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  1. I've lived in Philly, DC, Pittsburgh and visited every "major" city in the US as well... London, Rio, and Munich. Anywho, the NE cities have sprawl like the S. Of course the PT is much better up N. LA is a complete design failure imo. SF, PDF, and SEA are most pleasant. Regarding Southern sprawl... It's like bragging rights almost to see who has the most congestion. Not sure why...But it is what it is. Having said that..Charlotte is leaning more towards Portland OR then Atlanta as far as development imo. I think it will land in the middle of the two. Drove into Charlotte around 2 pm yesterday and the I's were pretty busy I thought. Was surprised actually. Independence was busy as well. No break tapping, but busy.
  2. Lawyer up is my advice to all airline work groups. No doubt that Dave and Co. at AA will do their best to reverse everything back to America Worst times. Those poor AW folks had been whipped into submission to the point that they thought anything extra was a gift, when in reality the PHX fas were on food stamps. My heart goes out to Legacy US employees especially. I rest my case.
  3. I hope the management doesn't gut the F/A and Pilot pay that they have worked so hard to get back. Tragic if that happens. Your right about the legacy airlines and the government.
  4. As a former Flight Attendant that lived through 9/11 and UsAirways bankruptcies and furloughs..... this Corona virus could potentially throw a few airlines into bankruptcy or liquidation, not to mention the THOUSANDS of Pilot and Flight Attendants who will probably be furloughed anytime now. What a nightmare...
  5. I agree 100%. Personally I enjoy seeing the mid rise buildings while driving 85 and 285 in Atlanta. It sorta builds excitement because you know Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown are just ahead. My .02
  6. If Southend continues with these 10-25 floor buildings, it could look alot like Crystal City,VA. Which would complement Uptown nicely imo.
  7. Born at Forsyth Hospital in Winston. Maternal side of my family settled what is the town of King in Stokes Co. Paternal side settled area in York Co known as Sharon. So my blood is pure Carolina for sure. Moved to Rowan County in 1983. To Concord in 1994. Lived in NoDa in 1999 for a year. Went to work at USAirways and moved to Philadelphia in 2000. Lived in SW Philly and New Hope, Bucks County before moving back to Concord in 2011. Lived in DC for a year in 2008-09. Love what Charlotte is becoming. It can't be stopped at this point in the game imo. However the Mountains are calling my name. Looking at Marshall, Burnsville, and Newland. I'm a Snow lover and this winter almost caused me a nervous breakdown..lol... Will always live no farther east then Concord and NC will always be home!
  8. I LOVE that we are at a point in Charlotte's development that symmetry is the big discussion. I remember a time when we were all wondering when new towers would ever be announced. Now I feel like I can'teven keep up with all the building. Symmetrical or not I say just build, build, build!!
  9. I'm mesmerized by how many cranes in the background of this picture! Having followed Charlotte development for 30yrs now, I cease to be amazed at the magnitude of new projects. Charlotte is clearly positioning itself to become one of the World's PREMIER METROPOLISES! And we all have front row seats to watch as it all unfolds.
  10. Living in SW Concord I'm a bit biased of the town and think the original Courthouse shown here is one of the most beautiful in the state. That 100+ yr old tree thats just to the left, (not in the pic), is quite amazing as well. Concord is building a new courthouse atm. Thanks for sharing this picture!
  11. "both sites digging deep" huh... (couldn't resist) lol "both sites digging deep" huh... (couldn't resist) lol
  12. Im thrilled about the Hburg station. I technically live in Concord but closer to Hburg. While the area is growing fast I think the fastest growing area in Cabarrus is Poplar Tent around Harris Rd as well as the Cox Mill Rd area near CMills. I think Cabarrus will see the regional rail like you said but also I think the Blue Line will somehow extend again into Cabarrus via 29. Not because of the speedway necessarily. I think the old Phillip Morris site will evolve into a major employment and residential center much like Ballantyne.
  13. Trump and Co. SUCK We are ALL immigrants Capitalism is sinking. The federal reserve controls the banks and they create "money" out of thin air. It will all crash. Start talking to your neighbors and create a bartering and borrowing system that doesnt involve money for services. As in, does every single home in a subdivision really need their own personal mower? Does every person in a home that can drive need their own vehicle? Learn to car share. You will enjoy life more and even if you dont live to see Capitalism crumble, at least you will actually know the people living around you! The end.
  14. Robbinsville. Joyce Kilmer Natl. Forest is nearby. The forest has some of the only Old Growth areas in the Appalachians. The trees are insane! Its located in the Southern Apps. Pretty long drive as its so remote so plan on staying at least one night. Good luck.
  15. I go to the Commonwealth area weakly from Concord. I take 85S-77S -the Brookshire-Independence-Brier Creek. Leaving uptown to 77N, one should avoid the Brookshire and instead swing around to the John Belk and merge onto 77N just past Panthers Stadium. I have NEVER encountered the CF that the other side sees merging N. I cant figure out why others havent caught on to this.
