thread in a long time. You guys are complaining more than the people you are complaining about. If you guys have a right to complain about the complainers (and you do) then the complainers have a right to their say as well; whether we agree or not. Some of you are crying about people not being open minded and tolerant but aren't practicing those attributes yourselves. I have seen the statues too and have no problems with them, and really like some of them; even took some pictures with my kids in the big wings by t
  7. 1. Landmark - 325 2. Camperdown Office - 250 3. BoA - 228 4. One Liberty Sq - 218 5. Towers East - 192 6. Two Liberty Sq - 174 7. One North - 173 8. One South- 170 9. Poinsett Plaza - 167 10. Aloft Hotel - 167 11. Westin Poinsett - 154 12. Camperdown Appts - 153 13. Phase One 3 - 144 14. City Hall - 141 15. McLaren - 137 16. Grand Bohemian - 133 17. Liberty
  8. Right now it's coming in through my open window; feels wonderful!
  9. Thanks. According to that, the 2020 Greenville Anderson Mauldin MSA is 932,705. The 921 above was the 2019 estimate. Looks like the MSA should go over 1MM by about 2026 or 2027 (unless there is anything to that huge growth in 2020) and the CSA should already be over 1.5MM. Greenville county, if the rate continues, will pass 600k around 2028. Also, by this estimate, the county did indeed gain about 81k since the last census, passed only by Horry's 96K.
  10. I don't think the article is well written. It starts by saying Greenville County added 25,000 last year but does not give a total pop as of 2020. It later gives an estimate for numbers from just 2010 to 2019, omitting last years estimates. It later talks about counties growing from 2010 to 2020 but gives 2019 numbers. If Greenville county grew by 55k from 2010 to 2019 and by 25k last year, that would be 80k, and a much larger percentage than 10.7, or whatever it has. It's all over the place. Interestingly, the 25k would lend creedence to the MSA figures we saw before saying Greenville M
  11. They've already been delayed, it was supposed to be released before the end of dec. Just checked and it's the 7/1/20 estimates that will be released tomorrow. I wonder if those will be baesd off of census results for 2020 as a base or just a continuation of previous estimates.
  12. The data will be a year and a half old, and not worth much. I thought it was supposed to be released tomorrow, May 4th.
  13. Was in DT Asheville today for the first time in a number of years. One thing that struck me was that DT Asheville feels MUCH smaller than DT Greenville, especially with all the expansion of DT G the past decade. Granted, I did not go on a comprehensive tour, but that really jumped out at me, where it did not in the past.
  14. Check out this post. Looks like 19 is the same as before, with 7 already earmarked for 26 total from state.
  15. Sigh. Instead of building 27 projects with 179 apts, why doesn't somebody think to consolidate a few of these and do something unique, groundbreaking, and, you know... tall?
  16. https://www.thestate.com/news/politics-government/article250973144.html 19 MM, same as the earmark for Cola's convention center remodel. Was this the same figure that was discussed before?
  17. Then the 7/1/20 estimates will be released on 5/4.
  18. IMO opinion the verdict is still out on this. There's some great things about the internet for sure, but I'm not sure it has bettered mankind.
  19. Very interested to see the release. Remember, this will just be the first round and others will be added fairly soon I think. We may well not be one of the early airports, but if GSP does not get Breeze in the first couple of rounds I will definitely be very disappointed. No Jetblue and very underserved market. CAE fits the bill for them too.
  20. Where is this taken from? I didn't know anything in Unity Park was this far along. I'm not even sure how to get to unity park.
  21. Kinda agree with this, especially with a family. Why would I spend 500 to 1000 dollars flying to Orlando or Destin (for a family) when I can drive there on a couple tanks of gas? It might save a little time, but by the time you do the airport stuff, go two hours ahead, get bags, rent a car, etc, it doesn't save much time. If it's about tourists, how come we don't have flights to more tourist places (even though we're not one, we might want to go to one)?
  22. Only about 1/3 of pre-COVID numbers came through the airport in Feb, which is about the same percentage we've seen the past 6 months. I'm very interested to see March and April numbers as they should start to show that percentage increasing a bit. With more things opening back up, infection numbers decreasing, and the vaccinations happening we should see the airport numbers noticeably going up very soon. Here are the numbers since Jan 2020: Month Enplaned Deplaned Total Inc/Dec % Feb-21 33,635 32,5
  23. How about that time the Peacock became the 3 story box?
  24. This is just their Allegiant routes. Many are seasonal but still... Allegiant Nonstop Destinations: Austin, TX (AUS) - seasonal; Baltimore, MD (Washington D.C. area) (BWI); Boston, MA (BOS) - seasonal; Chicago, IL (MDW) - seasonal; Denver, Colorado (DEN); Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FLL); Houston, TX (HOU) - seasonal; West Palm Beach (PBI), Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda, FL (PGD); Newark, NJ (New York City, NY area) (EWR); Orlando (Sanford), FL (SFB); Sarasota (SRQ); St. Petersburg/Clearwater, FL (PIE); Las Vegas, NV (LAS); Destin, FL (VPS)
  25. And yet they still manage to be out adding GSP when it comes to new routes.
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