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  1. This thing is massive from down in the park.
  2. Easley Silos Haven't seen this posted anywhere on UP. Here's a photo from today.
  3. Get the heck out of here with that garbage. Apples to oranges. Greenville = 795 mi² M'burg = 546 mi² Everything's not a directly comparable situation. Both are great cities with different things going for them.
  4. Anything would be an improvement but I think this would be the perfect spot for a soccer stadium.
  5. Who peed in the DRBs corn flakes?
  6. I predict a pedestrian bridge/tunnel for crossing Academy as part of any new development.
  7. adrockc2

    The West End

    Green Monster seating!!!!! More images in article.
  8. http://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/money/business/2015/06/30/camperdown-development-air/29537591/ Uh-oh Camperdown development up in the air Rudolph Bell, [email protected]:03 p.m. EDT June 30, 2015 CONNECT 2TWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE Trammell Crow Co., the national developer that had planned to buy The Greenville News property, has backed out of the deal, throwing into question previously announced plans to redevelop the prominent site and change the face of downtown. Another developer that was working with Trammell Crow, however, Centennial American
  9. adrockc2

    The West End

    Any idea what is planned?
  10. Was scanning through the thread for a rendering and couldn't find one. Here is one from Sycamores website.
  11. adrockc2


    Slate article about Proterra.
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