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  1. Agree . Was at Bloomingdale's at Aventura FL and though it was 10yrs ago, it felt more upscale as a mall overall.(except for the bus transfer literally at the main mall entrance.) PLUS they had that store that Charlotte wants sooooo so bad. I bought a pair of jeans and a shirt from that store. Jeans held up great!
  2. Facts. No offense to the OP, but I chuckled when I read "back in the day". I gotta dig out the 3 rolls of photos I took on a 102 degree Sunday in 1995...back in the day.
  3. And summer temperatures hang on another week. Mid to upper 80s. This seems more typical of October these days. I hate it. But FINALLY, it appears fall arrives this weekend.
  4. Can "Dixie" be removed from thread title. Thank you kindly.
  5. Agree. I think as a city it's passed time to let it go. We know who we are, the nation knows Charlotte more then ever, and internationally we fare pretty good too.
  6. BOOT AND TOW THESE VEHICLES. Period. Once word gets out that Buffy had her Peugeot towed... problem solved. Edit*** which is exactly what KJHburg said 4hrs ago. Lol. Well said KJHburg!!
  7. I was THRILLED to see the new trolley going over Independence yesterday just before I reached the bridge!!!! So cool...
  8. FACTS all around. Southwestern Rowan County....That's a peculiar area.
  9. Hate Piedmont summers more each year. As a snow lover, I actually feel more alive in winter. Why? I get to get my hopes up over and over that snow will actually fall in Concord!! That childlike hope turns into hate for winters in the Piedmont normally. But at least I'm not taking 3 showers a day. Plus, at some point a few flakes manage to fall.
  10. Speaking for Cabarrus County. I think 57% is low. My unscientific, off the wall, gut feeling predicts 81% growth. Cabarrus County will have about 420,000 residents in 2050.
  11. Living. Your insight is appreciated and definitely takes the South Mountains out of play. I want 85 at MOST in summer and I want my windows open at night. Lows 60-65 or less.
  12. This is a pretty big deal. I heard they were already working in the Christenbury/Cox Mill Rd areas in Cabarrus. Can anyone explain how google fiber will compete with Spectrum and Kinetic internet services? I'm honestly not very read up on it...just enough to know it's an awesome announcement... thx
  13. I detest summer's in the Piedmont more and more as they come and go. Does anyone know if the South Mountains are noticeably cooler in the summer? If not so much the day, does the higher elevation lend to cooler nights and breezes? Not trying to be too far from Charlotte, but it just seems hotter each year! Not to mention the heavy stagnant air. Ugghh... thx for a place to vent.
  14. Pretty much any US city is dress down compared to NYC imo. I was speaking not as much about brands, but that Charlotte women aren't sloppy with their fashion choices. I lived in D.C. for a bit and I think Charlotte dresses better then D.C. I lived in Philly and fashion there is very organic. Trends begin in places like Philly. Trends don't begin in Charlotte. Just my 3 cents."-)
  15. @KJHburg posted info yesterday on this. Just a bit more insight plus photos. More development in downtown Kannapolis!! Apartments, Condos, hotel. https://www.wbtv.com/2021/07/27/more-private-investment-development-announced-downtown-kannapolis/
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