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  1. they could loose their license maybe?
  2. If their was adequate demand for more service their would probably be more service. Just because a few people on this board want to fly to a few select destinations direct doesn't make for enough full seats to run a regular new route to that destination.
  3. its attached to a public parking deck.
  4. isn't Anytime Fitness downtown, off main, and open 24 hours?
  5. Re-naming a street of this size could put a huge expense on thousands of business along the corridor. For that reason along it should not be done.
  6. i assume gman posted a bunch of new photos but none of it is loading.
  7. Cat as in Caterpillar?
  8. article Pay Walled. Does it say what he is renovating it for?
  9. The shooting sports thing sounds interesting and I am guessing the car vending is Carvanna who just leased a distribution facility in Greer.
  10. Maybe Rhett St. has stalled or maybe not, I do not know. But it seems too often the case that people on this board have little understanding of the time it takes to make new developments and new businesses a reality and get assume if it doesn't happen instantly after you hear about it that it must have stalled or be on hold or no longer happening. When in reality these things are complicated and the processes involved often leave the public hearing about them well before the developer or business is truly ready to announce.
  11. Elitist like you are why there is so little affordable housing. People having an affordable place to live is a million times more important than you having something pretty to look at when you drive home for work. There is no reason that multi-family projects outside of the CBD should even be under the purview of the DRB.
  12. No, but its certainly harder to keep rents affordable with unnecessary additional expenses related to aesthetics.
  13. This is a low income housing tax credit development
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