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  1. i feel stupid for responding to sarcasm... must've been low on the coffee when I typed that. By the way, I like the little place on michigan avenue at brooklyn street for breakfast. Pretty simple little place, but it gets the job done and there is always a free newspaper laying around to read.
  2. i am embarrassed to say that today was my first time ever shopping at Eastern Market. What an amazing little area. If you haven't ever been down there, I HIGHLY recommend a visit. Very cool place and its only getting better.
  3. sooner than we imagine, i hope... the boys from URS are working hard to make it happen
  4. yup, TRU meeting indeed. It was kinda of an overview of transit in detroit. Probably nothing you didin't already know, Michi. the bigger news is that I went to the lafeyette instead of the american. This is a slight change from the normal routine of my typical downtown visit. My buddy got downtown first so it was his call. By the way, you're not a true detroiter until you use the bathroom downstairs in the basement of the Lafeyette. Its like climbing through the bowels of a ship... just slightly more smelly and scary.
  5. i will take your word(s) for it, still looks like a decent redevelopment
  6. Research Lofts Nice looking development that is opening very soon. I wouldn't mind living here, its right next to the CN, NS and CSX tracks. I'd be in heaven. http://www.researchlofts.com/
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