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  1. btoy

    The Rumor Mill

    Bon Secours just merged with Mercy Health
  2. btoy

    Pete Hollis Gateway

    yes, really.
  3. btoy

    The West End

    Doesn't matter since the project isn't actually planned
  4. btoy

    West Greenville Village

    Why does that matter?
  5. btoy

    Greenville Transit

    the trolly's we have now are a much better idea. they leave flexibility to change routes as needed and as the city grows. Personally I would be very much against that idea. Just would make zero sense.
  6. I think they should have taken the opportunity to expand the CBD as part of this rezoning.
  7. btoy

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    Houses is what the current zoning permits and more importantly it is a use compatible with the Watson Orchard neighborhood restrictions which the one tract between Haywood and Brendan Way falls under.
  8. btoy

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    Houses are also planned along Pelham across the intersection.
  9. btoy

    Augusta Road

    Its not odd, the city thinks the building is part of the character of the area and while they can not use it they want to see the building remain. I bet it becomes a restaurant or bar.
  10. btoy

    Pleasantburg Drive Corridor

    It is my understanding that is Senior Housing through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.
  11. btoy

    Greenville County Square redevelopment

    Someone may have earlier posted this, but I noticed this morning that Cobb Tire has closed.
  12. btoy

    The Gateway Site

    Memorial Auditorium was torn down as part of the financing approval for The Bi-Lo Center. It was to make sure the Bi-Lo center could succeed by removing competition.
  13. btoy

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    It was something that was emailed to me as a PDF.
  14. btoy

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    Also, they have had that store on a list of assets they are looking to sell for months now. Spartanburg store on that list as well.
  15. btoy

    Greenville County Square redevelopment

    those don't work anymore