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  1. It's no secret that the about-to-merge Miller Brewing and Coors are considering Atlanta as its new headquarters. My understanding, however, is that Chicago and Dallas are probably the front-runners.
  2. It sure looked lonely out there all by itself!
  3. Yes, but as some one who works for the Department of Labor and has witnessed the carnage first-hand, I can tell you it's been rather prolonged bump! This all started around 2001 and we're just starting to get our heads fully out of the water, I think. It's still awfully tough out there for alot of people, though, especially those who lack the training and skills for the new economy.
  4. I can see them right outside my office window and they look finished. I have noticed some sidewalk and landscaping work ongoing, however. My co-workers and I already refer to it as "GSU State Prison".
  5. shanthemanatl


    The US Census Bureau estimates around 470,000.
  6. Their administrative offices either have or will be moving to Atlanta. This was announced several months ago.
  7. I agree, it's money well-spent. It's at the Civic Center in SoNo....
  8. I live in SoNo. Yes, I admit it's a bit contrived and cheesy and oh-so "New Yorky". Obviously, it's short for "South of North". I believe the southern boundary is Ralph McGill, the northern boundary is (duh) North Avenue, the eastern is Central Park Place, and the western is the Downtown Connector.
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