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  1. erm1981

    South Carolina's population growth

    Low Country growing like crazy as usual.
  2. This will be Summervilles tallest building at 8 stories. Currently under construction. See link below :
  3. erm1981

    Downtown Developments (North of Calhoun)

    Thats all you G-man....
  4. erm1981

    St. Jasper Redevelopment

    12 story's. This thing has to be at the height limit for Charleston.
  5. erm1981

    The Magnolia Project

    Yep. Sure is!
  6. erm1981

    The Magnolia Project

    Here is a pic going into Mount Pleasant this morning. One wreck caused a massive backup.
  7. erm1981

    The Magnolia Project

    I worked on the road widening in Mount Pleasant on Jonnie Dodds and a few other large road projects when I moved here from Greenville 8 years ago. While Greenville has a lot of people the layout of Charleston is so different in a not so convenient way. Charleston has the linear east to west commute from Summerville to Mount P. If any thing happens it cripples the other infrastructure. Lots of water also makes it more expensive to build new roads. You must have lots of elevated roadways. It's a challenge I hope the area can overcome but the population boom has not helped. Atlanta is a good teacher that extra lanes dont always work to your advantage. Charlotte did a good job planning its light rail system(dont talk about 485 though lol). It was on the news the other day that Charleston was trying to implement a bus rapid transit system by 2025. Maybe there is hope?
  8. erm1981


    That's going to be a sharp looking building.
  9. erm1981


    Its literally like take one crane down then put it back up across the street. Pretty wild.
  10. erm1981

    The Magnolia Project

    I have never seen anywhere in South Carolina grow like Charleston has since Ive been here the past 8 years. I think its similar to Charlotte in the 90's / early 2000's
  11. Driving around yesterday I took some construction pictures downtown. These sites were seen from Hwy. 17/ I-26/Calhoun. MUSC Childrens Hospital is really large and stands out along with the West Edge site. The area around Meeting Street near i-26 is littered with overhead cranes with a couple of large projects coming out of the ground.
  12. erm1981


    Heres some i took yesterday from Lockwood. Yes its a very large project.
  13. erm1981

    The Magnolia Project

    Crazy how long this has taken to go somewhere.
  14. erm1981

    Courier Square

    Its really large and looks great. I need to snap some more pics of things going on here. Shame on me.