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  1. 16 hours ago, vicupstate said:

    I agree it is hard to see N. Charleston passing Charleston, but I could see Mt. P doing so at some future point. 

    Okay so I figured I could chime in here to give you guys a Ladson guys perspective.  Most of the growth in Charleston is now occurring around Summerville and Berkley county.  However there are many large apartment complexes being built around North Charleston.  Quite a few are off I-26, and they are building a very large one over near Dorchester Rd. And Cross County Rd.  

    I really think the hottest spot in the Charleston metro over the next 10 years will be the Nexton area, especially with Volvo moving in just up the road from there.  Exit 194 area at Jedburg Rd. is booming and they are fixing to widen I-26 through that stretch of road.  Real estate is just much cheaper in this area than around Mount Pleasant or downtown Charleston so there has been some migration within the metro as well.  

    I officially live in Ladson, SC which is an unincorporated area between North Charleston / Summerville but has also seen a crazy amount of growth.  Being from Greenville originally I always likened the land in Ladson(palmetto commerce highway) to being similar to the land in Verdae development.  Sitting for all those years and is now getting developed.  

    In summary it's very possible that North Charleston might pass Charleston in population which would indeed be strange to look at on paper.  I think Mount P. Is more contained and according to their building department will cap out at around 115,000 people.  We will see and it does seem that most of Mount P.'s growth now is to the north towards Myrtle Beach and also up Highway 41 where a widening project is in the works.  There have also been some fairly large infill projects on Johnny Dodds Blvd. And Coleman Blvd in recent years.  The area is changing rapidly from when I moved here from Greenville 10 years ago.  Almost too much growth really. 

    Just a local perspective.  Sorry if I rambled on too much.

    16 hours ago, ZUMAN2 said:

    Perhaps I'm being a homer, but I don't see N Charleston surpassing Charleston.    Charleston, although annexations have greatly slowed down, still has thousands of undeveloped acres inside its existing city limits,  not to mention future developments such as Magnolia and Laurel Island.  N Charleston passing Columbia could happen I suppose but that would be closer to the 2030 census.

    Really need to first see the 2020 census comes out to get a better picture though.


    ^^^This too.  

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  2. On 5/22/2019 at 1:15 PM, krazeeboi said:

    I'm surprised Charleston approved such a bland color scheme for this project. 

    The Publix on the ground floor is quite nice but doesn't seem to get a lot of traffic. 

    It looks better in person....does that help? :-)

  3. 5 hours ago, vicupstate said:

    City Census Estimates are out.  

    Charleston, Greenville and Summerville saw meager population increases last year, and Columbia — which used to be the state’s largest city — saw its population decline for a second consecutive year.

    Both North Charleston and Fort Mill gained just over 2,300 residents in 2018. North Charleston is the state’s third-largest city, and those new residents raised the city’s population by just over 2 percent, but in Fort Mill that was a more than 13 percent population increase in a single year.

    Fort Mill’s population has climbed an estimated 69 percent since 2010  

    • Mount Pleasant: 2,591
    • Fort Mill: 2,314
    • North Charleston: 2,305
    • Bluffton: 2,301
    • Fountain Inn: 1,365
    • Rock Hill: 1,296
    • Hanahan: 1,214
    • Conway: 1,204
    • Myrtle Beach: 1,173
    • Greer: 1,036
    • Goose Creek: 1,013

    Charleston gained fewer than 500 residents while Columbia lost more than 400. Greenville only gained an estimated 295 residents in 2018, two years after that city was estimated to have grown by more than 3,500. 

    The most rapid growth in the Charleston metro area, 2010-18:

    • Moncks Corner, 47%, from 7,753 to 11,419
    • Hanahan, 43%, from 18,071 to 25,765
    • Mount Pleasant, 31%, from 67,961 to 89,338
    • Summerville, 20%, from 43,078 to 51,692
    • Goose Creek, 17%, from 36,668 to 42,841
    • North Charleston, 16%, from 97,939 to 113,237
    • Charleston, 13%, from 120,911 to 136,208

    This is pretty accurate from my view of what's going on around Charleston metro.  Heavy growth in the northern areas of the metro away from the Ocean.  Berkeley county where the large neighborhoods of Cain Bay and Nexton are and it's also a short drive to the Volvo/Mercedes Plants.   A lot of businesses here have moved from Mount P or West Ashley to the North Charleston area for beneficial reasons and purposes.  What will be funny is when North Charleston passes Columbia as the states second largest city lol. 

