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  1. jfmecca

    The Edison

    Very exciting! Any word on whether it's 39 plus the top?
  2. jfmecca

    The Edison

    Was the project actually presented to the city today like the article claims? Seems like that would be the kind of story that the N&O or WRAL would update on their websites in the afternoon. Either way, I'm excited to hear about more vertical growth downtown.
  3. I drive the 64 bypass to 440 and get off at Wake Forest Road every day. Most days it's slow, and about a third of the time, it's a crawl. There never really seems to be a good reason for it. Occasionally, there's an accident that stops everything back to Poole Road, but most of the time it's just heavily congested. No matter how heavy the traffic, the 64/440 merge is nearly always a mess. Everyone coming off of 64 is trying to merge one lane to the left, which happens to be the lane where everyone seems to be trying to merge right to get off at New Bern Ave. Coming home, I usually get a smooth ride that takes under 15 minutes. Once 540 opens, I'll be able to take that from 64 to Capital, and then head down Old Wake Forest Road. Probably won't cut my travel time much, but it'll certainly make the trip less of a headache.
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