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  1. So the "Market 42" name isn't actually a Lennar creation, I found out. According to this marketing video, HFF was listing this property with that moniker to potential developers, of which Lennar purchased. Those in the know, is Lennar keeping that name through official design/permitting stages, or could we potentially see a rebranding once the project is made public?
  2. I'd guess the other project alluded to is the Polk site development by Northwood ravin, with the Polk building staying creating a higher floor count on the main tower.
  3. Ascent Uptown - 33 stories (3rd and Poplar)

    Great pictures KJHBURG- living out in Denver it's great to see updates from around town. What's the status on the planters on the parking deck? Back in mid September they were looking rather, ummmm, to be desired.
  4. Bwahaha - is Spencer's still a thing?? 1997 called.... While not my favorite new project uptown, I agree with sydneycarton's sentiment that this is leaps and bounds better than Tryon Place. I loved the original design, and hate what that project has been reduced too. With Legacy Union, I just wonder how well it will tie in with the buildings on that end of the skyline (being the 4th tallest overall). I'm being cautiously optimistic.
  5. Amazon HQ2

    I can't believe I'm putting my two cents into this conversation, but I am. Right now - short list, long list, no list - none of it means a thing. The only company that knows a "short list" is Amazon. Even then, while they might have some preferences, it's a fluid discussion in there ranks. Which is what the RFQ was intended to do. Maybe there are some cities on that short list, and maybe some have presented such a compelling proposal that it's made amazon rethink said list. My question is, if there were only - say 10 - cities that would ultimately get the nod, why would amazon just not release that to begin with? Would those 10 cities change their proporal when up against 9 competitors vs. 19? If anything, amazon stands to come out as the bad guy by trying to entice cities that ultimately never had any chance to begin with. And this gives places like Charlotte just as much of a vote in the early stages as anyone else. Amazon is smart; make RFQ proposals by early October, have a short list by early 2018. Then anyone that didn't make the "short list" isn't bitter and feeling strung along (especially come time for Amazon to open up another server farm or air hub).
  6. Amazon HQ2

    Ha! Beat me to it, although my link has embedded up to date odds I think you make a very valid point and agree. The bleed to not only Charlotte but also potentially Nashville cannot be understated. There are many supporting services and heavy clients that could benefit from being in a neighboring state, both logistically and geographically, but within distance of same day face-to-face transactions. Another reason why Atlanta makes sense is from a talent standpoint. Think about all of the major universities within a half day drive. Here is a 300 mile radius:
  7. Amazon HQ2

    Betting on HQ2 has officially begun. Paddy Power Sports Bookhas Atlanta as the front runner at 2-1 odds. Runner ups are Austin (11-4) and Philly (7-1). Other cities of note are Portland (14-1), Denver in the middle at 20-1, Dublin (50-1), and rounding out the list is Melbourne at 100-1. Noticeably absent are Charlotte and Raleigh. However this list and the odds are surely to change as more bets are placed.
  8. Mixed Use Spirit Square and Main Library Redevelopment

    So the county has earmarked $65 million for the new library....how much could we anticipate in private funds in addition to this? I thought I remembered an RFQ earlier this year stating $93 million; is this still a realistic goal ($28 million) for the Library Foundation?
  9. Montford Drive

    I had to look up fiber cement siding. Seems to be various ways this could be used (siding veneer vs. shingling). I'm assuming it will be aesthetically pleasing, just curious how it's going to be used?
  10. Crescent Stonewall Station

    I like the idea of an architectural element as opposed to just a canvassing mural. Should add some three dimensional depth to such a tall blank wall. What is the timetable on EVEN? It looks like they closed on the land back at the end of August. Could we expect construction to start by end of Q4?
  11. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Photo request from Denver: With all the construction going on along stonewall, is it feasible to get a shot from South End that shows all the cranes? There's gotta be like 7 or so cranes now, and two more added when Tryon Place starts.
  12. Crescent Stonewall Station

    Is this the side that will be covered by Home2Suites? Has that started construction yet? I'm really hoping this 8-9 stories of nothing wall and parking garage is not that visible when complete. Yikes.
  13. Polk State building at 500 West Trade

    I'm assuming it's still Northwood Ravin. I'd venture to say at roughly 17 stories this will be similar in design to their Stonewall project, correct? Or should we expect something different?
  14. Amazon HQ2

    Living in Denver, I (as well as many other people here) would be shocked if this comes to fruition as is. I think the general consensus is that it will be built, but as a much more scaled down version. There are tons of highrise apartments going up downtown, especially near Union Station. This project is very preliminary and wreaks of Signature Tower in Nashville. EDIT: according to this Denver Post article, one of the partners on this project has it outlined as 75 stories and 800 ft. Not 90 stories and 1000 ft. The team working on it isn't even on the same page yet.
  15. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Is it weird that I like the old control tower? I wish there was a way they could repurpose it into the new hotel proposed...like an observation deck or something.