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  1. Larry G. and Northland got the bid. http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-civic...-headlines-home
  2. http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-civic...-headlines-home Finally, the CDA got something right and awarded the bid to Larry G.
  3. One major problem here. Both of these men have led immensely successful lifes, are worth millions and millions of dollars, and have become truly powerful. A return of the Whalers (NHL version) would make whoever did it a god in this town and state. And i can tell you that both men want to be that guy, without sharing the spotlight. So pick one CCEDA, and lets get a move on.
  4. I'm pretty sure the poster above meant Fuel and BAR WITH NO NAME (not Up or On The Rocks). Fuel and BAR WITH NO NAME are essentially right next to each other. Not like i really enjoyed the place, between thugs and meatheads all over the place looking for fights (and you wonder why 5 cop cars are parked outside), but i don't like seeing any place close. I'm pretty sure Up or On The Rocks is still open, if you check their website. OR, maybe the owner is selling the building, but the lease for Up or On the Rocks is still in place.
  5. Is Up and On The Rocks closed? Or are they just trying to sell the building
  6. I went there after the HYPE party for its opening night. The place is unbelievable. I heard its over 17000 square feet. The one unfinished section is a banquet hall, which is where the old lobby used to be for the bank. Huge Marble Columns, Very high ceiling (30 ft?) and ornate murals on the ceiling (a la the Bushnell). Hopefully one of my posh friends will invite me to some party there when it is all said and done. As for the restaurant, you walk in through giant doors, to a bar area. Then there is a huge amount of table seating along the walls, and small circular tables of 4 in the middle. The door to the bank vault is still there as well. Then you go to the back room, which has a much larger bar area and some seats as well. Wood flooring all around. Place looks beautiful. One table ordered food and it looked great and smelled good too. Met one of the owners. From southern connecticut and they have a restaurant or two down there. Only complaint: Went to see the Yanks Sox game and there were no TVs, but that should change. Should be a great addition.
  7. Have you been by Coach's in the past few months on non-UConn games. The place is absolutely empty. I can't say that i'm that surprised. They don't seem to have a real draw besides UConn games, and with all the other sports bars in surrounding communities (like Rookies and Diamonds), it has lost some of its appeal. I think its terrible, but maybe another bar/club in that space, to make Allyn street officially the place to be at night wouldn't be so bad.
  8. The whole New York/Boston rebuttal doesn't focus on the real problem. The owners in Boston and New York hate the idea of a team in Hartford. They feel that it could mean less television viewers for their local broadcasts (somewhat likely) and less fans/attendance (unlikely-i mean who goes to Boston to see the Bruins). Those two owners will fight like hell against any proposal to move a team to hartford. But if an owner chose to move his team to Hartford with a new arena, it would be hard for the NHL owners to not approve it.
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