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  1. Inside peek at the county square building https://www.wyff4.com/article/wyff-4-exclusive-an-inside-look-at-greenville-countys-future-administration-facility/40747303
  2. Nicely done. Whenever I think of NBC Nightly news I hear Tom Brokaw's voice (dating myself I guess). I remember him reporting from the Peace Center in 2004 for a couple of nights prior to the Democratic candidate debate. The whole show broadcasted from there, complete with an evening flyover.
  3. I would agree with this too but tourism seems to be the big driver right now. I mean look at PTI and CAE, both similar sized metros to Greenville but with a total void of tourism. If AVL, with a metro of 400k, can get what they have, apparently tourism is what's getting it done, right now anyway. MYB has repassed GSP for passenger traffic and a huge majority of that is during 4 months of tourism when they have directs to 50 destinations. I agree they are not year round sustainable destinations, which are what I'd ultimately want to see for GSP, but it shows that tourism, even seasonal, trumps metro population when it comes to airlines adding routes. The exception seems to be RDU, I have no idea how they have so many flights.
  4. I think the hotel is on the back burner for now but still on the table and on the docket. Yeah we always have poor CAE to help us feel better. It's back down to just 9 airports in just 8 cities (Dulles and Reagan in DC) and Miami being seasonal. The numbers aren't terrible considering the low number of destinations but it's pretty crazy how little options CAE has.
  5. I'm not that certain, lol, I just wouldn't be too surprised if it happened, even if only for awhile. AVL has been adding big time, if that continues it will happen. It looks like their renovation could start this year. Here's what they are looking at. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/news/2022/04/04/asheville-airport-upgrades-buncombe-board-commissioners-approval-sought/7234421001/ Here's another look at GSP's, but it's over a 20 year period.
  6. Forgive me if this has already been posted somewhere but here is an excellent video highlighting the past, present, and a future outline of the airport. Maybe if we build it they will come... I haven't seen it before, only 2 months old and only about 50 views to date but great video.
  7. I get it. But I don't think AVL is THAT big of a tourist destination. I would say Knoxville has more nearby with Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Dollywood, and the smokies just as close as Asheville and TYS hasn't grown nearly the way AVL has and yet is a bigger and newer airport, plus it's a way bigger metro, AND it has UT. TYS still has Frontier but that is about all it has over GSP. If it was just tourism wouldn't TYS have a lot more flights? I couple years ago I would have said AVL won't surpass GSP in numbers either but now I'm not so sure. Edit: I just checked TYS and it does show quite a bit of seasonal with Allegiant. 30 destinations in fact, so maybe it is just tourism? I don't know...
  8. That apparently hasn't stopped AVL from getting new service; 7 gates total! They have 24 destinations listed in their August schedule (4 more than GSP), some of those are seasonal, many on Allegiant only, but still... Here's the entire AVL airport https://flyavl.com/sites/default/files/inline-files/FINAL_terminal_map__2020.pdf I think some of GSPs gates are rarely used and Frontier had one all to themselves so... I mean, Frontier had load factors in the 85-90% range so its not like they were doing poorly.
  9. When I returned it was the same way, the terminal was packed with no where for anyone else and there was a ton of traffic getting out; way too much for an airport that size. I agree that GSP is way ahead... in everything but flight options unfortunately. Asheville has been adding way more routes the past few years; COVID aside, and the traffic counts are rapidly catching up to GSPs. GSP used to have double the passengers (just a few years ago); it is now down to about 30% more. The 12 month rolling total for GSP was 2.1MM, the total for AVL was 1.65MM, so it is quickly catching up. And we're talking about the GSA CSA being 3 times the size of Asheville's.
  10. It means what it says. I think the massing of this building will look out of place for where it will be. The Mill is not right there as you drive down that little main st, it is set back. This building as proposed would overwhelm the other little buildings there. And... I don't like the architecture. I think it would be nice for the village to have a more artistic and character driven feel to it's architecture; there's enough of this boxy modern stuff everywhere else. JMO.
  11. Good points, but be that as it may, they have your Boston flights with 3 different airlines; AA, Allegiant, and yes, JetBlue. They also have destinations like Minneapolis and Vegas. Here is their schedule for August. https://flyavl.com/flight_schedule/august-2
  12. Couple notes on traffic; GSP continues to recover towards pre pandemic levels but a bit below the national average. Looks like May with just over 200k so that is positive. 12 month moving talley was just over 2.1MM; recall 2019 was over 2.6 MM. Surprised to see that cargo continues to be just a tick lower from last year; supply chain issues?
