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  1. I see Sonic will have a few restaurants in the area by the end of next year. I'd rather have Chick Fil A up here instead but it will be cool to see them expand into a "cold weather" market.
  2. Thrillhouse


    So with the predators being sold, will they move after next season? It is rumored to be in Kitchener, Ontario which is forty miles north of Hamilton and sixty miles west of Toronto. I know that area can support a team, but what would the maple leafs and sabres think of a team moving nearby? Winnipeg and Kansas City are two other spots that a team could move to.
  3. Thrillhouse


    Detroit and Nashville play in a weak division so their point totals are a tad inflated. Playing St. Louis, Columbus, and Chicago eight times a year can really help your record out. I'm not surprised at all that Calgary is in this series, they match up real well with Detroit. I just hope Detroit can get it done this weekend.
  4. Thrillhouse


    Yeah, Michigan got put out by ND in the first round. It pisses me off that the fourth best team in the CCHA got put in a region that played an hour east of their main campus and happened to make it to the frozen four. Can you tell I'm a little bitter? North Dakota should win it all provided that their goalie only play average or just good enough to not blow what the rest of their team has done in the 2nd half of this season.
  5. Thrillhouse


    I know Nashville has had struggles with attendance so I think they would be the likely candidate. Possibly Florida if not the predators. Kansas City has a nice new arena, but do they really need an NHL team? Could they support a team and sell out five years down the road if their team isn't that great? I'd love to see a team or two in Canada or Hartford.
  6. Thrillhouse


    Unfortunatly, the ownership in Boston and *especially chicago have let their teams slide into mediocrity.
  7. Thrillhouse


    Nashville gets Forsberg: Link I think they overpaid but it could be enough for them to win it all this year.
  8. Wow, stuff like this makes me wish that Allendale had things like this when I went there. I can still remember the long walk or rollerblade out to tiny Afterwards coffeehouse on 48th.
  9. Yeah I watched it here in town and all of us are from GR city or in my case, right next to it. I was kind of that most people there didn't recognize the first few buildings. GVSUSean, it was part of a regional ad block only for the viewership of the Western Michigan TV market unless they bought commercial time in the other markets around the state as well during that commercial break.
  10. The commercial was awesome. The people I watched the game with were like "Thats Grand Rapids?" after the first few building were shown.
  11. Thrillhouse


    Some teams might have some key guys injured at times to drag their record down a bit or they may have made a good deadline pickup to make them dangerous in the playoffs. I think goalies are key, maybe the most important componet of any major sports league. Look what Kiprasoff (sp) or Giguere have done in recent playoff seasons. Detroit had Legace last season who was decent but not great and that was one of the main reasons why the wings couldn't get out of round one despite having 124 points last season.
  12. Thrillhouse


    It seems like being #1 in the playoffs doesn't help much anyways. Look at my wings last season 1st round exit to an eight seed.
  13. I was in Warren not too long ago and one of the stores there was getting a similiar remodel that the Alpine one is getting. The two stores looked pretty similiar in parts (before the remodel)
  14. Thrillhouse


    I went to a preds game last year while in Nashville. They have a really nice arena there and it was a good game expierience. Hopefully more people can get into hockey there but its kind of hard to do when there is limited coverage of games outside of your market.
  15. Thrillhouse


    Buffalo looks to be a big contender from the east but New Jersey can never be counted out. In the west, any of Detroit, Nashville, Dallas, Anaheim, San Jose, or a fringe team could win it. Buffalo looks so good right now though.
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