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  1. tonight i've been reading my old posts and those of the others on here when this forum was alive. i've gone through a period during which i've lost interest in...well, pretty much everything. i am hopeful that i am slowly emerging from that. i tentatively foresee a gradual crescendo in my activity on here and elsewhere, as i start to remember myself again. sorry for going AWOL. is there life? *ping?*
  2. i watched from the top of the kirklin clinic parking deck - eight stories (i think) up and a block away. the implosion drew a diverse crowd - perhaps watching stuff get blown up is one of the only events left in our culture that can unite people from all walks of life, from emo kids to homeless sketchbombs to families with children. many viewed the bang from the liberty national parking deck or the roof of the kirklin clinic itself (i guess the latter had some permission to get up there at 7 a.m. on a sunday - news crews mostly shot from the kirklin roof, as well as the deck where i was standing.) it was interesting and loud. the wind was strong - my guess is in the 20-30 mph range - and that helped dispel the debris cloud quickly. i'm glad i wasn't atop the liberty national deck, because the cloud went straight for those guys like a swarm of hornets. it was interesting to watch the narrow south wall separate from the rest of the structure and collapse at an outward slant toward the street. it nearly took out a light pole and, from where i was watching, appeared to land partially on the sidewalk. a day later, that area looked okay, so i guess it was just my untrained eye. i like to think that i can stand in greater awe of the things mankind does to bring ideas into existence, as opposed to just blowing matter back to unformed chaos, but i have to admit watching (and hearing) that structure collapse was an impressive moment.
  3. seriously! we can take pics and do a time-elapse collage. that building's CLOSE to the street for them to choose implosion over the wreckin' ball. guess the surrounding area will have to be shut down for a few hours.
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