  13. I might be in the minority but I'm kinda glad it did not get approved in it's current form. The project may a be a bit too large for the area, especially at this time when it would be the first new building in the village. I also think the architecture is wrong for the area; it really needs to be a bit more traditional with more character; that modernist stuff will look way out of place.
  14. So just a couple of thoughts after flying from AVL the first time... My, what a tiny airport. I am shocked at how much traffic and how many options AVL has for an airport with just 7 gates. I understand AVL is up for a renovation and expansion and it is definitely needed. I mean the airport was clean and easy and all, nothing wrong with it, it is just time for a renovation/expansion. I understand AVL is a tourist area and all but I am amazed that they have been able to get the amount of service they have with such a small airport. It kinda makes me question the whole idea of airlines being attracted to newer bigger airports; ie, did Wingspan help GSP get any new service? Allegiant even has a small base at AVL. Easy in/out airport! I got the feeling that many people on the flight were actually from or visiting the upstate. I heard one family talking about visiting their family in SC (Greenville) and they are planning on moving here in the next few months. I also overheard people talking about the upstate and mentions of several towns going both directions. I wonder how many people from the flight were from the upstate and the usual percentage of upstate passengers using AVL. This was an Allegiant flight to Denver and MUCH cheaper than United's flight from GSP. Anyway, I guess it's the old bleed problem, people willing to travel for cheaper fares which makes it seem like the home airport has less demand. Allegiant; my first time... fine, no problems. Almost a carbon copy of Frontier which I am good with. I wish Allegiant would expand here, maybe they could give us some of those elusive destinations, but I guess we're not touristy enough. Sigh!
  15. I'm confused with all the McCalister Square stuff; is it being razed or something? What of the University Center?
  16. https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/greenville-south-carolina-hotels-restaurants-bars-shops Overall a good read, but the first paragraph grates on me a bit. They must have looked no farther than the city population numbers; Greenville is not smaller than Charleston and certainly not smaller than Asheville.
  17. WYFF report on this: https://www.wyff4.com/article/site-of-former-greenville-memorial-auditorium-could-help-build-on-entertainment-district/40579469
  18. Here's a lot of good info and more renderings. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/square-feet/plans-for-greenville-sc-gateway-mixed-use-development-gain-initial-approval-from-design-review-board/ I still wish they would give "scheme A" a good look.
  19. Obviously if I, or any of us, had the money to build stuff we'd build it the way we wanted, and maybe those ideas would make for an interesting thread. But we can only discuss things as they are since we don't have that kind of money. The whole purpose of the forum is to discuss developments in our city or state. If we only posted "I'm happy to be getting anything at all" for every development it would be a very boring and brief forum and probably wouldn't have lasted very long. Our discussions show we are interested in the "how, when, and what" of developments, not just the fact they are happening. I tend to be pretty critical of architecture (for example) but that is just me; I also am usually quick to point out I like the scope or quality of a particular project though, and I just think the architecture should match (for example the Bohemian) . Obviously in real life, that's not going to happen much, but it's a development forum so you have to expect people to inject some idealism and personal preference for styles. I've said before I don't care all that much about huge tall skylines, but I would like to see Greenville get a new tallest in my lifetime and redo the Daniel building. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate other development or expect Greenville to be the next Dubai.
  20. Just checked the 100 ft plus thread. The courthouse is 128. 180 ft will put it b/w Towers East and Two Liberty Sq. Still only have 4 buildings over 200 ft.
  21. A lot of buzz about this last year; surely there is something going on behind the scenes. Anything on the rumor mill?
  22. Meh, what is that, about the height of the courthouse? Nothing grand, just more mid rise stuff... BUT ... it's not terrible looking and it's the best proposal we've seen for the site... BY FAR. Bring it!
  23. LOL, this is the epitome of "nickle and dimeing" something. Maybe we'll reach that magic 30 sq mi mark some time this decade!
  24. A gorgeous building, loved it from the start! Actually these pictures show the only imperfection in the whole development ... the turf. It's too perfect looking; thus... fake. I absolutely understand the desire to avoid maintenance but I think a nice true lawn would have been way better looking. Just a small detail and insignificant, but it jumps out nonetheless. Still, it gets a ten in my book!
  25. Two things I really like about these: -The rooflines are not flat! So nice to see this. - They are not brown brick. While I often like brick, I think we've reached the saturation point sometimes; it's nice to see a different style that still looks classy.
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