    Another thing that is interesting is Hanahans growth.  I lived there when I first moved to Charleston area.  It mostly lies in Berkely county but is very close to North Charleston city limits.  The rail road tracks seperate the counties near Rivers Avenue in North Chas. So I can see why that area has grown so rapidly also.  It's near everything and close to North Chas. City limits.    Interesting.

  4. On 5/13/2019 at 9:52 PM, motonenterprises said:

    10 years ago is quite a while. Things have changed in lots of places in that time. Including Greenville. If anything Charleston being landlocked and maybe having less roads could contribute to this more congestion feeling. Greenville county has 514k people alone. So I wouldn't think it was necessarily a population thing. Unless they just haven't upgraded the roads.

    Im sure I come to the upstate way more than you come here.

    I drive though Greenville every couple of weeks.  Recently went up I-385 and saw the nice new big interchange with I-85(  I keep up with Gville heavily)  My family is still up there.  It's really l not that bad IMHO after dealing with traffic here.  Are you saying you want Greenville to have Charleston like traffic?  Please dont wish that on anyone!  I can pretty much go wherever I want to in Greenville freely whenever I'm there during the week or weekdays.  I do agree the road network is better in Greenville and Columbia.  We have all these obstacles here when it comes to building(I'm in the construction industry myself.)  I worked on a 80 million dollar expansion and widening of Johnny dodds Blvd in Mount P. when first moving here in 2011-2012.  Its 6 lanes way up past McCllenville now but it backs up horribly.  The new Nexton interchange just opened up at exit 197.  Bacons bridge rd through Summerville and Bees Ferry were all widened along with Dorchester road.  These were very massive road projects.  I know the area well.  So yes they are building plenty but just a lot more growth here.  They have actually built or widened more roads here in the past couple years then Greenville or Cola has.  

    Mount P.  Had to cut back on building permits because they are now land locked.  Almost facing build out.  

    Just look at how long the new North Charleston port exit is taking to build because it's all elevated highway.  You either have water to contend with or not enough land left anywhere.  It's really a different animal.  

    Gville and Charleston are both great but comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges and for good reasons.  If you were to compress Anderson, Greenville, and Spartanburg into the area a little bigger than the tri-county area here you would probably feel something similar with the traffic.    It's hard to compare them.  Just really different scenarios but there has been more growth here when looking at it as a percentage of current the population. Charleston County is about to pass Richland as 2nd largest county in state.  Already passed them for largest city.  So you can see the more rapid gains happening as time goes by.


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  5. On 5/7/2019 at 11:05 AM, vicupstate said:

    You can drive all over Greenville (at least North of I-85)and never get on an interstate and without driving a lot of extra miles.  If you live and work north of 85, IMO you really don't have to deal with traffic congestion. You can't say that about Columbia as much and you can't say it about Charleston at all. How many people in Charleston commute WITHOUT getting on I-26 or 526. It can't be very many. 

    Not sure I totally agree with you but we can agree to disagree :-)

    If you come from Piedmont or Anderson you will probably take I-85.  Same for Mauldin or Simpsonville if you commute into Greenville down I-385.  You really think those people will come down highway 29 from Anderson or Highway 20 from Piedmont when they can hop onto I-85 or I-385?  Especially if they are working on the other side of Greenville or near Spartanburg.  Hwy. 123 is fairly major route from Easley into Greenville but people also hop on Hwy.  153 to get to I-85 more than not also.  123 takes you right into downtown and not everyone works downtown.

