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  1. Charlotte would be half the city it is were it not for, 1-Piedmont opening a hub in Charlotte and beginning service to London in the 80s. 2-US Air maintaining Charlotte as a hub city after buying Piedmont, absorbing Eastern and the Trump Shuttle in the late 80s-early 90s. 3-AmericaWest maintaining Charlotte as a hub city after buying US Airways while that airline was in Bankruptcy. The US AIRWAYS name was used due to its legacy carrier status. Service to Central and South America, as well as Europe added in 2000s. 4-American and US AIRWAYS merging and WOW, Charlotte is the merged airlines 2nd busiest hub!! You all know the rest. Southwest, Spirit, Frontier, JetBlue(for 20yrs now) , Allegient(Concord hub) I remember when none of these were flying into Charlotte. I'm glad they are. Competition is good! BUT, as so many have already noted, Charlotte has a low o/d %(have been hearing this since the CSA was under 2million, surely that % has increased since the CSA is 2.8million?) The city has no choice but to kiss AA a** for at LEAST another 15-20yrs. By then the County will have over 1.5million people and the CSA will be over 3.5million. Those are numbers that will give the Airport and city some room to stop bending over for AA.
  2. US Airways had service to Ontario CA 15yrs ago. No t sure when it ceased operation. Nice to see it back.
  3. While we may want SW and JetBlue to expand so prices drop in Charlotte, neither company has employees based here, nor do they contribute $$ to the city on a level even close to AA. I dont know, Charlotte is still blessed with direct flights to destinations that Austin, Tampa, and Nashville would die for! Id rather pay a bit more and keep AA strong and expanding in CLT, then to see SW add a flight to Shrevesport. My 2 cents.
  4. Drove Independence to Brookshire to 77n to 85n to CCMills exit at 7pm on tuesday. Traffic is definitely picking up as Covid restrictions ease and schools open back up!! I think we are all in for a rude awakening in the fall. Best case is that companies will let those jobs that can be worked remotely continue to do so. Either way, 50,000 new residents will move here this year so there ya go!!
  5. 100% Took the words right out of my head!!
  6. It reminds me of the new LendingTree building in Charlotte.
  7. The W in BNA is so similar to this building imo. I LOVE the design in SE. HATE the W hotel design... This post is dripping with contradictions I know... but
  8. The Atlanta so-called suburban counties of Cobb, Dekalb and Gwinett are very unique individually. Clearly the Atlanta area has diversified more then we thought based on election results. I live in Cabarrus County, and each election it goes more blue! Biden was able to get 44.5% of voters vs Trumps 53.9%. Charlotte metro counties % of votes for Trump. Cabarrus- 53.9% York- 57.4% Lancaster- 60.8% Union- 61.2% Gaston- 63.2% Iredell- 65.5% Rowan- 67.2% Lincoln- 72.4% Stanley- 75% I believe Cabarrus will be evenly split or likely blue in 2024 and beyond. York, Lancaster and Gaston by 2028 maybe. Stanley, after I'm dead.
  9. The design is extremely rigid. The first thought when I saw it was offsetting. Not a warm design unfortunately.
  10. YES. A Salisbury station would be used by people commuting to jobs (NFL NBA MLS... Uptown events etc.) and Concord station somewhere at Dale (exit 60?) or Exit 55 (hwy 73) will save 85 from turning into another version of 85 in Gwinnett Co. with 16 lanes across at spots... no thank you!!
  11. The exact same thing happened on 85. From say Ikea Blvd up to Lane Street in Kannapolis. Having been complete for just a handful of years...like you said..build it and they will come....and they are still coming!
  12. Umm.. really? As intelligent as I've always considered people on UP to be...
  13. Im so over EVERY tweet, comment, or post about the protest starting with "Peaceful protest" "no clashes with police" ,or something similar. I'm sorry, but why is so important that everything surrounding the movement feel like a tea date, or God forbid..YOGA...( which a group in Wilmington actually did) yeah, cause doing yoga to protest murders of black men by police , 400yrs of slavery, and a justice system that has a mob like mentally...yoga is going to make a statement.. Whatever makes people feel better I suppose. Interesting to note is that white people have decided when violence is appropriate throughout American history. The Revolutionary war.. the war of 1812. Spanish-American war, Civil war, WW1, WW2, Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan...etc It's not white people's place to set the narrative for whats going on right now. Doing so is just another way to use white privelage to benefit white people. I'm just over the addiction to controlling things we seem to have. Let the smoke rise and the glass break. WHATEVER it takes for this issue to be resolved. We can't afford not to get it right this time.
  14. yes indeed. 85 from 77 to CCMills has been a bit scary. Motorcycles have typically driven insanely fast through there but on numerous occasions lately I have witnessed cars seemingly racing each other. Traffic has been cruising at probably 78-82mph, so these cars were easily going 95-105.....
  15. LOVE THIS!! From a female in 1900! Best quote directed at SC I've ever read.
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