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  1. Did I hear that a developer announced something for CSS?
  2. FLKP

    Amway Center

    How about AlamoDome or Air Canada Centre? Amyway is fine
  3. FLKP

    The Plaza

  4. FLKP

    The Plaza

    GRAND OPENING of Plaza Cinema Cafe today at 5:30 No tickets left.
  5. FLKP

    The Plaza

    I believe it is the New NYPD in Plaza. Not sure
  6. FLKP

    The Plaza

    It is so much nicer. Home Theater type seats, wine bar, kitchen, wine bar, art galleries, wine bar, subtle and nice decor, wine bar, patio, wine bar, cheaper admission, (adult $9.00) wine bar etc etc
  7. FLKP

    The Plaza

    Grand Opening = May 28 Pre-Events begin May 25 (I think)
  8. FLKP

    The Plaza

    The two theaters facing Orange Ave have their own wine bar and will be limited to 21+. Theaters range in size from about 50 to about 250. Very well done.
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