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  1. Hey guys i personally helped build that fountain :-). I love having my hand in things of this magnitude. Im a mason by the way in case none of you knew. We did all the block work that is supporting all the rock work. We gave the stone layers a guide to go by. Also Riverplace and river house i helped put the brick on. Its neat to see it all come together now. sigh


  2. So maybe the guy was right about it just being parking lots for now. Are they planning on tearing that old building down that is between academy and river street though to make more room for the bigger office building that is going over there? My dad tells me that used to be an old ice house.

  3. They do appear to be doing some grading where the phase 3 buildings should be. I asked the guy running the huge packing machine what was going there and he told me parking lots. That doesnt match up with what the picture shows though. The path way is now completed as you can tell from rested travelers pictures. I do know buildings are going where the people are grading now. It could just be a temporary place to move the office trailers and equipment while they get some more of that dirt out of there.


  4. While i was at work today working at the riverplace building i noticed the restaurant platform that is going to be on the terrace side. It should be pretty cool when these two restaurants are working. The water fountain had a leak on it the other day and water was actually leaking out of the walls. Fortuanetly it was only a leak in the water proofing and they were able to take care of that quickly. Im sure you already know that the water fountain is going to have music that shoots water up when different musical notes play! They have so many water pipes connecting to everything i hope the plumbers get it right the first time and dont have to do too many redo's

  5. While we were working on the hotel today they turned it on several times and i dont think this will be running when the hotel opens. I was watching them carry all the tv's up to the rooms and could feel the heat comming from the dryer vent were they were trying to wash the sheets and dry them before it opens

  6. Hey its me again. Yeah i know it seems annoying but yes i am also going to be working on this building also. I think they told us we will have half a million brick to lay on this building. Its a very nice building with nice looking architecture. We are currently finishing up that new breezeway that comes down from the cafeteria, and will eventually connect to the new research center. We built 55 piers and a rotunda there. Its not finished yet though. The hospital system is forever growing with new and interesting things it seems.

  7. I think the camperdown should be going up soon. I am going to be working on it with my company and it looks pretty close. To me it looks like there are plenty of nice buildings that will add a lot to the skyline, and not that far off. I would say that the pinnacle, and the camperdown are the closest. There is supposedly a 12 story that will be at the riverplace location which we also built, but im not sure if that is still on the drawing boards. I really want to see the tower at falls and broad get built. Looks very interesting.


  8. Well i guess i could stay around....all i said in my previous post is that i am a Brick mason for them and have worked on all their big projects including river place, and house. ICAR is another, and the charter communications building, and also the new museum. I enjoy building things so i thought it would be fun to be around here. Spartan...i come to clemson all the time and ride my jetski at clemson beach. No hard feelings....i just wanted to share some things ive did and some future projects. I know you are all wanting to hear about that 14 story building called the Camperdown that we are supposed to do the masonry on. Ill stick around


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