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  1. I had heard the top of the building was supposed to be lit but the energy crises nixed it. Anyone know?
  2. Maybe the building outlined in purple neon?
  3. They are the reason Top Golf is coming to University City. Drive Shack was looking at that property and Top Golf c*** blocked them, haha. Top Golf is in no hurry to build. Late this year before construction starts. Thats coming from one of the top managers at Top Golf I picked up one night while Ubering
  4. Whoa. Interesting. Uhhhhhhhhhhh yeah
  5. Real quick question. How did the Vue get approved in 4th Ward in the first place? A modern residential skyscraper in the middle of an historic Victorian neighborhood?
  6. Anyone know whats up with 400 South Tryon, The Tombstone, not being lit up in quite awhile?
  7. I've read the NBA doesn't want any confusion with a certain part of the female anatomy
  8. Oh I agree completely. I didn't mean specifically at Legacy Union. My bad. I'm just jonesing for a 1000 footer
  9. I think we are LONG overdue for a new tallest. It's been 28 long years since the Bank of America Corporate Center opened and has held the title. I don't want it to break 112 Tryon Plazas record of 35 years as the cities tallest.
  10. Can anyone identity the 3 buildings where the jail is now? Especially the tall looking one
  11. Yes they are. My boy is one of the lead electrical engineers for the MASSIVE building. He's flying down weekly to work on it
  12. Is it the one one left or right?
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