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  1. Check out the work of Boston Consulting Group on this topic. 3 links below. https://www.bcg.com/publications/2017/reimagined-car-shared-autonomous-electric.aspx and
  2. Cool time lapse video from the construction crane of the elevator mass concrete pour. Clicking link will automatically download a 26mb video file from the weekend. 2016.03.05_-_222_Elevator_Mass_Concrete_Pour_Time_Lapse.mp4
  3. Guys, none of this was intended to be "design." Today was Concept Review, not Design Review. The images shown today were contextual massing images, not architectural renderings. That's it. Hang tight.
  4. 328 Performance Hall was at 328 4th Avenue South, what is now the right of way for Korean Veterans Blvd. It was condemned for the road constriction. The Hampton Inn is a part of the same parcel.
  5. They have a site in Nashville that is on the planning commissions next agenda for a rezone.
  6. Very complicated question. For a start see: http://www.nashville.gov/Planning-Department/Community-Planning-Design/Community-Plans/Downtown.aspx and then http://idesigninc.net/mdha/rollingMill.php.
  7. Our firm owns the surface lot as well that fronts KVB at 2nd. I agree that it is better served with development. That said, there is no pressure. Our focus is on the surface lot at 1st and Demonbreun, across from the proposed SoBro.
  8. Our firm owns the adjacent site, the diner is another property. The SoBro will sandwiched in between. Tony transferred the land for the SoBro last summer to Chicago based WMG Realty Holding Company, LLC a Magellan entity which includes Wanxing America Real Estate Group (http://www.tennessean.com/article/20130716/BUSINESS01/307160122/-1/NLETTER04/Giarratana--partners-seal-deal-to-pursue-32-story-SoBro-tower?source=nletter-breakingnews). Lowenberg is owned by Magellan (http://www.magellandevelopment.com/company/affiliates/architectural/). I expect a construction start very soon.
  9. The site is controlled by the Management of the Hampton Inn, not our lease. I was surprised to see it as well. I have not stepped in the business.
  10. Correct. Expect this to be designed with significant sustainability features incorporated. It's hard to articulate all of Frank's vision in a water color rendering!
  11. Thanks for the kind words! I'd love to be the developer and owner of this building, but this is Frank May's project and vision. As neighbors and friends we are working together to bring a quality building to the neighborhood. We have been working with Frank for quite some time to make this building a reality. Our firm has been tasked with Leasing and Management of the building. Collectively we are also working to enhance the walkability of the neighborhood and the streetscape in general. Our collective goal is to really connect this area up to at least Peabody Street and bring together a strong mixed use neighborhood. This portion of 2nd Avenue is tough. If you recall, only a decade ago there was a trash burning plant across the street! It takes a long time and a lot of effort to heal those wounds. Frank is a retired architect who has been serving in a design architect capacity for this building. His good friend Mark Robin has been handling production of the design docs to execute Frank's vision. Frank is incredibly passionate about the neighborhood and I anticipate that this will turn out to be a real jewel when complete! This site is in the historic overlay. It is limited to 85'.
  12. Anyone know the space between the buildings on 3rd St. Promenade listed above? 70-80' of right of way? Can anyone outline anything in the US or oversees that is successful with a 15-30' space between the buildings? I can think of a few places in Spain and Holland.
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