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  1. New Mixed Use Development seems to be getting a green light from the DIA. The Ford on Bay. https://www.jaxdailyrecord.com/article/atlanta-based-carter-is-top-scoring-proposal-for-the-ford-on-bay?fbclid=IwAR1jj_s6EDx60KW3DMVkly-p7XA1VeBYEMEkW0SCdgYT24bTW99QVGys-D0
  2. Orlando Biz Journal article. http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2017/03/02/tavistock-takes-steps-forward-on-lake-nona-town.html?ana=fbk
  3. Lake Nona Town Center http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2017/03/02/tavistock-takes-steps-forward-on-lake-nona-town.html?ana=fbk
  4. Hello, I am wanting to get back active on this forum now that it seems the real estate market is heating up. Is there a condensed list of renderings and project info anywhere where I can catch up quickly? I know there used to be a list on here with updated info. Thanks, in advance.
  5. Big news from what I hear! I heard someone has offered to buy Orlando Police Department headquarters for a "new entertainment complex" , I guess this is apart of the Magic plan that was discussed today.
  6. Hello all, I am moving to Tampa in June and hope to rescucitate this forum. I plan to be active on orlando and Tampa/St Pete's forums. I believe development will start to ratchet up starting this year.
  7. Hello all, I would like to become active again here on UP Orlando. I feel like developments will start springing up soon and I need to recap whats been going on the last 6 years. I was very active on here from 2004 to 2007 and than the stall out in the economy happened and I lost interest in this forum.
  8. Here is another link from WDWMagic website http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/disney-springs.htm
  9. This is the rendering from the Dunwoody Crier reference the "High Street" project that Boston based GID Urban Development Group proposed on May 8, 2007. This is the NW corner of Hammond Drive and Perimeter Center Parkway. This will be across the street from the latest proposal listed above.
  10. Another new development proposed for Dunwoody. This is proposed to go across the street from the 'High Street" project that will have a couple 30 story towers. Excerpt from Article in the Dunwoody Crier; http://www.thecrier.net/articles/2007/07/03/front/dha.txt Two 30-story towers with condos planned in Dunwoody Tuesday, July 3, 2007 11:05 AM EDT Moderator's EDIT: DO NOT post entire articles or even large sections of them. Post just a short clipping of about two or three sentences at most. --ironchapman
  11. This rendering is in the current Southern Seasons Magazine. It is about the Sovereign and is on page 95 entitled "Artfully Designed inside & out". In an excerpt of the article it reads "Soaring 635 feet into the sky..........." hmm, i thought it was 660' Nonetheless, It's a good article. There is also an article about TT & a very cool rendering of Trump Towers Atlanta.
  12. Greetings forum, I am new to the area and was very active in the Orlando forum a couple years ago. I was wondering if Martinman can update his Complete list of Projects again to bring me up to speed on Atlanta. I know he was doing that reguarly on that Main thread that was closed awhile back. Maybe just sticky thread it by itself. Its just that there are so many more projects going on here its abit confusing. I know i am exstatic about being here. A city that has a subway type system and MLB etcetra and buildings that can be built over 441" tall(unofficial height limit on Downtown Orlando). I hope to become very active here as well. Thanks in advance and hello all!
  13. firemick

    The VUE

    I am really missing OrlandoSkyscrapers.com, and i hope you guys get it back up and running. I can't wait to see the new site. Keep up the good work UPSDan.
  14. So now that it looks like the PAC is moving forward. Has anybody seen any renderings, or know of any plans? I know that the CNL building will replace the round building but what does the whole plan consist of?
  15. Article in todays Orlando Sentinel; an excerpt from column with link below for entire story! Buildings may fall for arts Performance center would alter core Orlando landscape Mark Schlueb {sodEmoji.|} Sentinel Staff Writer Posted June 9, 2006 A piece of one of Orlando's oldest churches would be demolished. The city's main fire station would be razed. And an office tower on a prominent downtown corner would come tumbling down. By itself, the demolition of any one these buildings would be a big deal downtown. All three would meet the wrecking ball to make way for a proposed performing-arts center that could be under construction next year. A plan unveiled two weeks ago would place a $376 million performing-arts center on two blocks of land across from City Hall and surround it with private development, including offices, condominiums, hotel rooms, restaurants and shops. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/...=orl-home-promo
  16. firemick

    The Plaza

    ^ Great investigative work JRS1! It would be nice to get accurate heights, number of floors and other details on these projects. The psychosis reference is dead on.
  17. Does anybody have any better renderings or information on the razing of the Mercado for the Aqua Resort? The only rendering to date is terrible. The only thing i am going to miss about the Mercado when its gone is Cricketeer Arms English Pub.
  18. Also, apparently the Ballari has revised thier site plan and renderings. Does not appear to be a new tallest now. Do you want to know more? See Link http://www.amoninvestments.com/
  19. I found another project near 535 & 536. Details as follows: link to page http://www.architecturagroup.com/index.php...ojects/orlando/ The ORLANDO TOWER
  20. firemick

    The Plaza

    I see the old Lynx Bus Station site being redeveloped at 78 W. Central Blvd. Its only a matter of time now for that, however the old Quiznos site NW corner of Pine and Orange..........well thats going to be interesting. Its too expensive of property to build small and too small of property to build big. That is a major eyesore though. I wish that old building did not burn down, because that will be an empty lot for a long long time.
  21. firemick

    The Plaza

    Yes, there was a small fire noticeable from 2 blocks away that was in some wood boards on the top of the Solaire on the north end of the building. In fact thare were embers raining down onto the roof of the Pine Street Bar & Grille building. OFD arrived and quickly extinguished the fire which i believe was contained to a small area up on the roof (the current floor deck) which on the fire radio traffic was reporting the 23rd floor. I dont believe there was extensive damage and do not feel this will delay things too much. The firefighters got up there quick and did a good job but had to work safely. A building under construction (especially a high rise) is one of the most dangerous fires you can encounter as the building does not have all the adequate fire & safety measures like it will have when completed i.e. fire sprinklers, standpipes, working elevators, lighting, exits and so on. The crane had the roof area lit up with those huge flood lights on the boom. But all the floors going up to the top have small 75 watt lightbulbs. I have told alot of the firefighters about this site and OS due to the many projects going up. Hope that wasn't too long winded.
  22. firemick

    55 West

    Can anyone post a better quality, finalized rendering of 55 West. I know the design has changed a few times and the 55 West website does not give any decent renderings. Also can we get a confirmed floor count and height officially. Thanks in advance.
  23. Yeah, lately the Orange County Government has been too busy schmoozing it up with the businesses in "Downtown Orange County" and beefing up services to the I-drive corridor and forgeting about other areas of O.C., I personally don't see this flying but it might get the Counties attention one way or the other.
  24. ^ Yes partially that and Nemours is big with treating children with highly specialized care even if there is no ability to pay by parents. This means Nemours would be competing with ORMC/APH for (indigent care) federal money! The feds reimburse hospitals so many dollars on the amount of non insurance covered and lower socio- economic type patients your hospital treats. I would say that is probably one of the issues. And also hospitals are like any other businesses so this would be competition down the block. Just like McDonalds - Billions and Billions served!
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