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  1. I'm hearing rumors that Royce Camp is planning a small mixed use building in the Grain District. It would be smaller than Main and Morgan, but larger than the Wall St. Building. No, timeline for construction though.....
  2. Word is, Sam Shaunbaug is planning another hotel between the Spartan 16 Movie Theater's and the Hilton Garden Inn. He is also planning a strip center across the street on the vacant land beside City Range. Since its Sam, I'll bet it takes him at least 2 years to break ground, maybe more.
  3. -Get rid of the cut through Street (Dunbar) and add pedestrian activity there...... Take Church St. down and under from Nautilus to the BTC and add public space on top. The elevation will work for this and Church St. becomes a no factor for E/W movement. Main St. can stay as it is. Boston had the big dig, Spartanburg could have this little dig to really improve the Church St. barrier.
  4. No tower crane here. The project has already been reduced from 6 stories to 4. I almost hope they just sell the site to another developer and build something more monumental here, its too good of a site for a highway 4 story prototype Inn.
  5. I don't think your going to see any activity on this unless an incentive package is offered. That means another year and four month's approximately? Then the problem becomes, who will get the next incentive package. We all know if George wants it, he'll get it. Jimmy Gibbs wouldn't be snubbed again, but he's unlikely to do anything. So the Cambria would get the third place nod, if the previously mentioned are not in the game. The proposal could dry up all together in that amount of time, if market conditions change or if new Hotel lending dries up etc..
  6. I think this location should be a mixed use project similar to the Aug on Main. That would really help shore up that end of Main St. Then they could make the park on the other side of the Denny's building a park, until the road is redone to allow another building there. Or, they could just put the park where Andrew Babb was going to build his apartments a few years back in the grassed area beside the parking garage.
  7. Yep, terrible service, dirty, with mediocre food on its best day. It will not do well no matter the location, unless they get new management and clean up their restaurant.
  8. Hold on everyone, this project is legit. I believe the rendering is for style, scale and scope purposes, representative of the proposed development. While the rendering may be of another project, It is the model that would be used to base the building in Spartanburg off of. The location has not been disclosed, but I think it could work anywhere downtown that is centrally located. I am getting second hand information, but the contact I have knows the developer pretty well and is confident that they can pull this off. The important thing is, other than this project happening , developers are starting to see somewhat larger projects as viable in Spartanburg. I think the Montgomery Building, Church St. Lofts, and Main and Morgan show that they can be successful. I understand that all three of these buildings are full.
  9. A local developer has proposed this condo/mixed use project for Downtown Spartanburg. It has not gained traction to this point, but hopefully will get the support of the City in the coming months. The important thing is that it represents condo's, not more apartments and would activate a corner in Downtown. While the design is different, it would have to be blessed by the DRB as well.
  10. Everyone have a good pocket knife and a good whittling stick? Looks like we may need to take up another hobby, not much happening in Spartanburg development now.......
  11. And that's why we read the annexation post by Main on Main and go back to, annex these people when you get the chance. The City residence also pay their full portion of County tax, but how often do you see our roads paved by the $25 road fee? The list generated this week, listed no City streets, even though we pay the fee just as the County residence do. Maybe the City is able to take its portion of that fee and choose for its self, but I've never heard if that is true, or not. The best situation I know of is Jacksonville Florida. The County and City limit is the same, so everyone gets taxed the same. We will never achieve that, but the more we can annex the closer you get to that scenario and you gain access to other properties that may someday be desirable to annex.
  12. I had really hoped this one would happen. That old Smith's Drug store is such an eye sore on Main Street and needs to be redeveloped. If this guy chooses not to do the project, I'm afraid we'll be looking at the eye sore for many years to come.
  13. Also, There is a new large neighborhood going in across from the Deaf and Blind School on Hwy 56 that backs up to the neighborhood on Old Caanan Rd. that should be annexed.
  14. The properties that I was referring to for potential annexation are: -The Hilton Garden Inn Westgate- contiguous to the City limit and had to have a new water tap -The Residence Inn Westgate- Same -The townhouses mentioned by Westsider28 -Drayton Mills ( which I understand will be annexed for 2020) should also be used to grab some unwilling neighbors. -Willow Crossing which is diagonally across from the townhouses mentioned above -Another new apartment community adjacent to Willow Crossing -Parkwood West apartment community, which added several large new buildings a couple of years ago beside Piedmont Natural Gas -Tru by Hilton ( this one may be the most difficult, but possibly?) Also, Your are correct on the greatest period of development, but we are still pitiful compared to Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, Asheville, and most other peer Cities at the next level. On the other hand, we are doing great, if you want to compare us to Anderson, Greenwood, Florence, Orangeburg, etc. I think all on this forum want the best for Spartanburg and when things start to slow down or not happen, you will see the frustrations show up here. Also, don't forget that Junie voted no, on the annexation of the apartment community that was annexed anyway. As for Horne, Who knows?
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