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  1. http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-hartford-stadium-bids-0807-20140806,0,1896951.story Looks like some news is coming out. LeylandAlliance is ambitious. A new municipal building and at least 600 units for housing? Awesome!
  2. This is what Islam is hoping to break ground on by next spring http://courantblogs.com/ct-real-estate/construction-could-begin-next-spring-on-constitution-plaza-apartment-tower/
  3. did they announce who else signed leases for the retail?
  4. ok.....i jus looked at charlotte's forum to see the hype of their light rail system. and idk if im jus really jealousy of them...or jus pissed at hartford. this busway will be a joke. first off raising one of the busiest intersections? WONT HAPPEN. and even if they do infact try....good luck with that. Secondly, we can admit that Hartford is not the biggest city in the world (i can see the east side from the west end aka where i live) but it is pretty lengthy from North to South. If we were to ever get light rail, get the suburbs involved. i know for a fact that traffic is absolutely the worse due to our highways and congested streets. From Simbsbury to Hartford is an example. By doing the busway, they are making a big mistake....and what, it only to serve from Hartford to New Britain?? what about Hartford to Newington, Hartford to Glastonbury, Simsbury, Bloomfield, Windsor, South Windsor, etc. the list could go on in on. And me personally....i think there needs to be another stop downtown other than Union Station. Face it Union Station isnt that big. Somehow they should have put it near the center of the city, maybe with an elevate rail.Having it on the edge of downtown seems odd to me...if LRT was ever to get proposed...because no one would want to walk from Union to say....constitution and the last thing they would wanna do is hop in a bus to ride that 5 min distance, or maybe thats just me. THey only use the tracks for Amtrak anyways, and occasional frieght. they are tremendously underused in my opinion. i just needed to get that all out....pheeeeeeeew i feel better. can someoen get on rell's ass please........the new-haven, hartford, springfield line is going to be great but how about we start inside the city then work our way outward
  5. ive seen no articles...no news...no nothing. WHATS GOING ON?!?
  6. can we pleeeeease get a dave and busters for H21?! im seein crazy commercials for it...i hope they arent expecting us to drive all the way to NY to go to it. cuz i sure wont.
  7. has anyone seen plans, or renderings for this site? it seems to b a very well kept secret
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