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  1. Umm.. really? As intelligent as I've always considered people on UP to be...
  2. Im so over EVERY tweet, comment, or post about the protest starting with "Peaceful protest" "no clashes with police" ,or something similar. I'm sorry, but why is so important that everything surrounding the movement feel like a tea date, or God forbid..YOGA...( which a group in Wilmington actually did) yeah, cause doing yoga to protest murders of black men by police , 400yrs of slavery, and a justice system that has a mob like mentally...yoga is going to make a statement.. Whatever makes people feel better I suppose. Interesting to note is that white people have decided when violence is appropriate throughout American history. The Revolutionary war.. the war of 1812. Spanish-American war, Civil war, WW1, WW2, Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan...etc It's not white people's place to set the narrative for whats going on right now. Doing so is just another way to use white privelage to benefit white people. I'm just over the addiction to controlling things we seem to have. Let the smoke rise and the glass break. WHATEVER it takes for this issue to be resolved. We can't afford not to get it right this time.
  3. yes indeed. 85 from 77 to CCMills has been a bit scary. Motorcycles have typically driven insanely fast through there but on numerous occasions lately I have witnessed cars seemingly racing each other. Traffic has been cruising at probably 78-82mph, so these cars were easily going 95-105.....
  4. LOVE THIS!! From a female in 1900! Best quote directed at SC I've ever read.
  5. Religious beliefs are a personal choice one makes. A person's race and sexual orientation or identity is something one is born with. No need to compare them.
  6. Paah-leezzee, get down off your soapbox for heavens sake! If I had a dollar for every Obama joke or discussion that hinted at killing him or him dying, I'd have another $1200.
  7. Sooo, I live in the Harrisburg/UCity part of Charlotte. Whats happening with the south portion of 485 from say Lawyers rd all the way to 85 at CLT. I honestly never go to that part of town. I have friends in Commonwealth and lived in NoDa years back. 485 and 85 are in great shape so far as amount of lanes, interchanges etc. Will S.Charlotte EVER catch up?
  8. Have a super ba bad feeling about everything transpiring. Out of China comes this new virus that was kept secret. (What communist countries are capable of). Now, just a few months later, the US is nearing 500,000 CONFIRMED cases of Covid-19. From the top down, everyone is learning every day how this virus works. That is so worrisome. Schools have closed, every town and city in this country has been told to essentially stop everything. Some things not suffering?It would seem, the meat and dairy industry. The alcohol business. Let me shorten this by saying pretty much anything the government profits from is still in business. The Trump administration is sending out checks in the amount of $1,200. I'm sorry, but exactly what is $1,200 supposed to do/fix/prevent? The president is ready for the economy to get going asap. Healthcare professionals say hell no to that idea. So what bothers me? In all actuality there is absolutely NO WAY to predict how this will play out. Fauci says we could see yearly outbreaks of the virus. Trump is basically brain dead imo. I won't list more what ifs. My mind has gone to dark outcomes regarding Covid-19. I hope I eat this post in a few months. Humans are weakest regarding the unseen. A virus can't be seen. How it affects things can be seen. It's hard to comprehend the far reaching affects this virus is having on humankind. It could become absolutely terrifying before it gets better.
  9. Glad thiswas built...buuut, WOW, it looks Vegas-y. At least it's something different aesthetically.
  10. I'm MOST excited about this project. 1) finally an Intercontinental 2) finally this site sees something actually come to fruition. I'm a long timer and this site has been "about to do something" for about 25yrs.
  11. PERFECTION! The wood, angles,floor to ceiling windows, location.... brava!
  12. Urgggh.. though I LOVE pretty much all Uptown development..... this tower just isn't doing much for me.... With the Stadium on one side and that horrid parking deck flush on the other side.... it seems to somewhat diminish the beauty of Honeywell's tower. If it was more along the height of what was once (Three First Union), I would be more excited. Still glad its Uptown though!
  13. Had to get out of the 'hood on Wednesday and Southend and Uptown were calling! Taken with my handy cheap phone...enjoy!
  14. I've lived in Philly, DC, Pittsburgh and visited every "major" city in the US as well... London, Rio, and Munich. Anywho, the NE cities have sprawl like the S. Of course the PT is much better up N. LA is a complete design failure imo. SF, PDF, and SEA are most pleasant. Regarding Southern sprawl... It's like bragging rights almost to see who has the most congestion. Not sure why...But it is what it is. Having said that..Charlotte is leaning more towards Portland OR then Atlanta as far as development imo. I think it will land in the middle of the two. Drove into Charlotte around 2 pm yesterday and the I's were pretty busy I thought. Was surprised actually. Independence was busy as well. No break tapping, but busy.
  15. Lawyer up is my advice to all airline work groups. No doubt that Dave and Co. at AA will do their best to reverse everything back to America Worst times. Those poor AW folks had been whipped into submission to the point that they thought anything extra was a gift, when in reality the PHX fas were on food stamps. My heart goes out to Legacy US employees especially. I rest my case.
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