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  1. Detroit Photo of the Day

    A rendering of the renovated Argonaut shows the garages removed with a parking lot and some type of building in its place
  2. Detroit General Development

    Great idea let's make projects even more dependent on adjacent parking. So what building(s) should be knocked for the garage so you aren't momentarily inconvenienced. Seriously there's no major city that doesn't face the same problems
  3. Detroit Off Topic

    I love the new sign. The Music Hall is so underratted in terms of its beauty I think it easily has the beautiful exterior of any theater
  4. Detroit General Development

    No kidding they look more like low income housing than upscale condos.
  5. Detroit Off Topic

    Yeah the blizzard of 2000 was a major black eye for the city. Just wish my street would be plowed the first day, they alway seem to take a few days with mine.
  6. Detroit General Development

    The first "mystery project" may have been solved, this lot was fenced off today and looks like work finally started on converting the former Crystal Ballroom into lofts. .
  7. Detroit General Development

    Next to the BC, MidMed is my favorite project in the city. To see the building go from a couple of walls, a few months ago, to today is just amazing.
  8. Detroit Off Topic

    The Downtown Partnership released a market study in Oct here are their findings Larger population base than currently understood. 6,500 downtown residents; and 74,300 residents in downtown and neighborhoods oriented toward downtown. $1.4 billion in annual aggregate income for the residents of downtown and the neighborhoods oriented toward downtown. 80,500 downtown workers, composing 21 percent of the city's total employment.
  9. Detroit Photo of the Day

    That copper didn't just fall off it was stripped.
  10. Detroit Photo of the Day

    I've heard about the HVAC too as an issue for the Met. Forgotten Michigan has interior shots judge for yourself
  11. Detroit Off Topic

    BZA= Board of Zoning Appeals You might want to offer your insight about this over at DY one the forumers lives nearby a got hearning notice for the project. It's titled: DuCharme Place Partners LLC and 1544-56 E. Lafayette( for some reason it won't let me link directly to the thread)
  12. Detroit Off Topic

    You do know they list events on the website? July 14 - Compuware presents The Landsharks Band at 7pm. Rock n' roll beach party kicks off at 5:30pm
  13. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Ilitch really no has excuse not do this to the Fine Arts if the market can support the price to do this in Midtown they do it in a prime downtown location.
  14. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Mid-Med Lofts was mentioned recently Lowell posted this pic of it on DY