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  1. btoy

    The Gateway Site

    not every seller will give you the needed time to do that
  2. with the bus its really not all that bad
  3. btoy

    The Gateway Site

    It is typical to get your approvals before you close on a site in case you can't actually build what you want to build.
  4. Simon doesn't own the former Sears.
  5. ya city was caught off guard, didn't realize what an uproar that would be until they had an informational session and a bunch of brokers and restaurants showed up to show their displeasure. I expect while the new change may allow them the design guidelines may make it hard to fit them in new developments. Biggest issue was making sure existing locations were going to be able to keep them through future renovations.
  6. you should buy it and change the facade then.
  7. I love that this looks like Legos.
  8. They drag strip is next door but he doesn't own it. But they do youtuber races with crown vics and burn out comps and drinting and other things are the circle track,
  9. You haven't watched in quite a while then. He owns a circle track in Bradenton which had been closed down and he been holding events there. I am not necessary suggesting him, juts someone like him. https://www.facebook.com/FreedomFactory1/
  10. It would be awesome if someone like Cleetus McFarland purchased it.
  11. I was told months ago they were talking to three grocers and one of them would not allow additional floors above the store. Was hoping that was not the one they went with, but its looking like they did.
  12. The Philly changed pissed me off because I paid $400 extra for a route with the shortest layover that left end of the day and got me to Madrid early morning. Perfect flight. Then they cancel that afternoon flight and add 10 hours of layover and won't refund me for which would have been a much cheaper flight combo and now I miss half a day of work as well. I spent a bunch of time on the phone with them and they were not able to find a single flight combo that would allow me to leave Greenville late afternoon and arrive local time in the morning. So now I am stuck with like a 14 hour layover.
  13. "refusing to start" sounds like the developers are the reason some of these projects have not started. In same cases that may be the case, but they cannot start without permits. I think you are missing how much of the delays are actually the product of delays by the city/county and state, some due to a lack of staff compared to the amount of work and some delays that are an intentional effort to slow growth. You have to remember that a large number of the residents of the upstate and the people that works at the municipalities, counties, and the state are not fans of growth and would be much happier if not a single additional soul moved here, if not a single additional development started. Except for certain chain restaurants off course.
  14. I hope that is the new entrance to Timmons park that they talked about a few years ago. I think they were going to buy the parcel with the shed dealership on it.
  15. Is the neon inside the space? If so, that is why.
  16. Agents aren't known for their efficiency in removing signs. Your putting to much weight on their presence.
  17. yep, its that project you thought was dead years ago
  18. the link is in the comment above mine, but also, this is not the thread I posted this comment to, I had responded to the thread about Mozaic, not sure how my comment ended up over here.
  19. i cant read this article, but I can't imagine what reason their is could be to stop apartments from being built in the middle of downtown.
  20. btoy

    The Gateway Site

    sure between now and then you will tell us this project is dead at least 5 times.
  21. they could loose their license maybe?
  22. If their was adequate demand for more service their would probably be more service. Just because a few people on this board want to fly to a few select destinations direct doesn't make for enough full seats to run a regular new route to that destination.
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