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  1. I remember one day I did talk to the superintendent when we were building Mcbee station. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. He had came to staples that day and I noticed his truck. I walked over and struck up a conversation with him. He said him and his wife where thinking about staying in Greenville cause they liked it here. He also said it was going to be one heck of a building when completed even though they had scaled it back. He used words like "fancy" to describe the final building. He has seen all the plans and material list so he has a good idea of what is in it and what the finished product will be. It made my expectations rise over what I had previously thought of the building.

  2. ^I also noticed that when i rode by the other day. The first columns are pretty high in the air. Pretty interesting. It will be neat to see the concrete structure when they top it out just to see how big of an impact it will have. I suspect it will have a huge impact on that area with Mcbee station just down the street. I hope it spurs bigger and better things.

  3. ^Thats a good statistic. When I get through with Clemson I plan on staying around the Greenville metro if construction stays at the pace it currently is. Currently Greenville has more construction going on then it ever has I believe. Most of it is sprawl but still growth. I wish it was more centered downtown. To bad our states largest bank had to build a sprawling campus along I-85 instead of a 40 story tower downtown. Oh well.....sigh.

  4. When Raleigh and Durham got split up Raleigh bounced back major time with explosive growth. So I guess the Greenville MSA could see something of that nature also with all the current white collar jobs being developed with CU-ICAR, carolina first, hubble, etc...

  5. Greenville has about 10,000+ plus residences going on in just 6 developments. I wouldnt knock Greenville out of the picture just yet. That isnt even counting Verdae which will be 15,000-20,000 and in the city limits.

    Ottaray. 1,865 homes: http://www.latone.net/

    Acadia. 700 homes: http://www.acadiasc.com/

    Cliffs at Mountain Park. 1,500 homes: http://www.cliffscommunities.com/rea...29/section/107

    Riverwest. 2,136 residential units: http://m.greenvilleonline.com/news.jsp?key=60389

    Griffin Park. 1,060 homes: http://www.griffinpark.com/

    The Point. 3,046 residential units. http://www.thepointgreenville.com/ (on hold)

  6. When we built the first ICAR building I thought the view of the woods behind it was great. They put lots of bird houses out so people could observe nature. Also there is a break room that comes out onto a big patio on the back which makes for a nice area in the summer time to take a break from work. Im glad they left all the big trees back there. That area is up near the top of the building on the back.

  7. Spartan....we built all those brick piers on Ezell street. The granite came from up under the road that was used inside the piers. A guy I work with that is an older man told me that the train actually used to back up into that area. Kind of strange. I wouldnt mind having a few truck loads of that granite. I could build a pretty chimney out of it.

  8. Just thought I would let you guys know that we did some work near the old QSI building here recently. Its on that street behind sonny's brick oven pizza place. We built some piers and laid some of the granite that had been up under the street inside the piers. That granite is really old but looks nice. We scratch jointed it. It turned out nice and should make the street look a lot better when the whole project is done.

  9. I would sort of of like the upstate nodes to be independent, but be connected like we know them now. I think Anderson and Clemson could really benefit each other by becomming more connected. Greenville is a beast of its own in my opinion. It is reaching a point now that something is going to have to be done before to much loner. Spartanburg will reach that point before Anderson does.

  10. Thats a good update and good to know that the Governor is finally taking notice of the I-85 corridor. That is what we definetly need. I will go out on a limb and say it will become the most important stretch of highway in the state eventually if it is not already.

  11. It was really starting to scare me cause when you look at how bad traffic already is in the woodruff road area it becomes apparent we desperately need more transport options in Greenville. I know the traffic comes with getting larger but we need at least another form of transport to help besides busses. Even if this developement does not get built another one will come to replace it.

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