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  1. Urban Apartment Boom (Raleigh)

    Kudos to Raleigh and the Complete Triangle CSA for its impressive. I do hope Wake county passes Meck Co soon , so that can be put to rest, We have accepted that we will no longer have those bragging rights. Oh well. Im impressed with the surge in the 5-8 floor developments sprouting up around the Triangle. I love that NC has two power houses in regards to population, GDP, and in their own very different ways they are destination cities. Raleigh being the state capital with amazing museums and great shopping. Superb Universities all over the area. Charlotte for its somewhat flashier side of high end shopping in all ways and its own museums and theaters. A vibrant uptown area with upwards of 15,000 within a couple of square miles.
  2. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Hi NASHVILLE FROM CHARLOTTE!! All I can say is very very very impressive. I last looked at your city on UP probably 4-5 yrs ago and I was not impressed just to be blunt. But after browsing this project thread I must say I'm super impressed. I think you guys could give Charlotte a run for her money over the next decade or so. Being from NC and having lived in or within 15 miles of uptown for about 20 yrs+ I am used to cranes and constant construction. I think I counted at least 7 or 8 cranes in a few of Nashville's recent photos. Im not overly impressed with a lot of the current architecture but the new towers are truly going to transform Nashville. I love Charlotte and I will always be partial to my city, but there's always room at the top. I love that southern cities like Nashville, Austin and Charlotte and of course Atlanta are making such amazing strides. I love the direction we are all going in and I think it's only going to get better. Once again, Nashvilles skyline is becoming big and beautiful and I will be watching these towers grow ever upwards!! I admit that I've only been to Nashville with work when I was a Flight Attendant and I stayed very close to the airport, so I haven't experienced Nashville per say.
  3. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    In today's world of international and domestic terrorism Im not so sure that people throughout the country are overly concerned with the riots in Charlotte. For sure we are though. It affects us right in our back yard and is something most of us haven't seen in real life. It was sad, scary and sadly people lost their lives. Im all for peaceful protest as my community , the LGBT community pretty much perfected the art of the What havent we protested about. But it was needed and it made change. The riots in Charlotte, though ugly and somewhat embarrassing, brought the city back to the table of race discussions. God forbid what happened in Charleston ever happen here. I think what Charlotte is known for nationwide is coming together as a city and getting things done. If we want something we make it happen, from professional sports to light rail we find a way and thats while all the while having to fight with Raleigh all along the way about something. We are strong, determined and moving forward.
  4. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    85N at Mallard Creek Ch and at the exit to get off 85 and to enter the 485 inner loop is a nightmare at rush hour. I believe people are given just one lane to get off 85 and merge onto inner 485. Otherwise if your on 485 outer and want to get on 85S it is pretty good. You have to deal with some traffic from people traveling from 485S onto 85 but it's not so bad. Get ready though, Cabarrus is about to explode with growth like never before. Apartments are going up in places I would have never dreamed and 2017 and 2018 will see some huge announcements in the way of housing developments. I wouldnt be surprised to see something along the lines of Birkdale announced, and a housing development as large as Highland Creek is very likely. The county recently passed 200,000 in terms of population and has announced a new High School in the city limits as opposed to the county which I find very interesting. It is not replacing Concord High , it is just an additional High School. Interesting times up North
  5. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Great resource. Personally I say go ahead and widen 77 from Statesville to Charlotte with 5 lanes in each direction. It's either now or later. Go ahead and take care of it. The same goes for 485. 5 lanes each way inner and outer. Enough of pretending the growth isn;t going to happen. IT IS and we have to plan out 30 years.
  6. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Charlotte has reached a new plateau and it;s awesome to see happen. The thing I have always loved about Charlotte is that it continues to surprise us. The architecture isn't always the best , but I must say The Garrison and the new hotel across from it are superb. I think we can all agree that the North End of Uptown desperately needs more activity. I love the twin apartment towers so to speak, but I had hoped for something more in the 40 floor range especially since it's right at inner 277 and it would have made such a bigger statement. The good news is that there is plenty of other tracts to be developed nearby.
  7. Ballantyne

    I live in Concord and for anyone who lives or travels to the Northeast part of the metro you can hopefully agree that the Construction on 85 is going to be the last it sees for decade upon decade. \I have to say they did a great job on the first they are working on the part from exit 55 to Rowan county. It will be widened from Gastonia all the way to Raleigh. Finally. Its only 20 years late. I swear sometimes it fee;s like 85 is already at capacity from Poplar Tent{exit 52} a;; the way into the city.....Its amazing how its changed. There was talk at one time for Cats to work with Cabarrus County to try and extend the Blue Line Ext all the way to at least the speedway. I think it will happen , but theres no talk to my knowledge anymore. I think it will more like 2030..Once we hopefully see the extension have record ridership, I think they(the state, Cabarrus and Charlotte} will see that transit can work in Cabarrus. For now Ill just take 29(N.Tryon) to the first park and ride and ride uptown. Im actually super excited. BTW dont bother referring to the Interstates in NC and around Charlotte with "the" in front of them. Its not like California. We just say ..."77,85,26........etc" The true nightmare is what to do about the nightmare that is the Southern leg of 485 and 77 around the Lake
  8. Charlotte Off Topic

