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  1. I would have agreed with that statement 6 months, 1 year ago when there was less certainty around planned vaccinations and no end game plan for the pandemic. But this statement is completely irrelevant in April of 2021. We are weeks away from the national government rolling out vaccinations for ALL adults with most states easing restrictions across the board. By end of summer it looks like we will be in a fairly pre-pandemic state of operations. And this hotel wouldn't even be completed until 2022-2023 as is - I would think the most ideal time to open a new flagship hotel. Sure, we will s
  2. This may be a silly question, but can someone explain to me the logic behind 5 lanes of terminal roadway with only one of those lanes appearing to have curbside access for dropping off?
  3. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/article249311860.html Looks like because of a census delay until Sept. 30th they are looking to postpone elections for this year until next and hold back to back municipal races in 2022 & 2023. Why this is relevant to this topic is it also affects the transit tax: If the City Council postpones the election, Charlotte may also need to rethink its controversial sales tax referendum initially targeted for this November. Baker said the Council cannot pursue a standalone ballot referendum for “1 cent for mobility tax” — a focal point of the cit
  4. The work from home trend was well on its way before the pandemic hit as a natural progression of the continued push by companies to squeeze as much productivity out of employees as possible. You can see this trend from the mid-century "Mad Men" style work environs to the cube farms of the 70s-90s humorously depicted in "Dilbert" comics and "Office Space" to the more organic dot-com era recreational style work places. It was just a matter of time until innovation and technology allowed for this transition, and COVID has simply sped that process up, to the detriment of some employees as mentio
  5. This. It is quite common across the country. Here in Denver I know of no less than 4/5 hotels downtown that do not have onsite parking but you can valet for anywhere from $35-$55 a night. I love Kimpton hotels and that is where I stay when I'm back in Charlotte. They even offer a Maserati SUV courtesy vehicle with driver that I use to get around downtown, and this is also common with other high end hotels. No onsite parking is the least of the concerns facing this project if they decide to mothball it for now.
  6. Overall, I'm not displeased with the project. I do question the color scheme though - the white sections make it look unfinished and the choice of mustard yellow as an accent color makes me scratch my head. More than anything, though, is the height of the core/elevator shaft sticking out from the top of the building; again, it gives the overall appearance that this building isn't finished.
  7. Nothing really of substance to add, but thought I'd share some of my anecdotal experiences. I live right next to City Park in Denver currently, and it's a great area - I always think, "Charlotte needs a City Park." At 330 acres, it's bordered by residential on three sides with a ranging mix of old two story row houses from as early as 1880s, new apartments and lofts, high rise condos, and larger estate homes. On the fourth side it is bordered by the Nature and Science Museum, the Denver Zoo, and a municipal golf course. It's always active (unless it's snowing) and they even have a boa
  8. I think it was mentioned that the buildings in the rendering are not final designs, however, assuming they are somewhat close to actual build-out I crunched some numbers and came up with these rough estimates: Main office building - 450-475 ft Residential - 385-425 ft (most likely on the lower end of that)
  9. I wonder if this will be the final nail in the coffin for Epicentre as it currently exists. If I remember correctly, mgmt at Epicentre announced at the end of last year that they are moving away from entertainment to retail and offices, but would be waiting until after the RNC. With covid, it seems those plans moved up by several months as businesses have been closing for good (Jason's Deli, Firehouse Subs, Studio Movie Grill - which announced their closure BEFORE the pandemic - etc.). The new business model could suffice until this development is completed in 2024/2025, but once completed
  10. It's like when I box myself in the corner of my kitchen mopping....this photo gives me so much anxiety.
  11. Just gonna put this as a reminder here... Honeywell should be significantly taller than the deck, and likewise should top out well over the height of the giant screen at BofA stadium.
  12. I'm just gonna leave this here...... Trump demands Republican convention ‘with no masks or social distancing’ despite coronavirus pandemic
  13. It's a $9 train ride....but your points are spot on lol. DIA is out in the middle of nowhere - the A line that services the airport is 23 miles long. Couple that with the terrible traffic on I-70, which is undergoing a 4 year, $10 billion upgrade. 35 min train ride vs. an hour or longer in an expensive cab/lyft and it's a no brainer. Other reasons include the number of residents in a 3 mile radius of downtown Denver (I think there is something like 3 or 4 times as many as Charlotte), and the number of origination/final destination travelers. Charlotte has a TON of connecting passenge
  14. White Point "Alternatives:" • A subterranean bus/transit center • Consolidation of the 3rd Street and Spectrum Center light rail stations into one station, updated to serve three cars • Filling in the Rail Trail gap along this Project by building an elevated Rail Trail along the Blue Line and across 4th Street • A large civic plaza as a gathering place as part of the overall master plan in concert with burying the bus/transit center • Large scale ideas such as providing an elevated connection/park connecting two blocks by “capping” 4th Street Yes, yes, yes, yes, a
  15. It will be interesting to see what affect the new tariffs that were imposed by the Trump administration will have on construction as they go into effect this month. I received a notification from our largest supplier that due to the tariffs, most of our metals are going up anywhere from 5% - 18% starting tomorrow. The specific field I am in is somewhat insulated, however new construction will certainly feel the hit and depending on how long the tariffs last could exacerbate a slow down in new construction. Another indicator I have been following is the slow down in all areas of commerc
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