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  1. Greenville Transit

    I'm suprised that i'm the first one to post about this: -Bus service could expand from clemson to easley to greenville
  2. CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Magnolia Park Town Center

    Here is the site plan map: and here is info about the project:
  3. CU-ICAR/Millennium Campus

    I like Sanford. I don't know why you guys don't. Is it because he's white?
  4. New Greenville developments

    Here's a very good new develoment we already know about:
  5. Bi-Lo Center

    All I have to say is the Bi-Lo Center is in deep trouble.
  6. CU-ICAR/Millennium Campus

    You are correct.
  7. Bi-Lo Center

    The only way I see them saving the Bi-Lo Center is them getting another minor league team for any sport, raising taxes, or getting a lot more concerts.
  8. CU-ICAR/Millennium Campus

    I respect your opinion, even though I might contradict it. I like Mark Sanford, but that's just my opinion.
  9. CU-ICAR/Millennium Campus

  10. Greenville Photo of the Day

    Woah. Now that's what I call Green-ville.
  11. Easley-Powdersville Developments

    I haven't been to Easley in years, so I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I didn't even know Easley had a Publix and where is this Saco Lowell site anyways? How far is it from Rocky Springs Baptist Church, I think that's what it's called? It's that huge church on the left side of Highway 123 when you go into Easley.
  12. GSP International

    Low-cost carriers:
  13. Greenville Photo of the Day

    -Sorry about the quality and size; kind of an old pic
  14. Greenville Photo of the Day

    It won't be me, because i'll be out of town too.