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  1. I dont know much about Parisian actually. I think I just like saying it more then anything...lol...The reason I mentioned it as a possible anchor at Northlake is simply because we have Belk, Hechts(soon to be Macys), Dillards, Pennys, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus. Having said that Im not even sure if there is room for an additional anchor at NL. Thanks for your thought GreekFreak.
  2. Northlake isnt actually in the middle of posh neighborhoods. Its centrally located between uptown which is growing like mad, Northwest charlotte, which is mostly starter home communities, Lake Norman which as you know is very posh, and University City which is home to UNCC, University Research Park and homes that average say $180,000. Anyway, it will be interesting to see things evolve around Northlake. More interersting to me is how soon The Bridges at Mint Hill will become reality. Its in a totally different part of Charlotte, but its been 10 years since a traditional mall like Northlake has been built in Charlotte(not including Concord Mills, which is like Discover Mills in Atlanta). Sources are saying 2007 I think for The Bridges. 2 major malls built within 3 or 4 years of one another will be amazing for the Charlotte market. I know thats the norm in Atlanta isnt it?
  3. For what its worth I was at Concord Mills today.(I LOVE Blacklion). From what I can see there was virtually no drop in shoppers with NorthLake opening. I talked to a Mall employee and asked some questions. She said Northlake is 13.8 miles from Concord Mills. She said she couldnt tell any difference in how busy her store is. In fact she said the Concord Mills store that she manages actually out-performed the new Northlake mall on thursday and friday. Im aware that CMills and Nlake are totally different in design and targeted shoppers, but its nice to see that both malls are going to thrive. In regards to Eastland i SOOO hope it doesnt close. That mall has to have potential in some aspect. I can remember as a child going to Eastland to ice skate. I know the demos have changed in the area as this was 20 years ago, but couldnt Eastland possibly draw from the Plaza-Midwood area and possibly even uptown?
  4. monsoon, when you say surpass SouthPark are you refering to more people simply in the market area of NorthLake?, or are you saying eventually the stores at NorthLake will be more desirable? Personally as the number of people who live in and around Lake Norman increases I can see upscale stores such as Burberry, Parisian etc locating at NorthLake. Any thoughts?
  5. This will prove to be HUGE in the evolution of Metro Charlotte. It will be a great alternative of something to do when I have friends or family in town. Im glad we landed this project. I think it will be a big draw for a whole new demographic to be attracted to the area. Much like Denver appeals to the more "granola" crowd, maybe this will do the same for Charlotte. Any thoughts on that?
  6. Sorry if this is a repost. Found this interesting read in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Atlantas take on Charlotte
  7. Im most excited about this building. I think it will spur more high-rise activity on that side of CC. This is great news.
  8. Why not just open clubs and restaurants etc in the area and let it take on a name of its own. Let the people that go there name it. Uptown Village is cheesy.
  9. The more people move in CC and surrounding, the more stores that will open. BTW with all the development going on around Elizabeth, does anyone know if Athens is going to be torn down? I HOPE NOT. Not that I go there alot, but its that type of "established" joint that makes a neighborhood interesting. The nights I trolled up in that place at 4am. Good times....lol
  10. I tend to agree with you. With the high end housing going up in Union county it would make sense to at least have a Birkdale type development there. Isnt Carolina relativly close to Union County though? Could Union support a mall like CP or NL?
  11. I think WBTV, as of last night on the 11pm news, has managed to play that clip of their city center cam on july 4th like 100 times. People just moving to Charlotte are getting a fabulous impression of the city for sure.
  12. Any opinion on The Vue actually happening? This is the project that Im most excited about. I think its going to spur more high-rise development closer to 77 which will be good not only for the skyline but also the Music Factory starting to take shape.
  13. That explains it. I thought she looked famaliar.
  14. LOL...I noticed the same thing...Im no spelling bee champ...but I knew that spelling looked wrong....gotta laugh....I love that Maureen O'Boyle anchor though. She reminds me of the anchor women in Phialdelphia. Very classy
  15. All the converage about white t-shirts is hilarious. Charlotte finally gets the foot traffic theyve wanted uptown, and all they do is complain. I imagine its because its not the "kind" of people they want. Well, tough, this is part of what makes cities pulse. In major cities such as New York and Philadelphia with thriving CC districts, all kinds of people walk the streets together. My advice is to not pay it any attention. Grow up Charlotte!!
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