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  1. Even easier would have been to move Thruston through the housing authority site.
  2. Make it right in and right out only and it would be fine. Gas stations do not create traffic they are utilized by the traffic already present.
  3. That intersection needed a new gas station, what a shame it is no longer planned.
  4. I flew direct back from Vegas to Greenville two Fridays ago and it was a much better experience that I was lead to believe I would have.
  5. I had heard they were going to convert that store to a full on Walgreens.
  6. The article says that if the county does back out they can not enter in to a new agreement with anyone else for 10 years. So if this doesn't work out they will not be trying again anytime soon.
  7. it just going to be four houses
  8. Since that article has a pay wall why don't you give us a bit of a summary.
  9. Civil Engineering and Architecture takes time.
  10. That is a copper wire tower in Abbeville and also the current tallest building in SC.
  11. It was added because of Augusta Heights which I think looks quite good. People were upset because it was low income and since the zoning was already in place they instituted design review thinking they could make it too expensive for them to develop. They lost a floor but it still got built, looks great, and wasn't the problem everyone feared.
  12. Definitely an office building then.
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