    There are plenty of alternate routes here around Charleston to take but its just a little more congested here due to the higher population growth taking place.   Hwy. 52 coming from Moncks Corner towards North Charleston.  Hwy.78 from Summerville to North Charleston.  The new Nexton Parkway will take you around the north part of Summerville(recently opened) .  In case your forgetting Highway 17 is massively traveled here from Mount Pleasant to West Ashley.  I have a route I go from East Bay up Spruill Avenue to Rivers to get over to Ashley Phosphate quite a bit instead of getting on the interstate.  Also Dorchester Rd. runs from upper Summerville almost down to West Ashley.  Another good route to take it down Hwy. 165 to Hwy. 61 into West Ashley from Summerville, SC. Red bank Rd. Is a good alternate route from Goose creek to downtown.  The most isolated place we have here is probably Mount Pleasant.  I think another bridge wouldn't be a bad idea there.  I'd go so far to say that our interstate system is lagging behind Columbia or Greenvilles.  Most of I-526 is only 4 lanes and there is no interstate access to John's Island which is rapidly growing.  

    Like I've already said many times i was born and raised in Anderson, SC and worked on many projects in Greenville and Spartanburg during my teens and 20's.  I know the upstate like the back of my hand.  The low country is a total different animal than the rest of the state.  Being that one side of Charleston is water you lack the other half that Columbia or Greenville has. All that growth is pushed back inland and that is one reason Berkley County is one of the fastest growing in the state now.  So you have this aspect and the aspect of having a lot of water everywhere and having to build elevated for a lot of infastructure.  Most buildings here anywhere near the ocean are built on pilings or they tend to sink. 

     I'm just trying to educate some of you Upstate guys a little more about the Low country and what's going on here.  Apparently most of the other Charlestonians already left the forum and went elsewhere, but guess what?  I'm really a Gvegas guy at heart :-).   Just a short 10 years ago I was just like you guys.  

  6. 39 minutes ago, vicupstate said:

    I should have specified the Lower and Upper Peninsula. I could definitely see something that tall at Magnolia or elsewhere on the Neck.  I really think Charleston should go very high (for Charleston) density on the Neck.  The growth and the demand is there, and the land is not plentiful. 

    Yeah true.  I think so also.  On some of the projects we have in North Charleston-(Park Circle) the land also has to go through many DHEC asbestos abatement procedures in  order to start construction.  This is very costly means and methods.  I believe Magnolia has the same obstacles all though I have not researched it in depth.  

  7. On 4/25/2019 at 8:27 AM, vicupstate said:

    I grew up and have lived in SC my whole life.  From the 70's until about 2000 or 2005, the three major cities were very comaprable in terms of population, population growth, auto traffic congestion, air traffic, etc.  That started to change into where Charleston is growing much faster, getting more expensive.  Auto and air traffic is now at a significantly higher level than the other two.  I travel to Charleston 2-3 times a year and the traffic is really, really bad. Rental housing costs are about $200 a month higher than Greenville. 

    The geography of Charleston is a big factor, as you have to cross a bridge to move from one part of the metro to another. That creates chokepoints that are bad enough on their own, but get even worse when a wreck or bridge repair issue arises.  Columbia has the same  river issue but to a lessor degree, but Malfunction Junction is big issue there. Greenville just doesn't have a comparable intersection  (I-385/I-85 being the closest thing to MJ).   No big rivers to cross  in the Greenville is the biggest biggest difference though.     

    In the last 50 years there hasn't been a lot of road contruction but what construction there has been has been skewed very heavily towards Charleston. I remember when there was no 526 nor  James Island  Connector, nor Isle of Palm Connector, etc. Neither Columbia nor Greenville have had anywhere close to that level of highway consttruction in that period, especially Greenville.  

    Yes this is true in regards to geography.  Bridges cost a lot more money to build and there are only two that go to Mount P.  If one goes down then everything gets screwed up.  I do look at 385 and Columbia interstates being superior to 526 even though it also has lots of elevated areas which would also cost a fortune to widen.  With the growth happening here they will have to figure something out.  We are almost at grid lock now.