  16. The O's ain't leaving B-more. No way no how. Im not sure why Nashville gets what it gets. Country music..sure. But other then that...I got nothing. Charlotte is dripping with money. And people in Charlotte dont mind spending their money. Charlotte is borderline flashy tacky. But I love it nonetheless.
  17. I like the I like rwhe idea of 4-5 prioritised projects per cycle. I dont know how long you and others on the site have lived in Charlotte. I moved to Concord in 1994 and have followed thw business scene since. There are some things that thw city has done very well. And then some that went nowhere. Charlotte talked about building an Aquarium uptown. Beforw Atlanta wver mentioned it. We all know how that story played out. Atlanta has the largest Aq. In the World. Charlotte has a chain Aquarium way out at Concord Mills. Im glad we at least have it though. The Charlotte Zoo. Still hasnt happened. I-77... blame the NCDOT for that nightmare. Regarding infrastructure, We have 20 miles of light rail running N-S. Thwe gold line has begun delivery of the first of five new trolleys. Within a few years The Knight, Mint Museum Uptown, Nascar HoF, Knights ballpark, African-American museum, and a modern art museum have come to pass in uptown alone. I dont know that the end result plan for charlotte is one of flashy, "World Class" status. Im ok with that because attention has shifted to making the city more densely populated and Millennial centric. Im gen x myself. New fortune 500 companies seem to be arriving monthly. The focus will also be on the RNC. Having said all of this, the exciting thing is that when she puts her mind to the grind, Charlotte makes things happen.
  18. I would choose to live in CLT over LAX all day. I could do a month in NYC and BOS. But then I would be ready for Charlotte.
  19. I threw up a little jyst now, when I read someones opinion that Charlotte is still 2 decades away from being able to support an MLB team. I've been hearing that very thing since 1990. But back then it was 1 decade. Charlotte should be awarded an MLB team asap and could be playing in a new stadium by 2026. If not, MLB is brain dead and is ignoring the 10.5 million people in NC, and almost 6 million IN SC. In Response to empty seats. Seats during weekday games, are very often 25% occupied in most markets. But as someone posted, a certain % are owned by individuals. So they are sold seats weither occupied or empty. The thing with MLB is that it has such a rich loyal fan base, especially in the rust belt cities, because those cities have lost so much economically. They have been forced to grasp tightly, especially their sports teams. Philadelphia would literally burn to the ground if say the Eagles moved to Raleigh. They would probably burn Raleigh to the ground as well. Of coursethe Eagles will never leave Philly. Just an example. Charlotte has sent an NBA team packing and had a new one the next year. We night back the hornets name. Charlotte is loyal as well, and not to be messed with. (George Shinn). Why CLT doesn't have an MLB team. It's not fan base. It's not demographics. It's not lack of money in Charlotte. The only reason Charlotte doesn't have an MLB team is because noone with the $$$$ and prestige has stepped forward to make it happen. So, step forward Michael Jordan, Felix Sabates, Dale Earnhardt Jr. , Jeff Gordon etc... MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
  20. The hospital in Concord has changed names like 20x over the years. -Cabarrus Memorial Hospital -NorthEast Medical Center -Carolinas Medical Center-Northeast Atrium-Northeast And now it's being called Atrium-Cabarrus haha Anyway, -Cabarrus County finally has a Shomar's located in Afton Village. Exit 54 off 85. -PDQ has opened at Northlite Shopping Center in a former McDonalds. There is also a PDQ just passed Concord Mills across from Lowe's Hardware. The West Cabarrus YMCA has gifted land for Dalton Park(which has an entrance on Poplar Tent Rd.) However the park winds it's way behind Afton Village. The YMCA is in Afton Village.
  21. REGARDING FORMER SUPER KMART PROPERTY. Sears, as noted, will stay where it is. A bowling alley, Stars and Strikes, will take the middle section. Elevation-Concord, will move into the section closest to Poplar Tent Rd where the auto center was,was well as some of the former store proper. Plans are for the Church to relocate to the new location around April 2020. Elevation Church-Concord currently meets at J.M. Robinson H.S on Pitts School Rd about a mile off of Concord Parkway (hwy 29).
  22. I have been watching this for hours. My life is complete. Thank You!!
  23. MLB MLB MLB MLB. The knights are of no interest to me. Charlotte is a major city and it deserves Major league baseball. I hope you are correct regarding Tampa.
  24. I hear what your saying. But we are talking about a state highway that is 6 lanes through this area. It also crosses 485 which is 8 lanes through there I believe. How does the city make a high volume state highway safe. Anything that will further aggravate commute times on 49 should be avoided. I just don't feel that walkability is feasible for every mile of Charlotte roads. I'm an advocate for pedestrians don't misunderstand. I've just lived in the area for most of the past 25yrs.
  25. With what's happening on Stonewall and S.Tryon.. and once the new tower in First ward and the Inter-Continental hotel are topped out... I'll be happy and super impressed with the skyline. Once all the current UC'S and proposed are complete. Watch out!
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