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  1. We have gone over this a number of time. You do not just build a project like this with out first leasing out the space. You need the retailers signed up already to get financing and also in many times you have to have them to even know what you area going to building so it matches their requirements. Leasing up a project of this magnitude take time. Most of the time developers would like to keep as much information secret as possible, most of the time you only find out about the projects because they need some type of approval for due diligence or to move the project along that requires them to file an application that is open to the public. They do not owe you any announcements until they are ready to make them.
  2. you have no idea what you are talking about. It is not on hold stop making crap up.
  3. Ya its been closed for a while, but that doesn't change the fact that Publix has been looking at putting a store in it.
  4. Simon doesn't own the Sear's property.
  5. Boiling Springs HWY 9 store is one of those but that one closed a while back.
  6. From what I understand Harris Teeter was supposed to be part of this project but when Bilo declared Bankruptcy they were afraid the Super Bilo at Verdae would come available and Publix or someone else would take it and out possition them so they would not make their commitment to the project firm and wanted to wait and see if they could get the Bilo so the developer pulled out of the project. I do not know about now but within the last year I know the site remained available for development.
  7. btoy

    The McClaren

    Architecture takes time.
  8. Or you know maybe they are completing the architecture? I do not know if that is the case here, but usually they only have a small portion done when they go to planning for approval, then it can takes months after approval to complete drawings and construction documents needed to submit for permits.
  9. How about you only announce projects as dead that you know are dead? Maybe this is, maybe its not, but just because you do not see things moving forward at a pace that you like does not mean a project is dead. Their are all kinds of things that go on behind the scenes that can slow these projects down, that does not mean they are dead. Often it is the city of the county or the state that stumbling block.
  10. btoy

    The McClaren

    Is this based off anything more than a hunch? Or is it just a wild guess because you can't see what is going on?
  11. This is another great site as well http://scopportunityzone.com/
  12. I wonder if that is Chase. Chase is looking at opening a number of new branches in our market.
  13. btoy

    Woodside Mill

    What is the difference? Gentrification has plenty of positives that in my opinion out weigh the negatives.
  14. These neighborhood associations represent small portions of their neighborhoods. They do not speak for everyone that lives in them. I live in the West End and I can promise you the West End neighborhood association does not speak for me. I went to a few meetings years ago and never went back because they seemed to be against anything good happening in the West End. They would even complain about houses being renovated and fixed up.
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