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  1. C2 does allow for apartments.
  2. Spinx is on the corner at Blacks Rd., The Lowes was to go adjacent to that site but never on that site. The Lowes site has been under contract for apartments for quite a while.
  3. When I spoke to these guys a year and a half ago or so they told me that the initial phases would be supported by surface parking and then over time the surface parking would be replaced with garages as density increases. This plan looks very similar to what I saw so I would still expect that if successful that over time the surface lots will go away.
  4. Spinx does lots of real estate investing that has nothing to do with gas stations.
  5. Yes and demand for BMW's is so high in China right now that is why Century BMW has so few vehicles right now.
  6. Amazon is also in talks to take over JC Penny stores as Amazon fulfillment centers as well. The article I read that if the deal does through that the fulfillment centers will still have a small retail portion for same day pickup.
  7. I hate that they tore down all those large oaks out front. Particularly since the site plan shows that area as a green.
  8. Have we seen what that building is going to look like yet?
  9. Seritage doesn't own all the Stores some of them are owned by Sears Holdings still and were not transferred to Seritage. I am pretty sure that is the case with both the Haywood and Spartanburg stores which have both been for sale for a while now.
  10. Its confirmed that it will be Chase Bank. They are also doing on on Pelham Rd. at 85 where the Hardee's used to be.
  11. It is becoming a bank but not sure if Chase or 5th Third.
  12. I've been passing that sign for a few weeks, wondered when one of you would finally post it.
  13. The price actually went negative today.
  14. When I last met with them they still wanted to do a store, they just wanted to be further North. Not sure what their plans would be these days, its been close to a year and their RE department has changed since then.
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