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  1. Urgh 400 South Tryon when will we you lit up again
  2. Isn't outdated that Atrium and Novant have to seek state approval to build hospitals and add beds? Why all the rigamarol to add very needed services?
  3. Looking at how BOACC towers over the rest of the skyline. Even more so when it was being built in the late 80s. What was Hugh thinking about when he built the sucker? Did NCNB need all that office space at time? Was there an office space shortage uptown at the time?
  4. Is it inevitable that the city of Charlotte will one day lose population in most of our lifetimes? From what I found online the city has never lost population since at least 1850.
  5. So the 2nd building wont be a twin of the first one?
  6. Would it have been that more expensive to build the apartments facing the rail line into the tower? Another 10,15, 20 stories would have been sweet!
  7. I cant wait for all that wood to be removed and glassed over.
  8. Charlotte is a perfect spot for an American League Team. Oakland ,Tampa Bay HELLO
  9. Boricua


    What was their reasoning behind lightrail not going into their town?
  10. I had heard the top of the building was supposed to be lit but the energy crises nixed it. Anyone know?
  11. Maybe the building outlined in purple neon?
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