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  1. God I love the Russian architecture. Its unlike any in the world!!!
  2. I think Vegas is the most interesting city in America. I am also worried that in 100 years or so people will be visiting vegas as a western ghost town. Water is what every sucessful city is based on. Also congrats on all the upcoming projects, i really hope the best for vegas. I wish that Tennessee could have your depatment of transoportation.
  3. Boston is one of the densest cities for it population i think ive ever seen!
  4. Why should the wealth's money be taken away, THATS what i was taking about. Taking money from the wealth and giving it all to the poor.Thats is NOT the governments job. Thats for people and churches, and funds. I have nothing against giving money to the poor, it just that it is not right for the government. Second, no matter how much money the government takes it will never be enough. More taxes wont help. It will get the government further and further into debt. I know Dave Goetz, the Financial guy of the state( dont know position name), and he says the same thing. More taxes help the state g
  5. Poet, because of Frist the sales tax in Tennessee is now deductible from the federal income tax. If we were to get a state income tax that would not be deductible. They will not deduct TWO state taxes. SSJ, that is one of the stupidest things people say. Im sorry, do you want a communist government where every one is the same. Or mabe we should follow in the footsteps of Muammar Quaddafi. He has made Libya just like you want it. He distributes the wealth, takes away any second home, had laws that limmit your home size, and limmits how much money you have. It really perturbs me when people sa
  6. Isnt it only one line, and dosnt it only run in the arternoon and morning. If so then it wont work right.
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