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  1. This says the South EAST corner. Which would be the other corner. Not the one that had the old motel torn down a couple of years ago. This would be something new, unless they have identified the wrong corner.
  2. I think its going to be a very good year for downtown Spartanburg and my list would include: -An organized effort to have a baseball stadium located in the Grain District in the next 5 years underway -Jimmy Gibbs breaks ground on the office building at Renaissance Park -A new condo building announcement strictly for sale residential units -Johnson Development begins developing the Herald Journal site -The two boarded up storefronts on Main St. under construction (beside lime leaf and diamond jewelers) -A new City/County municipal building (high rise ) in the design phase -A national or regional restaurant locates downtown -Incorporate Dunbar St in Morgan Square to permanent green space
  3. I'm not sure, maybe tonight.
  4. The front infill area will change to two large rows of windows and the top two floors will be set back and have lots of glass. Its really a great job of transforming this building into its highest and best use......
  5. You will be quite pleased with the look. It will be an awesome addition to downtown.
  6. By adding 2 floors, for a total of 6 stories
  7. Here's what I know. Royce Camp's building on the corner of W Main and Daniel Morgan is underway 30 units Bishop Furniture will start the first quarter of 2017, also adding two floors to the building 45 units The Montgomery Building, Hopefully first quarter of 2017 72 units Florida developer looking at renaissance park 200 units Total 347
  8. One big spoiler for the convention center was the new Richardson Indoor Coliseum at Wofford. There would be no competitive venues for a new baseball stadium.
  9. You also have the BB & T, BMW, Piedmont Natural Gas, Duke energy etc. etc. corporate sponsorships that get you the dollars necessary to build and sustain these parks. I think its BB & T park in Charlotte. How much did they pay for the park to be named that? You also have the Piedmont gas section in the outfield etc.. The ownership has to be clever in marketing and drawing groups to the park as well. Also, remember you were trying to draw people to Duncan Park in the 80's and 90's. The difference in a downtown location would be huge.
  10. I would be ecstatic with either. I think this development would have a greater impact on Spartanburg than any other development. I think either site is great and this community has to find a way to make this happen. If not now, at least in the next 4-6 years.
  11. They likely said something like, three more floors will be added (to what is there now). I don't see adding floors without foundation and column modifications.
  12. I'm disappointed that you have a roof top bar with no view. Why didn't they make the building two stories or at a minimum raise the elevation so that you could actually see around downtown? It's not what I had hoped for, but still a nice improvement for downtown.
  13. However this is paid for. I think its critical to take the time necessary to investigate the possibility of combining not only the County Court House and City Hall, but also the County administration building. Added space to lease out to attorneys is a great idea. The added space could be leased out in the early life of the building, but if the County needed additional space in the future, they could simply not renew the lease space and take that over as necessary to meet the needs of the County or City.
  14. I'm afraid with our County leaders, we'll end up with some sort of crap. I would hope that the space needs study would consider combining the Administrative building too. Its in just about as bad of shape as the Courthouse.
  15. Yes, Main and Liberty. Possibly 38 apartments with two added floors for a total of 6.