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  1. MUSC Skyline of Charleston. Cell phone pic...I know its not the best but the angle is good.
  2. We are doing all the resurfacing and concrete work on East Bay. I snapped this picture while I was driving around. Thanks for the info Zuman.
  3. Picture of some condos getting built near the aquarium.
  4. Nah, your not the only one. Ive been watching this every few days and its good to see that it is moving along steadily. Maybe it can help serve as a catalyst for other growth in the area. I miss my upstate home ;-(..................I will be back ....
  5. How many square miles is the city up to now? Are we over 30 sq. miles yet?
  6. Looks like they are doing some heavy construction for a new hotel off Montague - Holiday Inn Express. They also tore down an old hotel across the road......maybe something will get built here also.
  7. Well here is some failed annexation news from my neck of the woods in Goose Creek: Looks like Goose Creek was trying to annex 600 homes (A sizable chunk). http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2010/nov/01/petition-numbers-fall-short/
  8. That area would definitely be a great area for the new court house. The palmetto bank building turned out great also. I remember when we built that building....time flies.
  9. These are figures from JULY 1ST 2000 to JULY 1ST 2009.......Greenville and Horry county had the largest number gain and a nice healthy percentage increase. 1 Greenville County 451,428 442,635 431,215 418,555 407,533 400,858 395,325 391,087 386,393 381,124 15.57% 70,304 2 Richland County 372,023 366,432 360,159 351,707 345,398 343,136 335,370 329,835 326,471 321,577 13.56% 50,446 3 Charleston County 355,276 349,778 344,506 341,425 337,584 333,122 325,336 320,050 314,506 311,047 12.45% 44,229 4 Spartanburg County 286,822 282,520 276,725 270,735 265,919 263,028 261,085 259,155 256,794 254,418 11.30% 32,404 5 Horry County 263,868 258,790 250,904 240,735 228,708 218,220 211,086 206,280 201,918 198,132 24.91% 65,736 6 Lexington County 255,607 249,744 243,973 239,011 233,406 229,522 225,953 222,218 219,820 216,832 15.17% 38,775 7 York County 227,003 220,032 210,624 199,590 189,505 182,992 178,008 173,729 169,534 165,723 27.00% 61,280 8 Anderson County 184,901 182,937 180,155 177,244 174,332 172,666 171,196 169,920 168,716 166,319 10.05% 18,582 9 Berkeley County 173,498 169,586 163,455 158,007 152,092 150,720 147,785 145,904 144,568 143,131 17.50% 30,367 Greenville+ Spartanburg 102,708 Richland + Lexington 89,221 Charleston + Berkley 74,596
  10. I just moved down to North Charleston for a job so I guess next year I can be counted in those figures. Still good to see Greenville gaining over 60,000 again finally. Since Ive been in the Charleston area and have worked out at the Boeing site I believe that when the facility gets built you will see an even greater jump in population numbers. The sheer size of the project is pretty amazing, and if your down here you should check it out.
  11. erm1981


    Its about time we landed something like this....very encouraging to say the least.
  12. That would have been a gem but I think something big is coming.
  13. Its good to see some of the larger tech schools particularly Greenville Tech making this list. Pretty cool.
  14. I was traveling down I-85 last night around 1:30 am and they were very busy at work during those hours.
  15. Im sure that is not that cheap to resurface the road either. Your right about the poor planning, and yes the money should be going towards the widening instead of another resurface. I dont understand why you would want to spend a good deal of money on resurfacing when you are going to be widening the road in probably a few more years. I also dont think we get the level of road funding that other areas in the state get. As the most populated area in the state I think more care should be applied to our region because if it is not things could get pretty nasty with our traffic situation(as if it not already is).
  16. I heard from a pretty reputable source that i have that both I-185 and I-385 are supposed to be resurfaced this summer. Guess we will see what happens.
  17. When is construction going to start back on this thing? When they have enough tenants?
  18. I usually avoid that area but I did notice the small urban cluster that looks like some sort of little downtown by itself.
  19. Im going to say 445,000......Spartanburg will probably be over 300,000 by 2011.
  20. erm1981

    The West End

    I hope it wasnt just fluff. I was under the impression that those building would get built also. Everything just had to come together first.
  21. I think its only fair that it should move around, so why not let the upstate have a stab at it for a few times. Maybe they could have some around Charleston also eventually.
  22. erm1981

    The West End

    Yeah there is a pharmacy in the publix at Mcbee station. We built that one.
  23. Its nice to see Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston all in the top ten on that list.
  24. LOL.....I know that is you G-man.
  25. Its impressive compared to say the city of Anderson's growth and similiar sized cities. I wasnt comparing Greer to cities that are much bigger anyway. Must be that time of the month.
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