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  1. Wow - funny. I usually have the exact opposite experience.
  2. I agree. I think they need to think about branching over to Spring St. or something. If anything bad would have happened in the crowd, there would have been a very unsafe stampede.
  3. Wow - I was just there on Friday night. Had no idea. I have to admit the food quality had gone down. But, I used to love going to the breakfast buffet on Saturdays before they shut that down.
  4. I personally think it's kinda cool looking, but, in any case, I certainly don't agree with this: I think it looks both high quality and has high visual appeal. Also hope it spurs some more development in this area. The poor Brio is kind of marooned.
  5. Art in the Park 2008 is this weekend - at Fluor Field for the first time. Link
  6. Wow! I love it. That will be very distinctive on that corner.
  7. Hey, I live in the city and hate sprawl as much as the next girl - but, where are the details on this development? If it is done right and they preserve the house, then we'll see. If you have specifics you'd like to share, then by all means, please do so.
  8. What a shame. Isn't that where that beautiful, historic house is?
  9. DT-Gville

    The West End

    I also think it is just the tiles - DPC agenda
  10. I think the point was that no SC cities ended up on the list. I noticed there were a lot of states that didn't have any in the list including (GA, AL, MS, AR, KY).
  11. American Eagle is cutting their flight from GSP to O'Hare. Link to Gville News article.
  12. It is funny how some people are so passionate about their doughnuts! I admire your loyalty, linkerjpatrick!
  13. I had no idea that shoplifting was such a huge problem. This explains why in some stores (Venti and Ayers are the worst) I often have an employee tailing me throughout the store. Makes my shopping VERY uncomfortable. I don't THINK I look shifty. Anyhow, this explains the reasoning.
  14. I've been a couple of times this season, and I think the crowds are larger this year than in years past. In fact, I'm not sure that the Piazza Bergamo could have contained the number of people that the event is getting this year!
  15. I would think that now is a buyer's market for almost any home.
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