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  1. spartanburgh

    The Future of Spartanburg's Downtown Memorial Airport

    Plus the stupidity of using asphalt instead of concrete.
  2. spartanburgh

    Old HBJ Lot

    This project along with the 200 apartments, the Montgomery Building, and Gibbs office building ( if he ever does anything) will shift the momentum of Downtown development form the West to the North. Anticipating the renderings and hoping for a quick start.
  3. spartanburgh

    Old HBJ Lot

    The office building that was proposed there had a relatively small four story parking deck on the back of the building. They could also connect to the parking deck via a pedestrian bridge. The site is also large enough to put parking under the hotel.
  4. spartanburgh

    Old HBJ Lot

    That would be an awesome development! I think if they do an aloft or similar it would still leave the door open for a Hampton Inn & Suites or similar brand. I have always thought that site should have a building with a similar height as the Montgomery Building.
  5. spartanburgh

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    I agree 100%. Sure hope Todd runs again next time.
  6. spartanburgh

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    Its supposed to get 20 apartments on floors added to the building and street level shops on Magnolia, with under building parking. Subject to costs.
  7. spartanburgh

    Spartanburg Off-Topic

    Chris doesn't possess the skills necessary to work with developers. I've been in meetings with him that would not have turned out well if not for Ed intervening.
  8. spartanburgh

    United Community Plaza (S Pine & E Main Mixed Use)

    This building is apparently a one story building with about a thousand feet of mezzanine or second story section for the bank, with all else one story. The façade is designed to look like a two story building, but IMO this is a big disappointment for this site. I do agree that it is way better than what was there before, but still a let down for such a prominent site. However, for the continual reference to this multistory development is a bit of a joke.
  9. spartanburgh

    Spartanburg Off-Topic

    Chris Story would NOT be a good City manager. Hopefully, they will find a dynamic go getter that will make things happen.
  10. spartanburgh

    Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    Not impressed. This should not be approved unless they can get the 200 units in a couple of buildings and leave opportunity for other development. 10 years or so ago, a group proposed a condo building here that was 6 or 7 stories and had about 70 units in a really small foot print. A couple of those would work.
  11. Brick will begin on the rear elevation in mid November. Exterior mechanical penetrations must be installed prior to veneering the exterior. Windows and doors should be installed in the next two weeks. Also, I understand that Royce Camp is already in the planning stages of another building downtown that would be very similar in scale to the Wall St. Building. That one should start soon after this one finishes up.
  12. spartanburgh

    AC Hotel on West Main

    Such a beautiful hotel, but what if they could have had shops past the hotel in each direction toward the train tracks and toward Kennedy St.. A two story wing in each direction with the pool set back a few feet and a two level parking deck instead of the horrific concrete wall that boarders the property could have made the Grain District so much more alive and awesome. There are so many small shops looking for space with no where to locate. They could have easily had 3 small 1000' shops on Main and 3-4 along Daniel Morgan even with a drive thru for the porte cochere.
  13. spartanburgh

    New County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    Interesting that there has been no push to inform the voters of the implications of a no vote on this. If the one cent sales tax is turned down, the County will likely use property taxes to build. I would much rather pay the 1 cent sales tax that everyone would have to pay and would automatically drop off when the debt is fully funded by the tax.
  14. spartanburgh

    Bon Haven to be demolished?

    Very, very sad. I also was informed that Dexter had taken Federal funds to help preserve this building in the last few years. I would love to know who would need to know at the Federal level to investigate. What a disappointment he should be to the Cleveland family.
  15. spartanburgh

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    I agree with you Westsider. The Super Lodge has good potential to be converted into something positive. The other two really need to go.