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  1. 600 East Washington Street

    Land prices have exceed the improved value of many properties downtown we will continue to see buildings like this torn down for new projects.
  2. I am not surprised, it sold at the most recent tax sale so who ever owned it couldn't afford to own it anymore.
  3. GSP International

    I have flown the direct to Chicago and its been a ghost town. Maybe 20% full.
  4. GSP International

    Didn't Allegiant have a Las Vegas route when they first came to Greenville and they dropped it.
  5. The State of Downtown Retail

    Ya, that Staples has been available for Sublease for a while.
  6. There is still working going on at the site everyday, as long as that it the case you guys need to calm down and stop worrying.
  7. New Greenville developments

    I am pretty sure that is the site that Ryan Homes is building townhomes on.
  8. Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    5,000,000 SF is almost 115 acres under roof. That is huge.
  9. Pelham Road Projects

    Didn't RealtyLink just buy the site?
  10. Judson Mill redevelopment

    There are two in Greer, only the Apalache Mill in Greer is slated for redevelopment. The Greer Mill still has some industrial uses. Also, in Greenville the Dunean Mill and Franklin Mill still operate as well. The Franklin Mill is the one just past Mills Mill and is where Palmetto Adhesives is located.
  11. It is possible that the garage is designed to be converted later to retail on that level when more parking is available across the street as that areas gets developed.
  12. New Greenville developments

    much better use
  13. New Greenville developments

    I think it is a public housing project. At least that is what I was told.
  14. BB&T building/lot redevelopment

    The one going up on HIllsborough St. in Raleigh across form NC State is cool. Something like that would be pretty nice.
  15. BB&T building/lot redevelopment

    lidl and Aldi are the first that come to mind. Those are the two I shop at most and would like to see near downtown.