    I drove into Greenville, SC last August 2018 to meet with a lawyer to close on some land I bought in Anderson.  Met off Wade Hampton Blvd. around 5:00 PM.  I wanted to see how bad traffic would be during the week as I usually come up on the weekend.  I came down 385 and got off Pleasantburg and went over to Wade Hampton that way then when we left went down Church Street and down I-85 to where my parents live in Anderson County.  Really didn't encounter anything I would call bad traffic.  At least not Charleston bad anyways...….I had to drive into Columbia early in the morning a couple of weeks ago for a training class.  I drove freely up I-26 and directly to where I wanted to go off Bush River Rd. without any encumbrances.    

    So yeah...…..traffic here really does suck.  I used to drive to Mount Pleasant from Ladson a couple of years ago for work in the morning during rush hour.  Its only 28 miles but takes over an hour to get there.  Its backed up for that whole stretch every morning whether there are wrecks or not.  I'm not trying to say one city is better than the other or anything like that.  I've lived in both and actually all my family are still around the Greenville area.  If anything I have a heavy Greenville bias but the traffic here is on another level.

  8. On 5/3/2019 at 4:13 PM, vicupstate said:

    Take a good look at it because it will be the tallest crane you will likely EVER see in Charleston. 

    Honestly wouldn't be surprised if they build something taller in the neck area.  12 stories is tall enough though for Charleston.  

  9. On 2/27/2019 at 10:26 PM, KJHburg said:

    WestEdge this week.   some drive bys. 






    Was down there the other day checking on a project at MUSC.  Turned out nicely.  What is the other steel structure rising behind it?  

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  10. On 2/10/2019 at 10:51 AM, vicupstate said:

    The figures for 2018 are now online. 

    In 2018 Charleston annexed 30 people (25 in West Ashley, 5 on James Island) but a whopping 5,151.88 acres, or more than 8 square miles.  That is mostly the West Ashley annexations that are involved in litigation. To put that in perspctive, that is the equivalent of the entire Peninsular City Limits.   The city is now 120 Sq. miles in land area.

    1.090 Building Permits were issued, the most ever. The city's population estimate is 154,062.  These are always higher than the Census estimates though. 

    Getting ready for all that massive future growth.

  11.  I live here (Charleston Metro) and I can tell you that I've never seen the level of grow anywhere in South Carolina that the Charleston area has been experiencing since around 2014.   I'm not being biased here either.  I grew up in Anderson and moved here in 2010.  I think we will keep seeing the Charleston metro area accelerate in growth which is crazy because the road infastructure in my mind lags behind Columbia and Greenville.  Certain parts of 526 need to be 6 lanes all the way. 

    I always love driving around Greenville when I visit and find the lack of traffic amazing......lol.  (I remember all the talk about how bad woodruff road was when I lived up there).  Its like that on every road here.

    Charleston needs a better plan to handle the traffic.   There have been no major road widening projects in a couple of years and not much talk of mass transit. 

    It's to the point that people that actually live here dont want anymore people moving in.  Mount Pleasant cut back on the amount of building permits they were issuing because they have almost reached buildout.

    The reason Berkely county is growing so much more than Charleston or Dorchester Counties is fueled by Volvo/Mercedes expansion and tons of other large manufacturing facilities opening up in the area.  There is an entire new St. Francis hospital being built near Cane Bay off 17a in Berk County.  Nexton is also another massive development.  Those two alone are probably equall to two Verdae size developments in a relatively small area.  

    So I've lived in both places.  Greenville for 28 years and Charleston for 10 now.  I think I can be a good judge of both places and how each has progressed.  Heck I love downtown Greenville and miss the Upstate.  I drive through there every couple months to see the progress downtown.   Might get back up that way someday when I finally get tired of the traffic here!

  12. On 1/3/2019 at 2:16 AM, distortedlogic said:

    Having trouble sleeping this am, thought I would look at few things. This isn't the census.gov release (which won't come out until May), but the site seems to be pretty accurate. Here are their estimates for SC city populations for 2018.


    Chas 138,247

    Cola 134,969

    N Chas 110,828

    Mt Pleas 89,968

    Rock Hill 75,825

    Gville 74,813

    Summerville 50,213

    If accurate for Gville though, it would have grown by a whopping 6600 in one year, so not sure. We'll have to see what census says in May!:shok:


    Low Country growing like crazy as usual. 

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