    I would love to zee them all but I would have to go with the Comcast Building in Philly. Being a bit biased as I lived in philly , in my defense the Comcast building is a sexy tower. Its like an Alpha tower. Its tall , big, and in charge. It would be seen from so many parts of the city that currently cant see any of the uptown towers. My 2 cents.
  9. NC Civil Rights

    Looks like all women will now be forced to be card carrying "I have a vagina" members of society. I am laughing so hard my side aches. I do love that CMS has taken matters into it's own hands and has done the right thing by insuring all Transgender students are allowed to use the bathroom of the gender of which they identify with. I did't comment after my initial comment regarding being transgender myself a few months ago simply because I didn't really think anyone would have much to say about it. I was a bit surprised to see it sparked about 3 pages of discussion. Im glad it sparked discussion. It's interesting to see the thoughts and ideas of people, especially people who are born into a country that guarantees so much to those who are born straight, and not a minority. The absolutes of being born straight and non-minority in the US is mind boggling. I can still be fired in NC because I identify as Transgender, in fact if I identified as gay I could be fired. Luckily I have always been employed with companies that have zero tolerance for any type of discrimination. Religious, sexual orientation, etc Once gay marriage became legal nationwide I was fairly certain that the Transgender community would be the next group targeted. Sadly 41% of transgender individuals say they have attempted suicide. On the good news front the US military will now cover the cost of GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) , given proper documentation is in order,. Its amazing how quickly the US Military has progressed compared to the states. Love and Light to you all,
  10. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Oh the places I could take you in Philadelphia that would make your toes curl.
  11. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Ascent Tower is sickening in the best way possible. The perfect location. I love how imposing it looks on the skyline. Its perfect!
  12. Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    My life would be complete if Charlotte finally landed its MLB team!!!!!!!!
  13. NC Civil Rights

    SO I guess I will go ahead and disclose that I am Transgender Female that began Hormone Replacement therapy(HRT) last August. Regarding HB2, although it is trying to tell me where I can pee...etc I assure that myself and pretty much every other Transgender people I have spoken with plan on doing nothing different. When I am dressed female...I will use female bathrooms, when I do not have on female clothing and makeup I will use the mens room. Once I have gender reassignment surgery I will use female bathrooms, shower facilities(which I can't imagine ever happening as I do not go to the gym in the first place. My biggest concern and many of my Trans brothers and sisters is the loss of jobs and money fleeing our state. Transgender people( please never use the term TRANNY) , it is very rude and does nothing to promote good PR Anywho , I for one am sick at the thought of NCs growth slowing down especially here in Charlotte. I fear that we will see the repercussions from this for a few decades . I feel sure HB2 will be tossed before years end. Having said that a lot of damage is already done. We will recover, companies will move here and expand. I think professional people are smart enough to know that McCrory doesn't represent the majority and once HB2 is repealed we will get back to business as normal. NC is, if not the best one, of the top 5 states to live, work and raise a family. We also have a very diverse population. That will continue to change. As a Transgender Female I refuse to leave this state over this issue. I was born here, grew up here and I belong here!!!!
  14. Concord Mills

    Great news all around. I didnt realize it had already been there for 17 years. It is for sure time for reno.....I consider Concord Mills a Hybrid Mall. It's not a NL or SP but it's certailnly not the traditional Concord Mills model either. I think the renovation will literally feel like Northlake and the current Concord Mills have had a baby. Im good with that.
  15. Ascent Uptown - 33 stories (3rd and Poplar)

    Ascent will very striking when people first look at it. It's sexy, It will have the planters in the front for about 5 floor, and the more that gets built the better the views are for anyone living uptown. I read something in the paper today about 2016 being perhaps the peak year for development ( Vitner among others were quoted), Never ,imd the 25.000 apartments under construction or planned to built. Im in Concord. And we are seeing tons Of Charlotte style apartments out here. I would say about 1-2,000 under construction. Its exciting but basically I can almost hear Charlotte saying " knock, knock...we're here" I personally think we are going to continue strong for years to come. Charlotte is becoming a " Dont F;&% with us" kind of city. I kinda feel liker nothing can stop us anymore.