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  1. erm1981

    South Carolina's population growth

    Hey bud. Yeah I was absent for quite sometime. When i got done at Clemson I moved to Charleston the same year (2010). Every since then it has been growing like crazy. Ive been through downtown Greenville a few times in the past few years and have also been amazed by the progress. I really miss Greenville sometimes. Guess Im more of a mountain guy then a beach guy but we have to live somewhere.....right? I do know Charleston like the back of my hand now so thats a good thing.
  2. erm1981

    South Carolina's population growth

    The drive from Mount Pleasant to Summerville everyday has a been a bear since the Wando Bridge went down. I can believe those population figures. Definitely "feels" like it. I was born and raised in Greenville and moved here 8 years ago. Since then the growth has been on hyper drive. I remember Greenville struggling around 56,000 back in the day. Good to see the home town booming.
  3. erm1981

    South Carolina's population growth

    Ive had a few subcontractors from Charlotte here in Charleston area and they tell me we are building more here right now then in the Charlotte metro.
  4. erm1981

    Downtown Developments (North of Calhoun)

    I will try to snap some updated pics next time on my commute from Ladson into Mount P. Growth is crazy here. Everywhere you look there is construction. I grew up in Anderson, SC and moved here 8 years ago. Pretty wild how fast everything is changing.
  5. erm1981

    Ingleside Tract project

    I need to get over that way. There is a lot of different projects getting built / accomplished in the Charleston MSA at the moment.
  6. This might have been posted already but I believe this project is heavily under construction at the moment. 4500 acre site plan. I see a 4-5 story building rising from I-26. The master plan seems to also be calling for a new exit 197 to be implemented. Tell me if the following link is accurate: Nexton Project. ------- MeadWestVaco. location_path_of_growth_caption.pdf
  7. erm1981

    charleston metro projects

    Here are some more apartments being built not to far from Boeing / Palmetto Commerce Parkway on Patriot Blvd. They are in construction phase.
  8. erm1981

    charleston metro projects

    This apartment complex just finished construction in Summerville. Its quite large. Link 5300 Patron Place Summerville, SC 29485
  9. erm1981

    Charleston Transit | Commuter Rail, Light Rail

    I just bought a house south around Ladson so thats good news.
  10. erm1981

    James Island Reincorporation

  11. erm1981

    South Carolina's population growth

    Not seeing Newberry getting added anytime soon. Seems like quite a bit of distance between Columbia and Newberry every time I make the trip from Chas. to Anderson to see family. Much more than between Anderson and Greenville
  12. erm1981

    South Ridge (Church St. and University Ridge)

  13. I deal a lot with utilities now with my type of work, and with what I know about directional boring it would not be to hard to bore the power lines under the sidewalk/behind the sidewalk and have stub outs up into transformers. Just do one section at a time.