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  1. jarrodslc

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I always ask myself, "What FACTS do people have to back up this statement?" I mean I hear it a lot and it's a popular thing to say along with media bashing in general but it has never been explained as anything more than a baseless conservative slogan. I mean, is it because the media holds politicians accountable and criticizes their decisions? I don
  2. jarrodslc

    Richmond Developments

    Yeah my friend who lives there sent my photos of it all... absolutely amazing. Did that affect the stuff going on in the Tabacoo row area as well? I know it's sort of all one area, but where the lofts and stuff are seemed to have a little more elevation? Do you know if there are any plans to help mitigate the effects of similar future events (if anything can be done at all), or has this sort of scared away investers from this area all together? If so that's too bad, but I guess everything flooding would get old eventually.
  3. jarrodslc

    Richmond Developments

    Anyone have any info, or even better photos, of stuff going on in the Shockoe Bottom/Tabacco Row area? Last year, I spent probably a total of 1.5-2 months in Richmond and found that area interesting. Maybe I'm wrong but it seem like THE "up-and-coming" urban neighborhood in Richmond. Last I was there, the area still needed some work (mostly on the retail side), but seemed like there was a lot of stuff happening there. Updates? Photos?
  4. jarrodslc

    Providence Resources

    Great info. I have always thought Providence looked like a nice city. Hopefully I'll get to see it in person one day.