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  1. AC Hotel on West Main

    Such a beautiful hotel, but what if they could have had shops past the hotel in each direction toward the train tracks and toward Kennedy St.. A two story wing in each direction with the pool set back a few feet and a two level parking deck instead of the horrific concrete wall that boarders the property could have made the Grain District so much more alive and awesome. There are so many small shops looking for space with no where to locate. They could have easily had 3 small 1000' shops on Main and 3-4 along Daniel Morgan even with a drive thru for the porte cochere.
  2. Interesting that there has been no push to inform the voters of the implications of a no vote on this. If the one cent sales tax is turned down, the County will likely use property taxes to build. I would much rather pay the 1 cent sales tax that everyone would have to pay and would automatically drop off when the debt is fully funded by the tax.
  3. Bon Haven to be demolished?

    Very, very sad. I also was informed that Dexter had taken Federal funds to help preserve this building in the last few years. I would love to know who would need to know at the Federal level to investigate. What a disappointment he should be to the Cleveland family.
  4. Downtown Projects & Developments

    I agree with you Westsider. The Super Lodge has good potential to be converted into something positive. The other two really need to go.
  5. Downtown Projects & Developments

    Some great news about the intersection of Pine St and E Main. Two of the three remaining hotels at this intersection are supposed to close to new ownership this week. The plan is to tear them down!!! One to go.
  6. The one big one that stands out to me, but will not likely return is Security Finance. Cafe' Enterprises, The Capital Corporation, First Piedmont Federal, Gibbs International are smaller, but could have an impact on Downtown.
  7. The Grain District

    It looks like a new skin on the old building? I understand that there are issues with the soil on this site for new construction. Hopefully this want pass and something much better will come of this site in the future.
  8. Downtown Projects & Developments

    The dirt pile is being pushed off to make a green space.
  9. Bon Haven to be demolished?

    Dexter Cleveland has a grudge against the City of Spartanburg and he isn't going to do anything that is good for Spartanburg. Its sad, but Dexter hasn't made a good real estate decision with any of the properties that he has inherited, but will remove the last prominent family structure that he can to spite the City. That north side property isn't likely to sell even with the house gone. The Hospital has more than enough land to develop all that it intends to develop and all others wouldn't be stupid enough to open anything there. We all remember the drug store across the street that had to close because of so much theft, the Burger King etc., etc....
  10. Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    The construction fence went up around this building today. This one is underway now too....
  11. Bon Haven to be demolished?

    Another historic site with so much potential goes to waste. Dexter Cleveland is making a huge mistake.
  12. AC Hotel on West Main

    Wakefield needs to go and the park should be located there. The stream would be the focal point running through that area and would be an extension of the Butterfly park at VCOM. The top of the hill should be new housing that would be attractive for professionals. It's likely a long way off, but moving Wakefield is key.
  13. The Montgomery Building

    Great news!! So happy to see this building renovation happening.
  14. Downtown Projects & Developments

    I agree, that site is about 9000 Square feet. The foot print would be about the same as the new Marriott. It would be perfect for a mixed use building right on Morgan Square. I've always thought that the 1 Morgan Building was terribly designed. It takes up the entire North end of Morgan Square and adds no retail, residences, restaurants, or activity to Morgan Square.
  15. Its finally going again. It was held up about 5 weeks to relocate several utilities along Daniel Morgan Ave. It should move along a little faster now..