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  1. Not to be bias but I think the south's next raising star is either going to be Richmond or Norfolk Virginia.
  2. Y'all leave me alone, I just learned the news. I'm not sitting at the TV or on the net 24/7.
  3. MeadWestvaco annoced that they are building their site here in Richmond along the James River downtown.
  4. MeadWestvaco picked RICHMOND!!!!
  5. Got that right! But this would have done very well in the city. People are starting to stay living in the city now.
  6. Well he does, but this we should expect. And we can't sugar coat everthing evertime. He right on this one dude.
  7. JWCJ

    Centennial Tower

    This is good enough. Plus newer buildings have less story but are higher then the older buildings with the same amount.
  8. JWCJ

    Richmond Coffee House

    We would if Wilder says so <!>
  9. What landfill at the end of the valley, I see a golf course, but no landfill.
  10. JWCJ

    Richmond Coffee House

    I wish we could have casinos in Richmond.
  11. JWCJ

    Richmond Coffee House

    Your right. To me the repulicans between 80% and 95% have Fox news. No one can deny that. MSNBC is kind of democratic, but the try as hard as they can to stay neutral. Fox doesn't try as hard to see every point of view. CNN on the other hand is conservetive and kind of swings from Dem to Rep. The CBS is democratic, NBC is neutral, and ABC is republican, but all to try to stay a little bit neutral. I'm a democrate and that's how I see it. The only thing I agree with Bush about is immigration.
  12. JWCJ

    Centennial Tower

    We shouldn't worry about the weight as long as it's going to be over 20 stories tall. We should be thankful it's a go!
  13. This is great news, on top of that Richmond's housing market is expected to look better by the spring.
  14. I think,,, you made that up, It could be true.
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