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  1. Los Angeles had a height restrictions on its buildings since 1904. No buildings over 13 stories. The ordinance was finally overturned in 1958. I think their city hall was the only exception in those 54 years.
  2. I just don’t get it. South Mecklenburg and North Meck same demographics. Didn’t hear a peep from the latter about their toll roads. How did North Meck expect new roads, capacity? The NCDot has stated multiple times it’s BROKE. Then I thought it was southern thing. But Florida, Georgia, Texas cities are covered with toll roads.
  3. Never got the love for Brooklyn. From pictures I've seen and what I've read the Brooklyn that was demolished was a slum that took up a quarter of uptown. Not the Brooklyn of vibrant shops, schools and churches that it was back in the day
  4. I never got why Ed Crutchfield at First Union didn't build One First Union Center, 42 stories, taller. It was only 2 stories taller then NCNB old headquarters, 40 stories
  5. What ever happened to the space that Slugs 30th edition had? I went to a White party there in 1995 when I first moved here.
  6. CSA numbers. So close to 3m and top 20 CSA. Big surprise at Chicago no longer #3
  7. Keep them coming!!! https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/05/27/usaa-charlotte-office-square-south-end.html?ana=TRUEANTHEMFB_CH&csrc=6398&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook
  8. Boricua


    It's a little garrish, a little gaudy but I like it.
  9. Spandrel Development Partners and Atalaya Capital Management are the firms. Morehead and Euclid is the location.
  10. Yeah I work at Presby. They're just rebuilding the gravel lot we used for parking. 6 months to get done. Nothing exciting
  11. Are they not lighting the whole Truist Tower anymore? I've noticed its just the crown lately
  12. How bout 400 South Tryon? It looks looks abandoned at night
  13. Growing up in Fayetteville this is the skyline I remember seeing on my way to catch a flight to San Juan to see my grandparents. Street of Champions, SpringFest, OG Hornets, Bob Inman, ancient Independence Blvd, The Hive. Good times
  14. Urgh 400 South Tryon when will we you lit up again
  15. Isn't outdated that Atrium and Novant have to seek state approval to build hospitals and add beds? Why all the rigamarol to add very needed services?
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