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  1. I don't like it, I rather see a skyscraper but I guess developers are down sizing because of the economy
  2. This is the best transit update I've heard so far this year.... thanks for the update. Hopefully the Eastern NC transit routes do the same!
  3. Yep my friend was right Charlotte is a conservative town for sure!
  4. http://news14.com/content/top_stories/5946...bs/Default.aspx "Officials announced the plans at a news conference Tuesday. Between 200 and 300 jobs will be added over the next 2-year to 3-year period. The jobs will focus on clinical research, and positions will be filled as they become available" N.C. Global Campus is growing but I sure hope this thing doesn't effect Wilmington, NC economic growth!
  5. Not to offend any other city in the "Mid-South" but I think Charlotte will become well known around the world. I know NC having a city like Charlotte means big money for the state & global attention. I believe Charlotte needs to create or find something (culture, things to do, or maybe skyline) that separates them from all the other U.S. cities. In 20-40 years Charlotte could become one those cities that everybody wants to move to start a career like.... NYC, SF, CHI, MIA, L.A., & D.C.. Plus its the hub of the Carolinatropolis (for right now).
  6. Yeah I believe some of the early predictions were jokes..... but this all for the sake of having fun! NC by 2030! Raleigh will look similiar to Cincinnati's skyline by 2030. Charlotte..... maybe Minneapolis or ? Greensboro.... maybe (Charlotte of 2000) Winston-Salem..... Louisville, KY or Oklahoma City Durham..... Greenville, SC or Little Rock, AR Asheville..... Smaller Albany, NY Fayetteville..... Chattanooga, Knoxville, or Harrisburg, PA Wilmington..... Charleston, SC Salisbury, NC..... Asheville, NC (this when The Triad & Charlotte development meets) Sanford, NC.... Lynchburg, VA
  7. I'm starting to believe the Smith pull a fast one on Concord (this was all plan out)
  8. I have a idea to make NC more rail transit state. Lets create 1 state Lottery game where all the money goes to the NC transit rail system (light rail, heavy rail, & subways "yes"). You guys would be amazed how people crowd gas station just for 1 lottery ticket (sometimes 20). I'm sure that we can easily clear all debts in about 20 years. or We could create a gambling city in NC that funds transit for the state. I have city in mind Pembroke, NC because it close to I-95 & it has a strong Indian history. We could do all kinds of gambling like horse/dog/Indy racing, Casinos, boxing, UFC (Ultimate Fighting), Bunny Ranch "LOL", & a theme park for the kiddies. I believe it could be the hub entertainment for the Mid-Atlantic, NC, VA, SC, TN, GA, & DC. Maybe these could work?
  9. I hope you guys get your own sub forum, but I hope you have patience because its taking forever for Fayetteville. I mean look at all the development. I guess when the city starts creating skyscrapers then will finally have ours.... LOL If you drive through Fort Bragg, you would be amazed with all the development & in Hope Mills, NC with the future residential density around the Hope Mills Lake (Downtown Hope Mills).
  10. Fayetteville is the next rising star with all the population boom & with all the development along the Cape Fear River. Downtown just open the MEGA SKATE PLAZA which is the 1st & largest indoor skate park on the EastCoast. Also Docks on the Captial will open this fall 07. Soon Fayettevile will be start clearing land for the relocations of Defence Security Companies which NC government will the RTP of security. 2007-2030 Fayetteville looks like going to be very exciting. When Raleigh-Fayetteville-Wilmington Amtrak train gets going the rest of NC will know who the next rising star. I thats all were missing now is a descent theme park.
  11. I feel Miami will look closer to Chicago (now). Houston will just be bigger. Atlanta will have one complete skyline. Charlotte will look more dense. Nashville will look like Charlotte (now). New Orleans will look a smaller Tampa. Columbia will look similiar to late 1970's Atlanta. Birmingham will look like Charlotte. Fayetteville will look Memphis without the pyramid. Greensboro will look like Birmingham. Wilmington will look like Bridgeport, CT. Winston-Salem will look like Louisville. Greenville will look like Austin. Southport, NC will look like Palm Beach.
  12. which Southern State would have the best collective of Skylines in the next 25 years?
  13. This is my opinon of NC major cities will look like 25 years from now. 1. Asheville will look like a smaller Pheonix, AZ 2. Winston-Salem will soon look similiar to Oklahoma City, OK. 3. Greensboro will look like Omaha, NE. 4. Durham turns into Tulsa, OK. 5. Raleigh will look similiar to Birmingham, AL 6. Fayetteville will look like Jackson, MS. 7. Wilmington will soon look like Wilmington, DE. 8. High Point becomes mirror image of Lynchburg, VA. 9. Southern Pines could like Rockford, IL. I came up with thes projections because I feel 25 years from now 15.5 to 16.5 million people will be living in NC.
  14. Atlanta gets all the good development.
  15. Atlanta is so lucky. Watch out for Fayetteville, NC. LOL
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