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  1. Jerseyman4

    Interstate quality spur to I-73/74

    Highway 74/76 east of the Highway 87 juncture near Rigelwood has been long overdue with the underposted 55mph speed limit. So ridiculous. Now if only all of Highway 17 south of Wilmington to Little River, South Carolina at the state line can be all 60mph.
  2. Jerseyman4

    Triangle in the national media

    Two really good restaurants ive been to were Wasabi Sushi off US 64 in Cary and Char-Grill by the RBC.
  3. Jerseyman4

    European population figures

    I am not suprised Italian cities lead Europe in density but damn, Palermo is the densest city? I def have to check that out next summer when im back in Sicilia. I was a bit suprised that Bari has a bigger population than Bologna does
  4. Jerseyman4

    Word Association

  5. Jerseyman4

    City Profile: Hartford, CT

    Great profile page! The WB and UPN no longer exist, WB is CW and UPN is MyNetworkTv (MNTV).
  6. Jerseyman4

    Word Association

  7. Jerseyman4

    Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    ^For a little while, yes. Made my #2000 post yayyyyyy
  8. Jerseyman4

    Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    ^If anything, the new interchange will likely provide lighting but i doubt all of Bryan Blvd will ever get it.
  9. Jerseyman4

    Name That Jersey Place!

    Your getting warmer but no, its not a freeway. The jersey wall.... keep talking about that.. what do you notice about it (no trick question i swear!). Its not Collingswood or Burlington but Glassboro is the closest you are getting so far. Your getting warmer too SJ7 but its not Woodbury. Thats all im saying because otherwise, you'll figure out that photo.
  10. Jerseyman4

    Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    Thanks! It appears Oak Ridge Road will be reconstructed as a 2 lane highway, why not make it four lanes? If your spending all of this money for a project like this, at least plan for the future. Maybe prospective companies may want to locate along this road that may want to do business with FedEx.
  11. Jerseyman4

    Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    ^Could the roads be labeled if possible? I know the main 4 laner is got to be Bryan Blvd
  12. Jerseyman4

    Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    Im guessing its going to look something like this maybe?
  13. Jerseyman4

    Name That Jersey Place!

    1st clue on both photos, they are south jersey locations
  14. Jerseyman4

    The Stone Pony | NJ Off-Topic Discussion

    I agree that you should fine companies who are hiring illegal immigrants. Nationwide, if this was enacted, we would see a sharp decrease in illegal immigration.
  15. Jerseyman4

    Name That Jersey Place!

    No No No No No No Everything is not even close.