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  1. The airports in the top 3 cities are the reason for their blasé skylines. We're fortunate CLT is just far enough
  2. I thought the setbacks on the BOACC were supposed to be back up and lit by now? It doesn't look as good with just the crown lit.
  3. Wouldn't any flight to Asia from CLT head north over Canada and the North Pole then back down avoiding any AA hubs bigger then CLT?
  4. Picked up an Uber passenger tonight that works uptown. She told me that the owner of the Epicenter is trying to kick all the bars out so he can lower his insurance rates on the place and bring in some major retail. Hmmmm
  5. *Cough cough CCCP* let's get on the ball. It would definitely be a unique Charlotte attraction.
  6. I always thought with our array of neon currently uptown and more coming, a synchronized light show would be AWESOME. Maybe an hourly light/music show. An app to listen to the music?
  7. HOLY SMOKES where did these come from? I thought the Arrowood Station was DEAD for any type of development. Note to self must ride choo choo train more often.
  8. I moved here in '95 I've always used CLT as the city abbreviation. Never heard anyone use it in an obscene way. Now I can't un see it
  9. Another random question. Why isn't this building lit a night? Was it ever lit? Can't remember.
  10. Drive Uber for drinking money. I do work in healthcare, lol. Picked up a Duke employee at DEC. Asked him about new tower. All I could get out of him is the tower will be 40 stories, Duke will consolidate almost all their employees Uptown in the tower, and no one he works with is happy with the design or look of BOAT at LU. "It looks so old and dated".
  11. So Charlotte had a medical school back in the day? What happened?
  12. I could be wrong but wasn't Bob Walton a pedophile Mecklenburg county commissioner? Bill Walton is an NBA great
  13. Never understood the arguments against MLB in CLT. If not now then when. CLT is the perfect market for an American League team.
  14. Does anyone know about a lighting change coming to this building? I was on 77s and looked to my left and saw the very top of the building was lighted in purple.
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