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  1. I know the group you speak of. They booted me about 30mins after I started a discussion about the history of Gay nightlife in Charlotte. So yes they definitely seem to prefer Charlotte circa bigots and racists. My 2 cents
  2. I'm with you on that. For Charlotte to actually bring back some of her history with the theater is well, history itself! Ba-da-bing...
  3. Just my luck. The Intercontinental delayed even more. It's still the hotel and new tower I am most excited to see completed. This news took the wind right out of me!
  4. If we know anything about the Charlotte market it's that it always surprises! I personally think once the new Library, Intercontinental Hotel and the Carolina Theater are all open for business, it will jumpstart N.Tryon. lord knows it is needed. I agree with you that SE will at least in the short-term be the Hotspot. Charlotte is maturing in so many ways. I am old enough to remember Uptown literally being a ghost town from 5pm Friday until Monday mornings. I guess I'll always root for it to always be on top. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that SE is becoming what it's becoming. Uptown will survive, SE will continue to bridge the gap and we will be a better city because of it.
  5. While I love seeing the rise of Southend we really really really need Uptown to be just as stellar. Do we want Uptown to go the way of downtown ATL? YIKES
  6. That's a LOT of new homes, especially with supplies being so hard to come by right now. I'm curious why development wouldn't be on the western part of Spartanburg County to be closer to Greenville and it's offerings. Is it built out already on the west side?
  7. Considering the roughly 25 miles of light rail in Mecklenburg County runs through Southend.. the answer better be a big Hell No! At this stage in the game undeveloped Uptown and Southend property is too valuable to remain undeveloped which is why we are seeing a resurgence of new construction. Paved lots will continue to disappear, especially Uptown. Southend may have a few 1/4 surface lots here and there when the dust settles. My 2 cents The People are among the best looking AND best dressed in the world as well. Imo What's the source saying Charlotte is more dense then Montreal?
  8. Getting major Aventura FL vibes ESPECIALLY from the 16floor apartments with those balconies. Just Google Aventura+Turnberry+Resort and see what you think. Wow.
  9. Thanks so much for this insight! I'm shocked about people not knowing SouthPark though. I would think with the exclusive retail there that lots of people from the Triangle would make a day or weekend of it for those stores. Thx again.
  10. Interesting. I knew many people at a former job that commuted from the Triad to Charlotte after a merger moved the headquarters from there to CLT. I commuted 61miles when I lived in Philly(1.5hrs one way). I know all about commuting. I knew areas of Philly like you know CLT. How similar our path. I couldn't have cared less if an area of the city changed names. It rarely happened since as you know PHL is crazy old. I'm sure you are aware that old time Charlotteans know what we refer to as Uptown, as Downtown. That is where "re-rebranded" comes from in my comment. "Who cares at this point right" was me simply riding the excitement of all the spectacular growth happening around Charlotte.
  11. That would be re-rebrand it "Downtown"... Downtown->Uptown->Center City->Uptown->who cares at this point right. Just keep building! I often think of people that are within 2hrs of Charlotte and wonder what they make (or if they care) about the many neighborhoods in the city. NoDa. Plaza-Midwood. LoSo. Uptown. Midtown. Southend. SouthPark. Wilmore. and so many more I can't keep up. Do they just call it all Charlotte or maybe they know of the major ones at best.
  12. No doubt! These designs are something Charlotte has never seen. High hopes that this project forever raises the bar of architectural design for the city.... finally Sears... circa early 1990s.. that's all I'm sayin'.. ha!
  13. Mmmm. Yes and no. There is still LOTS of fields and farms in Mecklenburg. Northeastern Mecklenburg has tons of open space. Out 24/27 to the county line has space. I'm not as familiar with western areas but around Mountain Island Lake there is land. When push comes to shove we will go vertical.
  14. Not in our lifetimw and probably not ever. Charlotte will have the premier skyline for at least 50yrs.(I'll likely be dead or senile which is cool). As far as population. I like looking at CSA's and Charlotte's is a good 500,000 over Raleighs CSA . I think Charlotte will eventually gobble up Cherokee County in SC as well as Catawba County and Alexander County in NC. That will add another 200k to our CSA. Just my 2 cents.
  15. I knew something like this would happen at some point. They have been steady ripping up front yards for a good month I'd say. My development is about 2 miles from Pitts and 29 and I'm wondering if they will eventually lay the orange pipe thingy throughout the entire neighborhood....??... or how does this all work? Thx
  16. The last part about CA is so true. And the cities that would be in a east cost type CA state.... wow
  17. New Hope PA is the perfect small town. 45mins from CC Philly. NYC is served by Coach busses for those who work in Manhattan. (1.5hr tops) And Trenton is just 20mins for rail to Penn Station. New Hope is a bit like Davidson without the University. Though the local HS feels like a college campus. Miss it terribly.
  18. What tha. This is bad... elementary.. and not even necessary. We know what we need to know about ATL already.. lol... this was a joke right?
  19. Any news about how much Grant $ the Light Rail and Trolley system is getting from the Infrastructure bill??? Thx
  20. Great photos! I can't get over how much the first pic doesn't even look like Charlotte. If not for the Lowe's mid-rise that could be Boston or Philly. The historic edge is awesome!!
  21. Christenbury Hall, the housing development, is seeing homes sell for 1mil +now. It's astonishing to me because of the small lots. But the architecture is top notch. Being in the Cox Mill HS district (#10 ranked HS in North Carolina doesn't hurt either).
  22. Please let this be prophetic !! I want MLB sooo bad in Charlotte. Seems inevitable it will happen. Hopefully I won't be pushing a walker when it finally does though... ha!
  23. Harrisburg shows no signs of slowing growth or affluence. Huge new development on Stallings rd, called Harmony, recently put its sign up for homes starting in the 500s. Another large development across from entrance to Harrisburg Elementary doesn't have a sign up, but lately new construction easily begins in the 500-600k range. Harrisburg Village on the Concord side of 49 is seeing townhomes that were in the 300s, selling for 400k+. That development also includes single FH's.
  24. It's that so many people on here are jumping off buildings over two letters, NC. Relax, breathe. Charlotte, NC is good y'all. How could people NOT know about Charlotte? Some of you are too young to remember how huge the Hornets were. And I'm talking internationally as well. The NBA coming to town in 1988 is when we became a household name. And just 5 or 6yrs after that NFL. Lord knows probably 60-70% of Americans have at the very least had a connection through Charlotte-Douglas. We have Fantasia, Dababy, Mandy Patinkin, Michael Jordan, just to name a few celebrities. The Jonas bros have grandparents here. They are in/out of town at least a few times a year... We had the PTL scandal, I almost sat beside the late Tammy Faye at Central Church of God one Sunday actually. Almost ran over John Legend and his wife at the airport rushing to a gate when I was still a Flight Attendant. We have Ric Flair, Mullet styled hair, and the Cabarrus County Fair!! I think it may just be habit with putting NC after Charlotte tbh. (This has been a source of pain for us die hard Charlottd lovers my entire adult life. 30+ yrs.)
  25. Agree . Was at Bloomingdale's at Aventura FL and though it was 10yrs ago, it felt more upscale as a mall overall.(except for the bus transfer literally at the main mall entrance.) PLUS they had that store that Charlotte wants sooooo so bad. I bought a pair of jeans and a shirt from that store. Jeans held up great!
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