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  1. I noticed that one of the old Spartan Grain Buildings was being torn down behind the AC Marriott today. It is likely just an effort to clean up the site, but still good to see that portion cleaned up. This site needs some serious attention.
  2. The DRB drags out these projects way too long. The Cabana Inn and the Travelodge would still be eyesores if they used a different color brick, a few windows were changed or the building was set back another 6 feet from the Street. The changes the DRB is requiring is wearing out this developer without significantly improving this project. I don't understand why they can't approve construction with a foundation permit and begin work while fine tuning color choices or small items before a final permit is issued. Lets not forget that the DRB approved a 10' concrete wall around 2 acres of the AC Marriott parking and a swimming pool on Main St. They also approved storage containers on Main St. for the Freight yard. Well we know about that developer and why it was approved with little discussion don't we.......
  3. The DRB beats these projects to death. I don't think they realize or care how much you have to go through to do one of these projects. You have to meet Building code, urban code, fair housing, ADA, Fire Code, Franchise requirements, etc. etc. Then the good ole boys at DRB want to kick you around for 6 months. I think they do as much harm as good in many cases.
  4. I hope they have good security. Theft plagued the last store and I anticipate the same problem will exist if measures aren't taken to prevent it.
  5. I like it! I just hope the DRB doesn't nick pick it to death for months and wear out the developer, like the Cambria.
  6. I think Spring Hill or Hampton would do well, but I think having a Hilton brand to offset the Marriott's already there would give the nod to Hampton Inn. Hoping this one get built! Exciting news.....
  7. That's a great site for an apartment community. The total of new units in or around Downtown is getting impressive. -Cannon site 120 -Behind Marriott 200 -Bon Haven 160 -VCOM 36 (approximately) -VCOM 2 60 (approximately) -Andrew Babb 18 -Magnolia St. 60 (55 years and older) 654
  8. Congratulations to our fine City Council who finally Drayton Elementary School. No benefits from population or tax base, just another drain on City services (fire and police protection). I guess the argument of not annexing single family homes should be out the window now. Still no word on annexing anything of benefit. Just great....
  9. I just saw a tv commercial with a Greenville City Council member urging all citizens to be counted in the Census. That's the difference between Greenville and Spartanburg. Greenville has always had good progressive leadership and Spartanburg has always had bad leaders who want to palm press, act like their it, and don't do squat. Larger numbers of Citizens equals more federal dollars. If our Mayor fought so hard to get the annexation option with the Water Works, why doesn't the City do something with it and why doesn't the Mayor, City Manager or Council care now?
  10. I don't know, but none of the mentioned properties have been brought before Council. I'm not sure who at the City is responsible for getting them on the agenda, but I would expect the City Manager is responsible. Its interesting that none of the Council members appear to have a clue or care about this issue either, as they should be pushing this, asking questions, and moving to vote. They seem to only show up and address concerns brought up and presented to them by others. NO proactive Council members that I am aware of.....
  11. What a great group of Council members, Mayor and administrators. Also, what about all the other grabs that were discussed several months ago? You guessed it, not a single one has been brought in. We should just vote to dissolve the City of Spartanburg and let it go back to the County.
  12. It appears that the City has failed to annex Drayton Mills for the 2020 census. Looking on the County GIS the area has not been shaded which would indicate that it is in the City limits.
  13. This one is dead. The developer has now moved his family to Greenville and has no pending plans for the site.
  14. I think that Upstate is behind this Convention Center. Their Gym is in need of replacement and a Downtown arena appeals to them. It could be used for other events as well, such as the SoCon tournament, concerts, shows of all sorts. I hope they get it done. Downtown is lacking anything that can draw large crowds.
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