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  1. Everyone have a good pocket knife and a good whittling stick? Looks like we may need to take up another hobby, not much happening in Spartanburg development now.......
  2. And that's why we read the annexation post by Main on Main and go back to, annex these people when you get the chance. The City residence also pay their full portion of County tax, but how often do you see our roads paved by the $25 road fee? The list generated this week, listed no City streets, even though we pay the fee just as the County residence do. Maybe the City is able to take its portion of that fee and choose for its self, but I've never heard if that is true, or not. The best situation I know of is Jacksonville Florida. The County and City limit is the same, so everyone gets taxed the same. We will never achieve that, but the more we can annex the closer you get to that scenario and you gain access to other properties that may someday be desirable to annex.
  3. I had really hoped this one would happen. That old Smith's Drug store is such an eye sore on Main Street and needs to be redeveloped. If this guy chooses not to do the project, I'm afraid we'll be looking at the eye sore for many years to come.
  4. Also, There is a new large neighborhood going in across from the Deaf and Blind School on Hwy 56 that backs up to the neighborhood on Old Caanan Rd. that should be annexed.
  5. The properties that I was referring to for potential annexation are: -The Hilton Garden Inn Westgate- contiguous to the City limit and had to have a new water tap -The Residence Inn Westgate- Same -The townhouses mentioned by Westsider28 -Drayton Mills ( which I understand will be annexed for 2020) should also be used to grab some unwilling neighbors. -Willow Crossing which is diagonally across from the townhouses mentioned above -Another new apartment community adjacent to Willow Crossing -Parkwood West apartment community, which added several large new buildings a couple of years ago beside Piedmont Natural Gas -Tru by Hilton ( this one may be the most difficult, but possibly?) Also, Your are correct on the greatest period of development, but we are still pitiful compared to Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, Asheville, and most other peer Cities at the next level. On the other hand, we are doing great, if you want to compare us to Anderson, Greenwood, Florence, Orangeburg, etc. I think all on this forum want the best for Spartanburg and when things start to slow down or not happen, you will see the frustrations show up here. Also, don't forget that Junie voted no, on the annexation of the apartment community that was annexed anyway. As for Horne, Who knows?
  6. Contiguity can be achieved by annexing public ways and most of the properties I am referring to are only separated by I-26 or a rail road. Its amazing that Welford can annex I-85 all the way to 129 near the Business 85 split to hand out tickets so the town coffers are full and Welford has approached property owner as far up 29 as the Old South 29 drive in, warning them of potential annexation into Welford ( that's how aggressive Welford is) , Greer's City limits look like the tentacles on an octopus stretching for miles down winding country roads, but Spartanburg is unwilling to annex great properties that take little imagination to connect. The property that has agreed to be annexed on the West side of I-26 is harder to achieve contiguity than most I am referring to. Imagine how hard it would be to annex anything by force with these clowns in office. If they can only barely annex someone requesting it , they will never force annexation on anyone. Most other Cities in other States just send you a welcome to Asheville or welcome to Charlotte, etc. type letter and that's it. With the above mentioned case, I think you will see very few, if any annexations for 2020. They'll likely say they are gearing up for 2030 and not do anything and continue to cry about the State laws crippling the City's ability to annex.
  7. They are dropping the ball on this as well. There have been numerous opportunities for the City to annex, but no one seems to care at the City level. The Mayor and Sterling Anderson even voted NOT to annex the large apartment complex on the West side that asked to be annexed. These dead beat position holders have got to go if Spartanburg is to grow. There should be a position at the City that commits a certain amount of time in aggressively pursuing potential annexations and use the laws to leverage as large a grab as possible. Aggressive is a demeanor that is unheard of in Spartanburg at the administrative, mayoral, and council levels. Some annexations will occur just prior to the next census, if they don't forget and screw that up as well, but the majority of developments just happen with no concern from the City. I don't even think that most of the position holders even know that the Spartanburg Water Works deal was cut just a few years back, allowing for the more aggressive annexation. They all wine when referring to the State laws that prevent logical annexation, but given the tool to annex themselves, they are unwilling to make the effort.
  8. I hope 1Spartanburg is wrong, but I think that at least part of what he is saying has validity. I have heard that some of the Cambria investors have backed out because of the long delays in dealing with the DRB and if they had not purchased the property and only had an option on it, they would have walked long ago. I think the costs associated with the Smith's Drug store are causing that developer to not be able to swing this deal unless the City, County, or both can come up with some incentives that might make it work. It looks like the only large scale project that will happen anytime soon, might be the County Courthouse and the 200 apartments behind the Marriott.
  9. This is great news, but adding another 125 students to the enrollment is even bigger. Wofford has a tremendous impact on Spartanburg and growing the school has so much impact on Spartanburg. If Wofford could ever get to 2500-3000 Students ( I don't think they want to) you would see a huge impact on apartments, hotels, restaurants, foot traffic, etc.
  10. Well, I hope they don't pack up and move to Greenville like Hubble Lighting, Pacolet Milliken, CHM2Hill, etc. etc.
  11. Looks like the Tru by Hilton (reportedly) at Westgate is about ready to start framing on the third floor. Exciting to see all these new brands along I-26.
  12. The new Spartanburg Dodge, Jeep, Ram is going there.
  13. It looks like the elevator tower is complete at the site behind Appleby's on the West side for the new Tru by Hilton, if that's what's going up there? Looks like 4 stories, which is a surprise, considering the small site and demand for parking.
  14. I understand its almost full with only a couple of residential units remaining, "it has been very well received". The commercial space has not been leased although there has been a lot of interest. A lot of interest by concepts that are already heavily represented downtown, and the owner will wait a little while longer to hopefully get something that is a little more diverse and desirable. However, if something doesn't develop by Summer, they will go ahead and fill the space with a somewhat less desirable tenant.
  15. Good looking, solid development. Wish it had ground floor shop space and the hotel on top, would add another floor and some height.
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