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  1. firemick

    Jacksonville Shipyards

    Here is an update to the Jacksonville Shipyards proposal showing a 1,000 foot observation tower which would be a new tallest in Florida. Attached are a few pictures of the project.
  2. firemick

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    Orlando Biz Journal article.
  3. firemick

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Lake Nona Town Center
  4. firemick

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Hello, I am wanting to get back active on this forum now that it seems the real estate market is heating up. Is there a condensed list of renderings and project info anywhere where I can catch up quickly? I know there used to be a list on here with updated info. Thanks, in advance.
  5. firemick

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Big news from what I hear! I heard someone has offered to buy Orlando Police Department headquarters for a "new entertainment complex" , I guess this is apart of the Magic plan that was discussed today.
  6. firemick

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Thanks!! great blog too btw.
  7. firemick

    Tampa Development Thread

    Hello all, I am moving to Tampa in June and hope to rescucitate this forum. I plan to be active on orlando and Tampa/St Pete's forums. I believe development will start to ratchet up starting this year.
  8. firemick

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Hello all, I would like to become active again here on UP Orlando. I feel like developments will start springing up soon and I need to recap whats been going on the last 6 years. I was very active on here from 2004 to 2007 and than the stall out in the economy happened and I lost interest in this forum.
  9. firemick

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Here is another link from WDWMagic website
  10. firemick

    Other Atlanta Developments

    This is the rendering from the Dunwoody Crier reference the "High Street" project that Boston based GID Urban Development Group proposed on May 8, 2007. This is the NW corner of Hammond Drive and Perimeter Center Parkway. This will be across the street from the latest proposal listed above.
  11. firemick

    Other Atlanta Developments

    Another new development proposed for Dunwoody. This is proposed to go across the street from the 'High Street" project that will have a couple 30 story towers. Excerpt from Article in the Dunwoody Crier; Two 30-story towers with condos planned in Dunwoody Tuesday, July 3, 2007 11:05 AM EDT Moderator's EDIT: DO NOT post entire articles or even large sections of them. Post just a short clipping of about two or three sentences at most. --ironchapman
  12. firemick

    Buckhead District Developments

    This rendering is in the current Southern Seasons Magazine. It is about the Sovereign and is on page 95 entitled "Artfully Designed inside & out". In an excerpt of the article it reads "Soaring 635 feet into the sky..........." hmm, i thought it was 660' Nonetheless, It's a good article. There is also an article about TT & a very cool rendering of Trump Towers Atlanta.
  13. firemick

    Other Atlanta Developments

    Greetings forum, I am new to the area and was very active in the Orlando forum a couple years ago. I was wondering if Martinman can update his Complete list of Projects again to bring me up to speed on Atlanta. I know he was doing that reguarly on that Main thread that was closed awhile back. Maybe just sticky thread it by itself. Its just that there are so many more projects going on here its abit confusing. I know i am exstatic about being here. A city that has a subway type system and MLB etcetra and buildings that can be built over 441" tall(unofficial height limit on Downtown Orlando). I hope to become very active here as well. Thanks in advance and hello all!
  14. firemick

    News on the Ivanhoe, 801 N. Orange?

    1. The Verde (Ivanhoe Apartments) 857 & 899 N. Orange Avenue (from GDC Properties) Yes, the Verde (formerly Ivanhoe Apartments which i liked better) is supposed to go in on the red lot, and will have twin 35 story towers (somewhere around 400-415 feet tall) one of them will be addressed 857 N. Orange Avenue and the other tower will be 899 N. Orange Avenue. Originally proposed to have 244 apartments in each building (total 488) however they did lower the height from 420 feet at twin 38 story towers. I think the current number of units will be 476 apartments. I dont exactly know what the status of this project is lately. I know they are or were going for LEED approval. It is very important that this get built for Uptown's sake. 2. Flatiron Building 1000 North Orange Avenue. (from the Mayan Group) This is the proposal on the blue lot. 435 feet tall at 34 stories and 650 total residential units in a mixed use development. This was summarily approved by the city on April 18, 2006. They still had to get FAA approval due to the height. Unknown on current status but I really hope this gets built as well. 3. The Palace (Orlando Towers) 1030 N. Orange Avenue (from the Dannan Group) Two towers, one being 37 stories and the other being 34 stories tall. This was proposed and approved about 20 months ago but no real movement and i wonder if it is dead in the water. This is located on the property next to the Raddison or Ivanhoe Place Hotel (whatever it is called now)
  15. firemick

    The VUE

    I am really missing, and i hope you guys get it back up and running. I can't wait to see the new site. Keep up the good work UPSDan.