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  1. I live about a mile from where he is talking about this thing going. I imagine it would make my property value go way up if i hold on a little longer. I am very familiar with the piedmont area so which side of I-85 are they talking about it going on?

  2. WOW....I live off the highway 86 exit. That is going to cause some major developement in Piedmont, SC if it gets built. I can see the population skyrocketing sort of like Greer has. That is almost on the Greenville/Anderson line. Great for Anderson.

  3. ^^^Ok Krazee I will let it rest. I see what you mean by the 2000 MSA being meaningless now unless it is put back together again by the next census. It really isnt that important anyway. The main thing is that all our 3 main metros are still growing quite fast.

  4. Well if your using the last official census then the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson MSA was together then. If that is the case in the 2010 census then Charleston would never catch up. We suspect that the 2010 census will have GSA back together again at around 1.2 million + people. No other area in the state has this kind of population or growth when GSA is combined like it was in the 2000 "official" census. So according to the last "official" census GSA is still one metro. How do you like dem apples?

  5. ^^^Sources say yes. Greer and Mauldin were two of the fastest growing cities in the state and they are directly linked to Greenville and Spartanburg. It is odd he decided to post this in the Greenville Journal contents. We have a seperate thread to talk about population figures. And dont be surprised if Greenville ends up passing charleston and columbia in the future census figures as far as Urban Areas and MSA's are concerned.

  6. Just imagine if the gateway site tower gets built at 25-27 stories plus the pinnacle, peacock, court st tower. Then you include this developement, the kroc center, bookends II. That is a heck of a lot of development. Oh and i left out Verdae, Bass Pro shops, Carolina First Campus, Magnolia Park. Im sure more and more will keep getting proposed when all of these are under construction. I am curious as to how many people will live at the Point project? Anyone have a good estimate? How many will it add to the city?

  7. What i dont understand is why they didnt make the Bi-Lo in Powdersville a Super-Bilo. They did an extensive outer-shell renovation on it but it does not carry the Super Bi-Lo badge on the outside of it? It is one of the bigger Bi-lo's also.

  8. The Pinnacle will probably be our best bet on a tall highrise and this point. The other ones will just add to the density which is also a good thing but they will not be that visible from any kind of distance(3-4 miles away). I myself am holding any opinions on the new tower at the gateway site because of all the recent happenings with other highrises. We will just have to see what will happen to it and see if it just becomes another 10 story wannabe highrise tower.

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